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A Calorie Restriction Diet May Slow Aging • Apex Tribune

Researchers argued that a calorie restriction diet may slow aging. A new study has proved that a calorie restriction diet may be able to slow down aging. 6 mots de plus

Drawing files SLOW AS HELL

I am sure you have had this problem with drawing files, they become slower and slower until it is almost impossible to work with them. Suddenly you are starting to get some « FATAL errors » and random program crashes. 879 mots de plus


5 Ways to Live a Little Lighter This Year

I’m not one who believes that new habits can only be formed in the new year. I’m actually the kind of person who will start big new things in September. 449 mots de plus

a book review : chasing slow

As I sit down to pen this review, I cannot fathom describing Erin Loechner’s book, Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path, with even half so much grace and beauty as she so writes. 560 mots de plus



It seems right, at this point, to draw some personal conclusion about this long experience on the road, about these months passed walking in always different places and new for me, often with wonderful people I also met during the journey. 1 207 mots de plus