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Life in the Library

When was the last time you set foot in a library?

In Fall 2014, I started spending time in libraries on a regular basis. My boyfriend Justin is studying accounting at the University of Minnesota, so he spends a ton of time in libraries.  984 mots de plus


Colours Release Audio for "Slow"

Florida’s own Colours have returned with their latest single, « Slow. » On Friday (Feb. 12), the duo unveiled the new track from their impending release, … 240 mots de plus

Music News

A gentleman.

What’s that you ask? Yeah, I’m not so sure I know either. They are a dying breed… maybe even close to extinction. I certainly haven’t met one before. 353 mots de plus

To spring forward I must slow down first

The winter has always been my enemy. I have always dealt with frustration and lack of inspiration during this time. Every time this season comes along I long to plot an escape from the dreary darkness and move somewhere consistently warm and bright. 558 mots de plus


Day-Night cycles

Since it became possible to have an inbuilt clock in games, time has become something of an obsession with developers. They sit around big tables, asking: “Should we have real-time?” or “Should we have a minute represent an hour? 1 695 mots de plus

Convention Stabbing


As a visual artist I see. Everything. Upon entering a new indoor space I want to see everything. I catch myself furtively peering but trying not to look as though I’m not looking. 536 mots de plus



Today … Is here … What will I do with today? Hmmm, started off slow because lack of sleep. And it was a bit chilly so I snuggled down in my blankies. 122 mots de plus