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Happiness vs. Joy (Danger of ease)

I’ve been speaking with a very good friend this morning about the difference between Happiness and Joy, and truly, I still have a lot more to learn. 802 mots de plus


Surprises you will discover when you slow down

On this talk show:  The surprises you will discover when you finally decide to slow down!

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I spent last weekend in Amsterdam with a few friends and a long list of things of things to see. I love making the list before a trip, because it’s fun getting all excited about the restaurants, museums, parks, art stuff and everything else a new place has to see. 179 mots de plus


The Long Way

It has been something of a tradition for me over the past several years that, on a day in late summer, I’ve run up the 3 mile approach up the slopes of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington to the base of the Pinnacle in Huntington Ravine, climbed the 500 ft route (rated 5.5), and run back down to Pinkham Notch. 322 mots de plus


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