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Sources of inspiration

For the last few months, my creativity is becoming more and more stronger and it feels so good that my creative block has disappeared. It was a very random meet up with a friend that dissolved the block I have had some time and I feel much more contented within myself. 368 mots de plus



The bell dongs a thousand times

Lost in oblivion, Wisdom stares at the starry sky

Careless to the caution of wind.

The tumbling waves braze in rage… 94 mots de plus


Waning Day

A colorful cloud painting on the studio counter with some friends! This one doesn’t have the apocalyptic vibe of yesterday’s post.

Another day in the studio, I am grateful. 26 mots de plus


This our first Moon photograph made with our new P900.

Nature And Animals

Fired up or shot to pot?

Looks like a touch of fire in the sky but those smoky clouds are due to part for a clear, cold and nigh on frosty night – in November, in London – of all places.  75 mots de plus