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Psalm 1:3

{Psalm 1:3 ESV}  He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. 145 mots de plus


Feet on the beach

My tiny feet did not touch the sand,
big human said, there were twigs and pebbles that would hurt.
But i giggled so much, the air was so clean, i fell asleep out of schedule. 15 mots de plus


Here's why Apple Watch apps are freakishly slow

Early reviewers (The Verge, Reuters, BGR, Slashdot) of the Apple Watch have indicated that its performance is annoyingly, if not damningly, slow.  495 mots de plus


World's Best Jump Roper In Slow Motion - GawkUpon

You never thought there could be a bunch of cool stuff you can do with a jump rope but the world’s best jump roper in slow motion will show how it’s done.



You’re seeping, in that solid way you have, like bitumen, seeping. Pitch, drop I watch you decide for a decade how to hold yourself. A slip, hold yourself again. 169 mots de plus

How fast is your Internet

When using the computer internet speed can contribute greatly to a users overall enjoyment.  Most people don’t know about their internet and just use what they have.   156 mots de plus


Broadband Price Drop?

TM akn menawarkn pakej #jalurlebar asas pada RM38 sebulan utk 1Mbps penggunaan data percuma sehingga 1GB. Penurunan 57% dr hrga semasa RM88

— Jabatan Penerangan (@JPenerangan) …

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