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What is the advantage of Roku over smart tv or internet enabled dvd?

Can’t say for a DVD, but smart TV’s are likely to go the way of 3D TV’s, they are here today and will be gone tomorrow. 140 mots de plus


Technology - an amazing connector

As a member of HLW Skypers, notifications will come through at any time on the skype group chat. One such message appeared 2 hours 30 mins before a special event in India from Sebastian Panakal asking for members to send a video message offering thanks and congratulations to Mr. 418 mots de plus


Reliance Jio claims to be the fastest growing technology company in the world

The company says that it crossed 50 million subscribers in 83 days, making the addition rate faster than Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype

Reliance Jio has announced that it has become the fastest growing technology company in the world.

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Arrived and in Australia

G’day mate!

Many thanks to my supporters who sent me to Australia! I arrived a few days ago and am thankful to the Lord for His provision of safe travels. 394 mots de plus


Date? Date! DATE?!

I wanted to Tweet this at the time but couldn’t on account of the whole secret lifestyle thing so here goes: Is going out for nachos with the person you are banging and eating pizza with considered a date? 1 232 mots de plus


Australia: 12/24 - 12/30


12/24 – Admiring Christmas Light Displays and Flying Foxes on Christmas Eve
12/25 – 1 Whole Year of Travelling Around the World! Merry Christmas! … 2 210 mots de plus


No telemedicine is not a good buisness plan!

The great thing about this blog and the other things I do is that doctors contact me telling me about their ideas for tech companies that could improve the way that healthcare is delivered. 423 mots de plus

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