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Saat ini Smartphone yang sering kita pakai sangatlah penting bagi kehidupan manusia saat ini. Namun seiringnya pemakaian berhari-hari, pasti ada kotoran dan debu yang menempel di smartphone ini. 248 mots de plus


These Unromantic Addictions

I wonder who I was before I had a smartphone? It might seem silly but…how did I take my meals before, if not before a phone screen? 335 mots de plus


An Accelerometer Is Used To Adequately Measure Proper Acceleration

An accelerometer is used to adequately measure proper acceleration. Available in numerous size and shapes, those items can detect acceleration, orientation, as well as vibration. Presently, accelerometers are extremely popular and discovered in most kinds of items like pedometers, video game controllers, and mobile devices. 365 mots de plus

Kids and Smartphones

We really don’t know what the long-term effects of « mobile technology » will be on our current school-age and under school-age generations in America (and the world?). 228 mots de plus


OnePlus 5T Diklaim Jadi Ponsel Paling Kencang

OnePlus meluncurkan ponsel terbarunya yaitu OnePlus 5T, dan handset tersebut diklaim jadi ponsel paling kencang saat ini.

Klaim tersebut diutarakan OnePlus melalui akun Twitter resminya, dan OnePlus tak menyebut klaim tersebut terbatas pada perangkat Android. 152 mots de plus