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Dog Toy Or SËX Toy? It's A New Game. (NSFW)

Let’s play a new game called Dog Toy or Sex Toy!!! It’s amazing how similar so many of these ‘toys’ actually are, funny really. Can you identify which is which? 6 mots de plus


Short But Sweet

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Good morning, dear readers!
My work schedule is up in the air, at the moment, so going forward posts might become somewhat sporadic.   1 034 mots de plus


No Sex Please, We're Robots

There was a time when technology would advance and launch debates over ethical concerns raised by the technology. Lately, however, it seems ethical debate is (I hope) in advance of the actual technology. 617 mots de plus


Sophie announces singles collection Product, shares "MSMSMSM" -- listen

Sophie’s bubbly, surrealist singles have percolated through pop consciousness since they first started appearing online in 2012. Now, the UK producer and PC Music affiliate has announced a debut physical release called… 173 mots de plus


Japanese harigata & phallic figures

scanned from Erotic Art compiled by Drs. Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen


Rose says contact with accuser was consensual

LOS ANGELES – Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose says in a court filing that a woman accusing him of sexual battery consented to group sex and became upset because she felt she should be reimbursed for a sex toy. 95 mots de plus


Fear (feat. That One Time I Was Either Bought a Vibrator or a Power Tool)

One of the most important things my transition taught me was that I was afraid.

It showed me just how much I was afraid to put myself out into the world, to truly be me, and to open myself up to judgement as a person. 785 mots de plus