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Mixing night and day, not
Knowing which light is the real
One,  day off
Pondering your choices

You can’t stay, but
You can’t leave
Not with a plan, and… 16 mots de plus


Delightful Exchanges

No matter what I do
All my thoughts lead me to you
I’m lost in my imagination
In my head, there plays a narration

Your scent on my pillow… 44 mots de plus


Tuesday Photo Challenge - Wonder

Night sky photography has recently become a new fascination of mine. Whenever I have time and a clear night sky, I’d go to my backyard to practice since it’s pretty dark out there on most nights. 97 mots de plus


This Sky colored bird Connor Goodwolf

This Sky colored bird

Connor Goodwolf

If you want anything done, go to Connor Goodwolf

The Space Around Sea Cliff Bridge

I think that I wanted to capture the sense of space around the bridge rather than the bridge itself.

I think that the sky helps to give a sense of minimalism to the scene. 29 mots de plus


Peaceful blues...

Peaceful blues after trouble of day
Cease from striving with this world’s ways…
Dusty blue to smokey pink
Hazy sky, relaxing evening, methinks…

March 19, 2019