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Indigo Tries Neon Luv Touch Vibe

2 out of 10

Would not really recommend.

Pairs reasonably well with Mad Dog 20/20. It’s really an exercise in the folly of youth and somewhat poor decisions. 1 135 mots de plus


Satisfyer Pro 2: A Review

Some time ago, there was a post about sex toys and the conversation turned to some gizmo that was making waves (of the orgasmic caliber) a few hours south of here. 468 mots de plus


4 best butt plugs under £20

Let’s be honest butt plugs are life.

Feeling horny? Put a butt plug in.

Getting ready for a hot date later? Put a butt plug in. 365 mots de plus


Review: Satisfyer Pro Penguin

When I received the Satisfyer Pro 2 that I reviewed earlier this month I was also sent the Satisfyer Pro Penguin and the Satisfyer 2 (review pending). 602 mots de plus


Bedtime Story

Cuddling up with a couple of favorites.


New Data Unveils Top Masturbation Fantasies

Reposted from Lovehoney.com

NEW YORK, NY – In celebration of National Masturbation Month, a new survey of more than 4,500 people reveals that many of us fantasize about a sexual encounter with a former partner when masturbating – even when in a new relationship. 412 mots de plus


Bad Dragon: Chance the Stallion..#naynaybitch

Meet Chance the Stallion.

He is big.

He Is thicc(with two c’s)

And he came to bulldoze them walls down.

Yes, my little cupcakes. I have acquired a wonderful toy from the amazing site… 706 mots de plus