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Mini-Review Round-Up: JimmyJane Intro 1 & other gentle vibes that rock

It’s true that a lot of sex clitorises like rumble and power, but I wanted to give my $0.02 from the other side: reasons why more power isn’t necessarily better, and recommendations for others who are built like me.  1 063 mots de plus


Jamesey’s Review Of The Rev1000

Packaging can tell you a lot about a product before you’ve even looked at the contents of the box; having worked in the adult industry for a fair few years I’ve learned to spot a decent box! 660 mots de plus


My cunt is going to get an ego even bigger than its gape. Not even six months after starting to record my Master’s training of me, my cunt and I have been rewarded with ten thousand views on the blog. 100 mots de plus


The Leather Lab Review [#61 out of 100 Days of Sex]

The Leather Lab approached me asking if I would be happy to review one of their products, and after lusting after their Etsy store for ages, of course I said yes! 613 mots de plus

New Sex Toys on Holiday

My wife and I recently went on holiday. A few weeks before we left, I suggested we choose and buy each other a sex toy for the trip and surprise each other with our choice once we got to the hotel. 843 mots de plus


Last year for the first time in my life I started keeping a diary. It was partly for routine and to refresh my goldfish like memory with a few lines in a five year diary. 332 mots de plus


Butt fun! Beginners Harness Kit

Oh anal sex. I love it so much. Why?  Because everyone’s got a butt and can enjoy the stimulation of having their ass serviced. All with consent obviously, but I don’t have to go into that. 641 mots de plus