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Month of no spending - day 5 and all the fun of the fair.

This little flashback is to my late summer month of no spending when the Royal Canberra Show was in town. Could there be anything which represents consumer culture and junk more than the modern ag-show? 360 mots de plus

Psycho Virus Oxi66. Creation & Mutation

Markovich Sci-Fi Theater.

« Psycho Virus Oxi66 » Show, 2017.

Track #1 by Alex Markovich. « Psycho Virus Oxi66. Creation & Mutation ». 

Oxi66 – the first model of psycho-virus.   39 mots de plus


Show recap: Derby day (2 of 2)

Success! Our 2 jumper shows for the year are complete, and we will be shelving show season until our horse trial in September. I didn’t mean to end up with 2 shows on back to back weekends, but due to her recent fetlock strain I wanted to start with a really light weight show, give her a week to rest and then try something a little more difficult to allow her time to let me know if anything was off. 2 146 mots de plus


Kevin Bacon Will Reprise His Role in a New ‘Tremors’ Series on SyFy!

Well, Kevin Bacon – and a lot of fans – have been talking about returning to the role of Valentine McKee in a new Tremors… 170 mots de plus


Clarice Falcão: Casa Natura Musical - 22/06/2017

*Por Beatriz e Meiri Farias

Clarice, suas letras não são chiques não tem tu, não têm pronome oblíquo, mas que mico. Quem que você quer impressionar, Clarice? 906 mots de plus

Questão De Opinião

The Little Prince: Retrospection of implementation of a mask of...

The Little Prince: Retrospection of implementation of a mask of a characters from the scenic spectacle The Little Prince for Ambassador Theater, District of Columbia, US. 36 mots de plus

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