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An important milestone


I mean, little bao did too, but forget about the baby! I slept through the night last night!!! 493 mots de plus



Who is the dead?
And who is the blade?

The mutters of complaint
from every shifting follicle;
The dusty within;
The sweetly salted without;
The sugar that falls on a deaf tongue. 38 mots de plus


Who wins? Errol Spence Jr. vs. five potential opponents

Boxing Junkie staffers are trying to have some fun while the sport is on hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the questions fans love to ask even amid a busy schedule is, “Who would win if …?” With that in mind, we decided to create our own “Who Wins?” feature, in which we pit a single fighter against each of five potential opponents and indicate who we believe would win the fights. 1 415 mots de plus

Terence Crawford

Lessons on being peaceful

Today, I was listening to some news, and getting myself worked up over the current Coronavirus situation. As I was sitting there, just spinning out a little, I saw my cat asleep on my bed. 352 mots de plus

Moonlight Lovers

We are the lovers of moonlight
That bathe in the shadowed rivers
Of the darkest hours,
We surrender to the silence
Of the slumbering hours, 113 mots de plus


Dream, away from reality!

I just came across a piece of writing I wrote in Nov 2018. Back then, I was anticipating the result of the first-round(test) for one of my dream companies. 941 mots de plus