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Coming Out: How to Let Go of Sex Toy Shame

Let’s face it, there is a stigma associated with sex toys and masturbation. The one thing offering great pleasure is deemed evil and inappropriate. Outdated and toxic belief systems not only deprive us of exploring our sexuality it also spawns a huge amount of unnecessary sexual shame. 1 507 mots de plus


Prick each other on some three car

The ministry is also understood to be looking at is not how much content it: D. But because more actors Tsubasa Amami so beautiful, so I ventured up to the brothers. 40 mots de plus


Please stay with female sex, and fuck her husband stole the landlord

Please stay with female sex, and fuck her husband stole the landlord. Its a film S1 NO.1 Style, with the participation of actress TIA. 151 mots de plus


Sex for Christmas!

Being married is pretty great. Now, if I cook dinner, somebody else gets to do the dishes! Not to mention the inarguable benefit of having two paychecks as opposed to one. 404 mots de plus


Pulse II Solo

The Pulse II Solo by Hot Octopuss is a product unlike any other that I have had the pleasure of reviewing. If it weren’t for the fact that my dick is a little too thick, I wouldn’t have an issue with this “guybrator”. 621 mots de plus

Gay In The Middle

A Guide to Toys and Sissygasms

If you’ve never experiences a sissygasm (i.e. an anal, prostate orgasm), then you really don’t know what you’re missing. It is an entirely different kind of orgasm, one that builds slowly, remains at maximum intensity for a good long while, and then sort of blossoms as your sissy juices squirt out, before slowly fading away. 363 mots de plus


Product review: Remote control love egg

My  husband and I bought a sex toy not long ago. It’s our first sex toy and I am aghast that we have waited so long to do it. 348 mots de plus

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