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Tiring out

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have been up since 6am and say at my laptop since around 8am. It’s only 1:50 and I’m tiring out. 289 mots de plus

Top 24 blog topics, from the wandering mind of a trucker’s wife.

Top 24 blog topics , from the wandering mind of a trucker’s wife. You wrote this in a hotel where? While hubby was asleep ? Really. 819 mots de plus

What Was I Thinking?

Healthy Hearts & Healthy Minds: How Exercise Can Improve Mental Health

Our mental and physical health are very closely linked. For example, the stress hormone produced by someone that suffers from anxiety, Cortisol, has also been associated with high blood pressure and heart disease. 550 mots de plus


Correlation of Premature Infant Sleep/Wakefulness and Noise Levels in the Presence or Absence of “Quiet Time”

Peak sound levels during sleep can compromise the development of hospitalized infants. Quiet time is a strategy implemented in neonatal units to promote the sleeping of neonates by reducing noise levels, luminosity, and handling during particular periods of the day. 136 mots de plus

Amitriptyline - Two Weeks In

I have now been on amitriptyline for two weeks.  Well, I will take my 14th pill tonight.  It hasn’t been quite the upheaval that beginning fluoxetine was, but it has been an interesting time. 535 mots de plus


5 Steps to Quality Shut-Eye

Especially at this time of year, students are scrambling to keep up with ever-growing workloads, demanding extracurriculars, and jobs. With only 24 hours in the day, this… 573 mots de plus