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Saving my Sanity!

I am indebted to my brother Clive for saving my sanity this month. 

How, you ask? Good question.

You probably know already that I have written more than the average number of novels. 1 229 mots de plus

Winter Adventures!

This was a fun board to make! This interactive board let’s residents write what they plan on doing over Winter break. It is a fun way to help people see what interests others on the wing that they may not know as well. 45 mots de plus

Patina of Civilization

The dictionary defines Patina as :

  • a gloss or sheen on wooden furniture produced by age and polishing.
  • an impression or appearance of something.

Usually in December, after hearing Christmas songs for a week, I turn the channel on my radio while I drive. 388 mots de plus


Facebook is trying to make the Poke happen again

Facebook’s « Poke » feature has never really gone away, but now the social network is giving it a more prominent placement – and is even considering expanding the set of casual greeting options to include others, like a wink, wave, high-five or hug. 786 mots de plus


The Knitting Fever

Shortly after I had worked my way thru several hats, mittens, scarves in crochet. I was noticing the patterns I was more interested in trying, kept turning out to be knit, not crochet! 592 mots de plus

BC Maker

Is Trump a Twitter addict?

The president of the United States cannot seem to stop tweeting. Despite stern advice from his advisors and opprobrium from the world, not a day goes by that POTUS doesn’t escalate some tension in  923 mots de plus





Lets start off by saying that I am by no means, in any way, shape or form, an expert. I’m writing from my own experiences and how this relates to me. 376 mots de plus