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Introverts unite. 

Man oh man. It’s been a while.

I guess some days writing comes easier than others. && it’s been a while since it’s been a writing day. 488 mots de plus



March 22, 2017, Prescott-

My heart was aflutter, somehow, this morning.

I felt an intense, gentle warmth, coming from an unknown source.

My thoughts went to a barely-known friend, 85 mots de plus



Seid Gegrüßt Liebe Weltraumfreunde,

als ich heute den Devblog über die MoonminingRafinerien las, war ich ganz ehrlich etwas überrascht und konnte mich erstmal freuen, da meine… 806 mots de plus


Dealing With Pain

I never really suffered from grief as deeply as other members of my family. Death has just seemed a natural part of life. I miss people who die, of course, but I’ve never felt severe depression or grief because of death. 489 mots de plus