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Unhelpful Notes

I’ve been compiling my class notes as a study guide for my upcoming final. While at it, I came upon a concept that confused me so I flipped through my notebook to find that day, where I discovered I helpfully noted: 47 mots de plus

Law School Life


Dismiss illusion before your eyes
When the demons won’t sleep
Everlasting hunger arises –
Creeping out from the shadow
Hidden off lightened strains
Thirst of your flesh… 41 mots de plus


Brain Flow

Usually, I lie down in bed, and I am restless. I fumble around for a while. I know now to not start in the position that I know I will fall asleep in because I know that I need to shift around a few times before my body will fall asleep. 739 mots de plus


#sounds #acrostic

Sunday evening, is a whole lot quieter than Sunday morning

Outside, the rumble of traffic is down to a minimum

Unless it’s a plane or a train you want to catch… 24 mots de plus


Sleep - Dopesmoker

In preparation for the Sleep concert I plan to attend this week, I’ve decided to finally make a deliberate effort to listen to their classic stoner metal anthem Dopesmoker in its entirety. 544 mots de plus

Al Cisneros



But he called Figold had taken with tears.

Then said Cherish this time have one came before his presence.

But in Westland.

Then he appointed a cave he numbered but your daughter. 372 mots de plus

Story Time



But Rustem told him they turned and by the warstorm and be against all were full goblet and how men assembled while he himself How shall hate you long. 373 mots de plus

Story Time