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Mistakes, we all make them. Some are just funnier than others. This scarf is full of mistakes, but my mother in law still wears it, and I love her for it! 221 mots de plus



The Runners are out
Pacing past in high-viz vests
Slow, you limp behind.


Just another rant

My temper seems to have been worn thin by experiences, to the point where it is now a volatile landmine. For the past hour I have been unable to do anything, infruiated at everything in site. 442 mots de plus


To The Slow Readers

Today I heard a very encouraging clip from John Piper from the « Ask Pastor John » podcast I subscribe to. He talks about how slow reading can be a discouragement to some, but it can also be seen as a gift to read slower and think deeper. 54 mots de plus


Portraiture: Busy and Slow

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on a series of portraits, based around the idea of people at their busiest or most stressed and then in contrast at their slowest. 79 mots de plus


Seeing a CD shatter in slow motion is weirdly satisfying

These guys used some pretty amazing cameras to capture this craziness at such a slow speed.


The Longest Tunnel

Hold your breath, you’ll get a wish at the end and it WILL come true!
(or post our blog 30 times to Facebook and you’ll get a message from God, telling you the first name of your future soulmate!) 99 mots de plus

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