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अगर आपके wifi की speed slow हो गई है तो ये tips अपनाये

How to increase WiFi speed WiFi Ki Speed ko tez karne ke tricks

Kai baar apke sath bhi aisa hua hoga ki WiFi ki speed kam hoti ja rahi.

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Mobile Jaadu

Simplicity's Christmas

Now that it’s the 3rd of December I feel it’s o.k to mention the ‘C’ word.  I struggle to get my head around even thinking about Christmas before December. 1 000 mots de plus


“E quando agli occhi suoi Vinegia aparse,

gli edifici del ciel veder gli parse,

le case degli Dei, di Giove il regno;

…abassò i labri et inarcò le ciglia… 555 mots de plus


How to play fast

Clarinetist Eddie Daniels slows it down… in order to speed it up.



Savoring every scent of her kiss is what means to me when I take it slow. I am able to count my heartbeat when she touches my chest, identify all her concerns when she talks, and recognized the type of person I’ve decided to grow with for the rest of my life. 160 mots de plus

Cinematic Photography

The Window That Changed My Life

An ordinary window has given me a view of life that I had been missing. A view that is painful yet hopeful. A sunset that has urged me to fill my life with more sun.It is a view of an Aged Care Home. 508 mots de plus



I read an interview recently with a Dutch author who just published his correspondence from over the years. He said that letters that are unanswered, become a sort of fiction. 151 mots de plus