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Complaining about church people is getting old

While not all of you have the distinct pleasure and short-circuiting obligation of living in a bizarre liberal enclave in the middle of red state Kansas, it can be stressful. 569 mots de plus



What helps with pain
and calms the fray
+++++that led to ills,
and helps you truly heal

can alone
be indubitably be known
by your deep… 40 mots de plus


slow breathing

Slow down please. I am in no mood to go any faster. I am tired and I don’t care for your words, but I do care that you try. 34 mots de plus


2016 SLO Half Marathon Recap

Sometimes it’s just not your day. And that’s not always a bad thing.

Race day came early but I felt like I had slept ok. Much better than last year at least, my Up band tells me I got around 5 hours of sleep. 897 mots de plus


Slow Down Speed Racer. What's the Rush?

Nobody really ‘dates’ anymore. It’s true. One second you meet someone and the next it’s Facebook official! People seem to go from dinner to the bedroom to full blown relationship in the blink of an eye. 1 729 mots de plus

Weekend tales...how it all began

Oh my goodness… what a weekend. I’m still not sure if I thoroughly enjoyed the mix or glad the weekend is over. So where did it all begin and how do I feel… I’d suggest grabbing a coffee or a cuppa tea as this might be a long tale to tell… So I’ll start at the beginning. 292 mots de plus

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