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Rhymes of History Technology

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”- Mark Twain (Earyrs, 1971 p. 121).

Using Twain’s quote (Earyrs, 1972), and drawing from Dr. Thornburg (Laureate Education, 2014h), history has a strong influence on emerging technology. 650 mots de plus

Rhymes Of History Technology

MY Rules

If you truly desire to be My submissive, (or sissy or kinkster) then you must follow these HARD rules.

  1. Be Honest With Me.
  2. Remove your shoes in My Presence.
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Mistress Majic's Info For Subs

Contact Info:

My phone number is not published.

You have to EARN that right.

You may TEXT ME @ (386) 524-5555

This number is TEXT ONLY. 124 mots de plus


Skype displays the wrong video source


When you share content with Skype, it displays your presentation as the video stream instead of the other attendees. Other attendees will see your presentation where your video stream was, and there will be a thin red border around the presentation. 76 mots de plus