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Sweeney Todd

I just finished Sweeney Todd with Davis Musical Theater Company, wow!  Being part of this show is the highlight of my theater training to date.  The director, Steve Isaacson, was (is) awesome; his vision for Sweeney Todd was insightful, powerful and real, and it was an honor to bring it to life on stage.   107 mots de plus

Musical Theater

SebaSM Comics Digest, Weeks of Mar. 10th and 17th

I missed my weekly update last week because I was out of the country, but I did have two normally scheduled SebaSM Comics during my trip, and two more new comics this week too! 73 mots de plus


The Sopranos Season 1 - Story Arcs (Part II)

All right, let’s concentrate on something simple for the middle of the road.

Some of these plot lines arc pretty early in the season, and others (the children’s in particular) have more quiet denouements. 526 mots de plus

New Ukulele Review- Kamaka HF-1

It was last month that I « happened » on the Ukulele Underground Forum website. I was perusing the Marketplace when I saw a like new 2012… 736 mots de plus


How to Create A Great Wedding Atmosphere

Wedding Planning : How To Use Music For A Seamless Wedding Atmosphere

You can spend months searching for the right chair covers, sparkly jewellery and the perfect wedding cake… but don’t forget about your wedding entertainment! 507 mots de plus