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As another busy week ends, I consider life.

In the night the luminous petals spread, their soft blue light easing the watchful night to dreams. Their center stalks invitingly reach out to pollinate. 109 mots de plus

Captian's Log

The Soon To Be Available Samsung 'Galaxy Active' Smartwatch Will Measure Blood Pressure On The Wrist.

by Anura Guruge

Heart rate monitoring is good. A must have and I am not sure I could now live without it.

ECG/EKG is cute, but it doesn’t seem to do much for I since I, to my amazement, appear to have a normal rhythm. 162 mots de plus

Anura Guruge


Thank God It’s Friday!

What a wonderfully successful and productive week.

Tonight, on the way home, caught up on my accountability partners blogs: optimal mastery… 49 mots de plus

night 22

be – at one – with night

join it with your eyes closed and

hold his heavy hand

befriend her – her beauty

brings dreams of girls and goblins

allow her in


The unfolding art of sleeping


Living and working in a small studio, I save space and increase the functionality of the room by sleeping on a futon. It’s guest seating when folded by day, and a reminder of nights sleeping wherever one could unfold at night. 130 mots de plus


No Night Without You

It’s hard to pull myself

Away from sleepiness and sleeplesness

To face again the emptiness:

My bed, my sleep, my dreams.

There’s nothing for me there.