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untitled 18.15.07

I feel in patterns of slow words   thoughts that govern my crown and higher mind  slowly built and crafted separate from my heart  my heart greens against my crown. 60 mots de plus


Buy Nothing

I make things. My livelihood relies on you purchasing those things. It is my hope for us to consider the things we use every day. I hope those things are beautiful. 382 mots de plus


This Day - The Fray

Discovery of the day!

This band I hadn’t listened to till today,

As the curtain dawns on this day,

I’m hearting THE FRAY! :)


untitled 08.15.08

body  mind  spirit  we reach  receive  and reject that which we know and knot what we don’t  mind  spirit  body we prey  protect  and project that we are and  still and similar and sane  here  for we live at once  there the same  spirit  body  mind.


Paperwork, dates, and questions oh my.

Turns out cancer is a paperwork nightmare!  Went in for my very first MRI ever yesterday. It was loud and awkward and a bit uncomfortable lying still  for twenty whole minutes. 686 mots de plus


untitled 15.15.07

orbs of light fall behind thickening darkness where life clings to life and the forest tangles on itself  tree roots climb above the brown grey floor like elbows without hands that rise from unpacked graves and tree limbs reach with fingers that sweep archaic words in the talc-like dirt  trees which moan in whisper supporting the decay of a breathless language and consumed by its secrets  the forest shudders.