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Welcome new 'Friend of the SMBN' - Carol McIntyre, Exec Pro VA

Virtual Assistants UK

I’m delighted to welcome Carol McIntyre, founder of Exec Pro VA as a ‘friend of the SMBN’. Carol and I met at Jo Richings speed networking event and Carol is also passionate about flexible working and so did not hesitate to join us as a friend. 231 mots de plus

Women In Business

How to make maximum use of Longman Dictionary.com?

G’day mate. How are you doing? Today, I am going to talk about how to make maximum use of Longman Dictionary.com for your English learning. As you probably know this English-English dictionary, it’s very useful and easy to use for elementary learners. 751 mots de plus

English Learning

Misguided Loyalty, the Case is Riot

I just saw a report on the news regarding the young ladies in Minneapolis, whose restaurant had been vandalized. They looked with arms crossed, trying to be understanding as to why. 80 mots de plus

21st Century Living

Connect with local customers on Google, National Veterans Small Business Week Livestream

Your businesses are hiring fellow veterans and military spouses, they’re supporting charities and giving your communities a sense of community sure it hasn’t always been easy, but you’re doing what you’ve always done, putting in the hard work and learning as you go so to help Google has created. 10 695 mots de plus

Online Marketing

The Solution to Trump’s Dissemination of Disinformation

If you can separate out the emotional outrage, it’s interesting to hear Trump supporters talk. The amount of disinformation these poor gullible souls have digested is staggering. 759 mots de plus