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Slow Down

One of my biggest pet peeves is driving, especially when there is a lot of traffic. Mainly because of impatient people. The ones who are swerving and switching lanes on the interstate. 204 mots de plus


Slowmo The Snail

​It lay upturned on flagstones grey

Picked up as vacant gastropode shell.

Gathered some corporate gen on a desk

Travelled distances in a yellow basket. 164 mots de plus

Somewhat Poetic!

South Florida home prices continue slow, steady growth

Home prices grew at 6.6 percent in MayThat’s slower than the boom years Click to Continue

Internal rhythm

Slow or fast?  Who can run the fastest?  Who can learn a poem the fastest?  Who can read the most books in a week?  Who can create a still life painting in one hour?   504 mots de plus

Asperger's Syndrome


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Let me tell you a little story of what happened to me a while ago; I had just finished my own errands for the day, and I had just gotten off the 104 that had stopped at the Walmart in Camden, Delaware, and then began to dash over to the 117 bus that is bound to take me home.

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