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When Steven Joyce Got Hit In The Face By A Dildo

I know this is late – it happened over a week ago – but unless you’ve been living under a rock in New Zealand, you would have heard about Josie Butler AKA the woman who threw a sex toy at Steven Joyce in the lead up to Waiting Day celebrations. 272 mots de plus


Very Odd

I haven’t come in over two weeks. I forgot to ask my Master’s permission while he’s been occupied and he didn’t tell me I may so I’ve made sure I haven’t despite making sure I’ve been stretching myself everyday. 363 mots de plus


The best seat, the best lunch and the best toy

The best seat in the office. In the corner, in the sun. No one can see my screen and I can see the garden.
Pancakes in the office. 13 mots de plus

Josie Butler and her squeaky toy

Josie Butler is the Christchurch nurse who through what she shows is a squeaky toy.sex toy at Steven Joyce at Waitangi. She has released a short video explaining this on Facebook. 1 051 mots de plus


Tablet that you can have sex! Here's how it looks and how cheap it is!

Fleshlight manufacturers to come to the aid of those who love to constantly watch porn on their tablets and then make them feel a little ‘action’. 30 mots de plus


"Someone send the gif over to John Oliver so we can get it over with.."

Love him or hate him, but National’s Economic Minister Steven Joyce seems to be taking the dildo attack by TPPA protester Josie Butler at Waitangi today, on the chin, … 20 mots de plus



My favourite new toy is a butternut squash. It may not have given me the orgasm of an aubergine yet but they last longer and come in a variety of sizes so you always have something handy to stretch your cunt to what you think is capacity, only to discover it goes a little further each time. 373 mots de plus