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Ο Ανταρκτικός Ωκεανός είναι γεμάτος με μοναδική άγρια ζωή, όπως οι αυτοκρατορικοί πιγκουίνοι, οι τεράστιες γαλάζιες φάλαινες και φώκιες, όπου η κύρια τροφή τους είναι τα μικροσκοπικά …


Mum at 12 reveals ‘agony’ of second baby

{« contentType »: »NEWS_STORY », »id »:{« value »: »b3688b2af595d46edb999e89d58e542b », »link »: »http:\/\/\/content\/v2\/b3688b2af595d46edb999e89d58e542b »}, »originId »: »0df6f9ee-1a73-11e8-8ae6-176ca06fa2a1″, »origin »: »METHODE », »channel »: »NONE », »title »: »Mum at 12 reveals \u2018agony\u2019 of second baby », »subtitle »: »Tressa Middleton who was pregnant aged 11 reveals agony after having second baby », »description »: » 12 780 mots de plus


Social Rights And Duties, Volume I (Of 2).Doc

International Civil AviationO Cir 328 AN/190 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Approved by the Secretary General and published under his authority International Civil The Islamic concept of Taqwa is closely related to conscience. 222 mots de plus


Dealing With Fear

I deleted my last entry for a few reasons. It was significantly more political than I would like to be. I suspect that too many viewed it as an attack on their beliefs, even though it was encouragement to  2 048 mots de plus


*Social Media Share*

Diana threw me a curve ball by adding her social media links, first one to do it and I thought well why not, so here they are… 28 mots de plus


Social event, Saturday 31 March: Dawn Chorus walk

A short Dawn Chorus walk in the Reabrook nature reserve in Shrewsbury. This walk will begin before dawn, and will be led by Matt Wilcoxon, the Countryside and Greenspace Team Leader at Shrewsbury Town Council. 92 mots de plus


Marrakech Series | Musical Chairs |

An impromptu tour of the Kasbah leads me back to questions around the nature of North African street socials. It has been a thing and continues to be a thing since the region’s pre and post colonial liberation periods. 306 mots de plus