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3443 Needles

This is my favourite pose.

Stretched out, in an apparent hug with what could be the floor or a bed.

But, do not be confused, for I am not that hung up about yoga. 961 mots de plus



When I was young, I sometimes had a recurring nightmare about walking through the subway beneath the road behind our house. The subway lead to the nearest playpark. 148 mots de plus


April 25, '18 On a Good Nights Sleep

Getting Horizontal

Portlights, Polka Dots, Pillows and Moonbeams

A bed that moves matters to those with gypsy blood and wanderlust on the mind. Favorite pillows, king size or satin sheets matter not one whit. 465 mots de plus


Útgáfusprengjan 20. apríl 2018

20. apríl 2018 var gríðarlega góður dagur fyrir unnendur metalsenunnar og þá sér í lagi hvað varðar doom og stoner útgáfur. Hér fyrir neðan er stutt yfirlit um það helsta sem kom út þennan dag. 241 mots de plus



I’m lying in bed

many ideas pop around in my head


999 tired sleepy pirates

998 tired sleepy pirates

997 tired sleepy pirates

hours pass by… 22 mots de plus

Human Condition

Teething: A Breakthrough

Thank the Lord!

After what feels like months of teething I can finally feel the much longed for sharp, pokey bit pointing out of the baffled baby’s gum. 139 mots de plus


Run, Dad, Run: Taking on Cardiff 10K again

I’ve signed up for this year’s Cardiff 10K, and what’s better, I’ve managed to convince Emma to do it with me!

I did it for the first time in September last year – it was actually my first distance running event of any kind. 1 311 mots de plus