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How to Keep Your Sex Toy in Top Condition?

Sex toys have become mainstream, thanks to popular culture, but do you know how to keep your sex toys in top shape?

Here are eight ways to make your real-feeling toy at its best. 698 mots de plus

Sex Toy

Toy Review: 6" Vibrating Dildo with Balls 😘

Hello, my darlings!😘

Welcome to my second toy review! Since I didn’t get any comments to the contrary after my first review, I’m going to go ahead and grace you with another! 543 mots de plus


The Great Advantages of Realistic Dildo Bring to You

Humans have been making fake penises as long as they are making love. The oldest man-made penis in history, about 26,000 years old, was carved out of stone. 632 mots de plus

Sex Toy

Beautiful and Girthy

This toy was sent to me by Servant Sex Toys to review. They are a husband and wife team who have designed their product range together and make every toy by hand. 376 mots de plus

OMG: The First Self-erecting Bionic Penis Is Bringing Out The Poetry In Reviewers (NSFW)

Just when you think they’ve thought of everything, the sex toy world is here to prove you wrong.

The British company Lovehoney is pleased to present to you the « self-erecting bionic penis » Uprize! 385 mots de plus


How to Improve Your Sex Toy Experience

Sex life is a natural part of life and its health benefits go far beyond the bedroom. A study conducted by Wilkes University found that sexual behavior increases the number of antibodies that are directly related to the healthy immune system compared with young people with less sexual activity. 444 mots de plus

Sex Toy

Toy Review: Beginner's Silicone Vibe 😘

Hello, my darlings!💋

Welcome to my first ever toy review!

In case you couldn’t tell from the title, I will be doing a review on a sex toy. 483 mots de plus