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Apple removes Skype from its app store in China - CNET

The only ‘laws’ these apps break is the ability of the Chinese people to talk freely with one another. I expect this kinda shit from the Chinese government, but Apple’s capitulation to the request is a glaring notice that they care more about making money in Chinese phone market than they do about person freedoms of individuals.



For 38 of 40 days this fall, I wrote little pieces with a group called « Birds in a Barrel. »

Maybe it will be something. 656 mots de plus

Skype vanishes from Apple's App Store, other app stores in China

»One of the last foreign-run tools for online communication in China appears to be in trouble with the authorities there, » Paul Mozur reports for The New York Times. 613 mots de plus


A Duo-rhyme poem "Skype"

Last night I saw my friends on Skype,

and you would not believe our hype.

Pam J., she saw me and she cried.

Magder told me I was her pride. 51 mots de plus

Skype disappears from mobile app stores in China


Microsoft’s Skype app for Android and iOS has been removed from a number of app stores in China for almost a month. … 165 mots de plus


Skype's Real-Time Code Editor For Coding Interviews

Skype, the most popular video calling platform, recently launched a new preview feature at that makes the tiresome task of switching between the interviewer’s call and the code editor more easy and allows to comfortably conduct coding and technical interviews. 155 mots de plus


5 Amazing Apps for Aging Adults

New smartphone apps are created on a daily basis and seniors are encouraged to benefit themselves from these apps. There are various types of mobile apps on health, food, entertainment, and communication seniors can choose from. 434 mots de plus

Aging Adults