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Well, I went to bed late last night, was so tired. I think it was 11 when I finally quit being on my phone and turned over to go to sleep. 117 mots de plus

Mental Illness

two metres in lockdown (29/March/20)

still dark… thunder is such a huge sound… a sound that makes it feels like it shifts the whole planet an inch or two one way or the other… we’re on borrowed time now, one hour to be precise, having travelled through time although it happened while we were asleep; we missed it, typical… what was it like?… can I remember?… not sure it helps any more, this shift, particularly as one day now becomes another, there are no weekends any more, nor Monday’s to hate, nor hump-days or tomorrow’s Friday days… just one long day periodically interspersed with period when the eyes are closed, of… 153 mots de plus


It's almost 2...

It’s almost 2am and Koala-Monkey is almost 2 years old.

Since we had Jackie give us sleep advice way back in the day, Koala-Monkey has had a pretty strict routine of getting down for a morning nap, afternoon nap and bed time. 749 mots de plus


Sleep and SARS-CoV-2

Here’s a great video highlighting the importance of sleep and recovery from viral infections. It demonstrates the importance of puting aside worry and panic and relaxing, as well as the importance of exercise and doing anything that helps you sleep (e.g. 7 mots de plus

How Can We Improve Our Sleep During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Well, that was chaotic.

I was volunteering as a Clinical Psychologist on the Australian Volunteer Program for the past 18 months in Port Vila, Vanuatu. It was meant to be a two-year role, but unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we were forced to come back to Australia on the 20th of March 2020. 2 170 mots de plus



When I was in college I was a personal trainer, throughout the time that I was able to train people 1-on-1 I learned a lot about the industry. 920 mots de plus

An important milestone


I mean, little bao did too, but forget about the baby! I slept through the night last night!!! 493 mots de plus