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Robert Wyatt : Sea Song

Let’s quit our comfort zone

Robert Wyatt was the drummer of Soft Machine. He one evening fell from a window and therefore became paralyzed; he uses a wheelchair since. 633 mots de plus


In the studio, I used lamps on their brightest setting and attached different coloured gels such as blue and pink either together or on their own.

Training begins

Our daughter has finally learned to ride without training wheels. As a Dad, this was a big moment for me, as it has literally been three years of perseverance and teaching. 312 mots de plus

Learn To Ride

Slow and Ethnoarchaeology

Somehow I missed this recent article on ethnoarchaeology as slow science in World Archaeology. Jerimy J. Cunningham and Scott MacEachern argue that the ethnoarchaeology offers a counterweight to fast science driven by big data. 410 mots de plus


Music for a slow-motion day

The beauty of this life is that no moment is ever the same. All moments are different in someway even though they may feel similar. 43 mots de plus


This 'Game of Thrones' map begs the question: how freakin' slow are the White Walkers walking, anyway?

Winter is coming. That’s what we keep hearing, again and again, from the mouths of various Game of Thrones characters. (Okay, pretty much exclusively Jon Snow.) 371 mots de plus



I eventually got to conclude that the phrase, « slow and steady » is not a bad thing afterall.

In this age of being fast or nothing, the… 191 mots de plus