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T9000 Backdoor Trojan Attacks Skype Users

Trojan has become more deadly as now one of its newly discovered form ‘T9000’ has started targeting Skype users. This sophisticated backdoor captures encrypted data and records conversation to steal information. 265 mots de plus


It Takes a Month to Walk a Mile

Before you judge someone they say you should walk a mile in their shoes, right?  So I thought, OK – before I judge the billionaire banker I should walk a mile in his shoes.   267 mots de plus


New Shavlik Patch (SCUPdates) Package Available – 2/12/2016

• QTOMCAT6045 – Apache Tomcat 6.0.45 – Low
• QTOMCAT8032 – Apache Tomcat 8.0.32 – Low
• QFILEZ31502 – FileZilla Client – Low… 29 mots de plus

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TransferWise:Innovative and Fair

Disruption, intentional or accidental, is the very essence that simultaneously causes great discomfort while at the same time extraordinary opportunity.

TransferWise is an innovative on-line financial transaction platform that is taking hold. 522 mots de plus

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We all probably love emojis. But if you’re a Skype user, you’re probably tried out their Mojis, those cute little emoji-like things but with cute sounds to accompany them. 247 mots de plus


Chamada de: Antártica

Não é todo dia que você abre seu email e tem mensagem do continente da Antártica. Muito menos uma chamada em vídeo! Mas graças ao trabalho de… 785 mots de plus

Malvertising Makes Its Way into Skype

Security researchers from F-Secure have uncovered a brief malvertising campaign that has hit Skype users, in what seems to have been an accidental infection. 220 mots de plus