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Quite Mornings

Most days I’m in a rush to get to work and waking up early just to get some quite time isn’t always a viable option because going to bed late becomes a bad habit that’s hard to break. 182 mots de plus

Personal Life

Does winter make you SAD, too?

With the loss of light, dip in temperatures (Colorado is currently alternating between fall and the North Pole, it seems), and general descent into the doldrums of winter, SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, is sneaking up on me.  1 453 mots de plus


Quick Tip: Sleep But Don’t Track

Hey Everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well!

As many of you may know, lately certain watch like devices such as the Fitbit and the Apple Watch have become especially popular amongst people who want to track their overall fitness on a daily basis. 252 mots de plus



I lay here

In tranquillity

Restful, without an aching

I haven’t felt this serenity in a long time

My ears lovingly listen to the small sounds of breathing next to me… 35 mots de plus

Panty Junkyard

Missed Opportunity

Ugh. I’m so mad at myself. I met Cari Champion, the ESPN anchor for SportsCenter, yesterday because she was interviewing Eric at the LA84 Summit. 79 mots de plus

Work Update

Work has been kind of quiet recently. Eric has been traveling a lot of for the games. The Hall of Fame media stuff has calmed down – I schedule calls here and there, but most of the work is behind the scenes now. 66 mots de plus

Best supplements for sleep: Take this supplement before bed to ensure a good night’s rest

Supplements are recommended by a host of health experts these days to help with conditions from joint pain to bloating.
Research has also demonstrated how supplements can help when it comes to sleep deprivation. 21 mots de plus

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