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Graduation… tutoring to pass sophomore exams… baby reveal… photography session…

My head is achy, and I didn’t get to attend the workout class I’d intended to do this morning…, but it seems nonetheless to have been a rather great day…

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Not So Good Mental Health Day

Hello, World!!! Today has been one of those not so good days in regards to my mental health symptoms. A day where I have experienced extreme loneliness as well as isolation. 202 mots de plus

The start of the daily artistic endeavours (Day 146)

To start things off on a positive note, I did start with the doodling project but I changed the parameters a bit because I wasn’t too inspired to draw in my little notebook and I’ve always love to doodle and experiment using the Procreate app on the iPad. 494 mots de plus

Sleep Spell

Awake in her mind,
she lay still
while soft dreams and visions
flew through and past her
as soft clouds fly
across the mountaintops.

And where do the mountains… 85 mots de plus


Which Sleeping Posture Is Right to Reduce Your Type of Back Pain

The odds are against you. About 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at least once in their lives. Either you’re struggling with it now or you want to be prepared just in case it pays a visit and it’s a relief to know that an easy solution is readily available: You can change your sleeping posture to address the type of pain you’re undergoing….Readmore