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Man In A Photobooth With A Large Rubber Doll

The only thing I can say about this is « Why? ». Why do these exist? Why take it into a photobooth? Why do I find this so amusing?



So here’s something I never expected to say: I found a wand that I now reach for just as often as I reach for my Hitachi. 791 mots de plus

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A Touch of Glass Review [#14 of 100 Days of Sex]

A Touch of Glass

I was kindly given this glass dildo to review by the team at A Touch of Glass, the actual one I had my eye on was… 893 mots de plus

Magic Wand Vibrator Massager Is Finally Cordless!

The « Magic Wand Vibrator » Americas favorite vibrator is finally cordless and rechargeable! The Magic Wand now liberated from its cord to offer soothing stimulating massage nearly anywhere, anytime in rechargeable form. 347 mots de plus

The Magic Wand Is Wicked in the Bed

The name on the box, Magic Wand, intrigues me. Seeing the packaging makes me as giddy as a kid waking up on a snowy Xmas morning. 553 mots de plus


Curious Girl..

« She was a curious girl, who loved the smell

of old bookschasing butterflies

and touching herself under the covers.« … 823 mots de plus


Trending Chatter Thursday: Apple Watch Has a New Sex Toy, The Ladies of London Are Back, Lena Dunham Took Down a Photo and How to Live to 100


What can’t the apple watch do? If you wondered if it could help your sex life well yes, it may be able to help you with that too. 934 mots de plus

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