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Doing Business in China is not scary

I particularly adore the strong drive behind this girl with no regard for other people’s thoughts on China. Fair comments and no bias. I can see why she is successful. 70 mots de plus


Indiegogo launches After Dark collection for saucy crowdfunding campaigns

Indiegogo has launched a number of collections to help keep your shopping on message. Or on massage. We’re not sure.

Indiegogo is going a long way toward making crowdfunding sexy again. 285 mots de plus


Well, I Didn't Hate It: Jimmyjane Form 5 Review

Let’s be upfront about this: The Form 5 looks weird. Like the rest Jimmyjane‘s FORM series, this is a toy that wouldn’t look out of place in an exhibit of abstract Scandinavian desk art. 1 176 mots de plus


One More Take - excerpt 15

Ok – another adult content notification:

‘One More Take’ features fictional characters but the story arc is realistic and yes – there are some sexual elements. 130 mots de plus

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In a sea of leather gear

My Pet stands sentry.

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