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Winter Spring

Old Erie Canal Park, DeWitt, NY

Although it was a few days after the official start of Spring, some late season snow covered the park. I was looking for some interesting water flow as the winter melt typically increases the water levels in all the creeks and rivers. 114 mots de plus


A Pre-Midnight Update

Work on the paper continues apace. I’m officially at the halfway point of the paper (2 and a 1/2 pages out of 5).

Yes, I know, I’m a tortoise. 138 mots de plus

Oddity Writer

Sync'd Motion: Kisses

Sync’d Motion’s newest original dance « Kisses » is slow, sultry and alluring. This pack of 12 dance animations is seamless and ultra-realistic that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of your avatar. 36 mots de plus

Second Life

Technology troubles... DAY 23/31 March SOL

Short and sweet!

Slow slow slow

Why do you freeze so often?

There is no virus –

I have run the software to check!

WordPress and blogging hinder your speed, 51 mots de plus

Real-life Reflections

Its really very time consuming to identify the slow query running on the MS SQL server earlier we were not aware about the tools but after SQL Server Profiler we got some understanding for query analysis . 383 mots de plus

Big Data

Hendes øjne i foråret/Her Eyes in Spring

Nu tænker jeg

om hendes øjne i foråret

når tiden sover

og de langsomme vinde søger

ting fra i går.
Now I think

of her eyes in Spring… 11 mots de plus