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619: Not today

Today, I won’t

I won’t slow down, give up

I won’t turn away, or find something else to do

Not today.

Today, this day

I can – I will – I did.



Glaswegian Ewan Vernal plays the bassline for « Dignity ».


« Dignity » was Deacon Blue ‘s first official release and it remains one of their most popular songs it was even used at the closing ceremony at the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow. 121 mots de plus


The express line

Isn’t this the express line?

Yeah, sure it is.

Seriously, express?  This is the slowest line I have ever been in.

First off, have you stood in every single line in the world?  23 mots de plus

Why do we fear the dark? Is it what lurks inside it; an unknown so great it can send your imagination into somersaults and, god-willing, back again.

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Obscure Horror

EU Makes Slow Progress in Gender Equality

A newly published report has revealed that the EU is making progress in the area of gender equality, but this progress is very slow.

JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 7 - KINDNESS  DAY 290 :: kind slowness

Oh, Internet. 

It’s day three of my internet being on strike. The good news is that the technician appointment is tomorrow and a new router will be installed. 164 mots de plus