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I At Least Started To Draw

That’s something, at least.

Otherwise it was unproductive. Might go grocery shopping tomorrow.

Might stretch here in a bit.

And I’m doing personal writing. Slow and steady, yeah? 21 mots de plus


Though classes start on September 5, none of the teachers going to China have their tickets to Jinan and the English teachers don’t have visas. There’s some unspecified delay in China. 272 mots de plus


VIDEO: It's Dangerous AND Illegal To Go Slow In The Left Lane

“When drivers hang out on the left lane, it makes traffic worse and more dangerous…”

That’s according to the video above. Our thoughts? Amen!

But how, you might be asking, is it dangerous to go, say, the speed limit while driving in the left lane on the highway? 237 mots de plus