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New Details On 'THE WITCHER' Netflix Series

Executive producer/writer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has taken to Twitter to reveal that the series will have eight episodes and will most likely be released 2020. The script for the pilot is done but will be polished and the rest of the episodes are in her head for now. 38 mots de plus

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Opening for The Red Elvises!

Who is Igor and what is a Red Elvis?

The Red Elvises are a Russian-American band that performs EVERYTHING (funk rock, surf, rockabilly, reggae, folk rock, disco) with a mix of traditional Russian styles of music. 111 mots de plus

The Roman Fashion show

“Hello, and welcome to the first ever Roman-themed fashion show in XLV A.D. (45)!  My name is Theodippios Rucius Dominous, and today we will be looking at the different styles of Roman clothing. 163 mots de plus

Head Over Heels

I walked into the beautiful Curran Theatre on a Sunday evening not knowing anything about this show beyond, « The Go Go’s musical is the show ». 578 mots de plus


PODCAST: Joe Wants to Know - Would You Shave Your Kid's Unibrow?

Indy was fired up this morning this morning after we asked if you would shave/wax your kid’s Unibrow? Check out the Picture of me below with my terrible haircut and giant unibrow. 86 mots de plus