Étiquettes » Slow

2016, March 29 - 1400 - life 20

trains keep passing me (5)
on their way to somewhere else (7)
and i’m still waiting (5)


Annoying things golfers do

During my last round I realized people do something that drive me nuts on the golf course. I get irrationally mad and it made me stop and think what are the top 5 things that drive me insane on a golf course… 346 mots de plus


2016, March 29 - 1395 - hesitation

why am i waiting? (5)
there’s no reason not to try (7)
only my own fear (5)


#Travel #500px : Cisternino street by muvi63 by muvi63 #photography#IFTTT

La piazza principale di Cisternino, uno dei comuni italiani « slow ». Tappa obbligatoria per chi va in Puglia.

via 500px http://ift.tt/25jKoba


Experimental Poetry Form: loss of words

Today’s experimental poetry form is called loss of words.  The idea here is to have a poem that flows slowly.  Its intention is to sound like someone trying to say some bad news but also trying not to say it.  298 mots de plus