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Day 61

Worked today from 12:30 – 9:30. It was good but I’ve noticed that since I moved up from being a regular associate into a management position that there isn’t enough time in a day. 194 mots de plus

Daily Journal 2015


How quickly we move; how slowly I move. Not from one moment to the next, but like a long breathe drawing itself in, then out, the tide, the seasons, the slow, gentle touch of age. 166 mots de plus

Step 4: also increase marketing for your blog

Having fun blogging so far, right:)) As well, now try adding some cool social media content which could be a lot easier so far if you have followed our advice here at the Slow Turtle blog. 241 mots de plus

Sidewalk Rage and Why Walking is Much Like Driving

Because I am a really fast walker naturally, I’ve noticed recently that walking along the street is like driving on the road. There are usually two lanes: right going forward/down, left going back/up. 773 mots de plus


Winter's Long March

Now that March has come

has anything really changed

or is this just a redo ?


Winter months seem to

endlessly march, seamlessly,

one to another, ’til spring.



Don’t ever claim that your dom is too slow or getting old when coming to the end of sex as this is apparently unacceptable behaviour, even if said in a joking manner, that leads to a seriously painful lesson to prove he is neither old nor slow haha