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Üdvözlünk az NLS-nél

Üdvözlünk az NLS-nél

Az NLS minőségi – főként angol – nyelvi szolgáltatásokat nyújt mind egyéni, mind céges ügyfelei számára. Anyanyelvi, illetve magyar munkatársaink együttes szakértelmével olyan tudást adunk át ügyfeleinknek, mellyel napjaink kiélezett versenyében is könnyen meg tudnak birkózni a felmerülő mindennapi problémákkal. 142 mots de plus


Skype in my classroom

Good evening everyone,

I have wanted to upload this blog post for a few weeks now but with the busy whirlwind of school life at this time of year and all of my assignments due for college, I didn’t have much spare time! 1 416 mots de plus


The University of Calgary recovering from Malware attack

The University of Calgary said Monday afternoon it was slowly recovering from a virus attack on its’ IT systems over the weekend.

Issues with the network first began on Saturday, prompting officials to warn students and staff against using any University of Calgary-issued computers for any purpose. 163 mots de plus


Logitech Webcam C930e

So are you looking for a cheap, plug and play, high quality webcams?

Logitech has made a web camera that offers FullHD (1080p) with 30 frames per second, and while it films in fullHD it does a 4x digital zoom. 267 mots de plus

Video Conference

It Makes Cents: Affordable Entertainment

Most people need to have some entertainment in their lives to feel complete. Here are some tips on how you can save money with some forms of entertainment, as well as avoid expensive ones: 710 mots de plus

Writing (all Kinds)

Resistance to Cheesecake is Futile

Hank and Edith: Lesson 2
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E: Hank said, ”OK!” Edith sat on it in the chair and pushed a cup of coffee… 555 mots de plus