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Shape Up for Summer—with Skype!

Warmer days are on the way! For folks looking to trim down or tone up, now is the time to kickstart your beach-body-ready workout. But forget that indoors-only routine, and let your home stash of DVDs continue collecting dust: we’ve found the woman who’s combining mobile tech with plenty of fitness-minded teachings. 619 mots de plus


Counting Down to The Big Move!

It’s just a couple more weeks until I make the transatlantic move to England! Last week I visited all my family in Nova Scotia which was really nice; I’m trying to see everyone before I go. 170 mots de plus

Long Distance Love

Long Distance Relationships?

Hi guys!

I’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks, visited Thailand and I had the most AMAZING time…it still feels like it was a dream! 91 mots de plus

7 razones para sudar con Skype

Skype Moment Maker te muestra al entrenador personal Nick Cameron, que lleva una larga experiencia en el entrenamiento personal a través de videollamadas de Skype. 545 mots de plus

Skypetography: Rolling Hills of CA

Shot over Skype.

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Day 90 + 47 - Dropbox

Day 90 + 47 of #cleanse4expansion and after a day of various meetings, both on Skype and in town, and then a lovely dinner with my newest bonus grandchild and his parents, I settled for a bit of Dropbox cleansing. 164 mots de plus


Back End Server options: Skype for Business 2015

Back End database is a key for any two-tier or three-tier application. It might be deployed independently in the form of database server or as native database managed by application itself. 222 mots de plus

Skype For Business