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Coping Well

It’s been slightly more than a week since M1 left. We are adjusting. Suddenly the house seems too big and too quiet despite the fact we still have M2 around. 80 mots de plus



Last week was hard. The hardest yet, in fact. The weekend before we had a friend to stay, so we went out Friday and Saturday night, and spent the whole of Sunday daytime in Panorama Bar in the Berghain. 145 mots de plus


Let's Skype

Skype meetings are always well intended – « I’ll be online at 9:30. » « Ok, great see you then. » It always seems that easy but it just never is. 355 mots de plus


Expanding Your RPG Options - Gaming in the Digital World

I have been asked on more than one occasion about the resources out there for the uninitiated online RPG gamer so, this essay will highlight some of the many resources that I have used over the last few years. 2 024 mots de plus



Vanity Fair 5

Skype is a great tool for communication, its cheap and it can be used on your computer, mobile and tablet too. Although there are certain downsides, we experienced some of them in our group chat. 73 mots de plus


Skype: then and now

Last Monday, Tim Flicker and I had a Skype video call regarding the meeting about the social media project for the Loboc choir. It wasn’t a long call but it was enough to talk about details regarding our upcoming meeting, like the time and place and what we might be talking about during the meeting. 206 mots de plus