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Batteries Not Included - #SinfulSunday

Picture the scene.

You are naked on your bed, your favourite vibrator between your legs.

You are thrusting it in and out of your wet aching pussy, the rabbit « ears » vibrating perfectly against your swollen clit. 169 mots de plus


Sex Toy Thief Giving Off Bad Vibes

My friends always forward me some crazy stuff, so I though I would share.

Oscar Gil, 18, is accused of stealing a vibrator after a female friend express that she wanted it. 126 mots de plus

Do not attach dildos to your power tools

Hey, look, you can do pretty much whatever you want when it comes to cumming. I don’t want to judge people for the way the get their rocks off. 171 mots de plus

Crazy Bitch

Stacy the Artist and her RealDolls

I recently discovered the fascinating work of Stacy the Artist.  She has a series of works done using RealDolls in everyday scenarios—or to some extent everyday.    138 mots de plus


Vanity's Sex Toy Review (Couture Collection Massager)

Hi Lovers… I have found a new Love. Take a look at the video and tell me what you think! Like, share and comment… I Love You!


Latest Generation Real Doll

I can understand the appeal: a doll who looks realistically like a woman, and yet has no will, agency, ability to object or judge or criticize.   158 mots de plus