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Which sex toy are you?

I’ve had a super productive weekend where I’ve binge watched House of Cards, read my horoscope and taken three Buzzfeed quizzes.

How much of a pizza lover are you? 242 mots de plus

South Africa

Ashes To Ashes

When my time comes, I would like to think there would be something left behind for my loved ones. Photos, my book, the blog, for example. 168 mots de plus

What The Hell?

Hell of boobs - Yui Satonaka

Published 2016-04-14
Cast Yui Satonaka
Actress type Breasts Nice Ass Breasts AV actress
Tag keyword shower lotion Dirty toys 69 cowgirl Pies back Fucking Tits Perfect body side position



After using the weighted plug last night and feeling it shift and move and get my ass nicely opened up, I decided it would be an excellent time to have another go with the larger glass plug I got recently. 369 mots de plus



It’s strange the things you suddenly notice when you start blogging about your training from your Master. I seem to see smut in the oddest places and my mind starts to run away with itself. 280 mots de plus


Humiliation 3 hole through the entrance ceremony east

Mahiro Azuma
Cast east Mahiro
Delivery start date 2016/04/12
Duration 01:40:50
Opus n1141
Series take grated Shi insult thoroughly video
If toys blame Cusco vaginal show Deep Throating Squirting cleaning Blow school classroom restraint, restraint Shaven Anal Sex Anal play with out in Anal Anal pussy Penetration electric massage collar masked man (mask included) electric drill shame out gangbang Pies semen in the category face (Man fart) juice out actor continuous intravaginal ejaculation pewter Strip earnest cry urethral opening foreign object interpolation Re in the back narrowing coating semen