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Chasing Slow

The perfect ending to my day is a walk with the dog down a hidden path in a farmer’s field not far from my home. It is quiet and serene and leads to an open field by a brook and is as picturesque as they come and if you time it just right, you can watch the sun set behind the Allegheny Mountains. 827 mots de plus


Lazy Monday

It’s slow and steady,

Because this week’s not a race;

More like a train ride.


One Opens, One Does Not Close...

West Canada Creek

A door opened… today I start a new job. Back to what I know, but something more. Hopefully, I haven’t forgotten. 161 mots de plus



… or perhaps even the day after tomorrow …


Slow Dancing

We were on a cloud
We were close almost mouth to mouth.
I held you close and you held me closer
We made the most of the moment and what a moment it was… 148 mots de plus