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Get Your Movie History Here: World's First Ever Film Poster Up For Auction At London's Sotheby's

The world’s first ever film poster is up for auction at London’s Sotheby’s and is expected to fetch around $75,000.

The poster (left), which was designed by French artist Henri Brispot, was used to promote the first public screening of a selection of the Lumière brothers’ short films. 192 mots de plus

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« This exceptional example of the furnishings of the Throne Room in the Imperial Tuileries Palace features in The Midas Touch sale in London on 17 October and, unusually for the era, its fascinating history is very well documented.

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11 Tips for Buying a New Home

Buying a house — whether it’s your first or fifth — can be a bumpy process. With the financing, the availability of homes on the market in your price range that meet your needs, the offer process, the appraisal and the inspection, there’s a lot that can go wrong between deciding what you want in a new home and turning the keys for the first time in your new front door. 1 321 mots de plus

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Green Hills and Blue Mountains

Some folks have been asking if I shoot other stuff besides portraits and head shots, well… I do and a good amount of it.  I’m a people person. 117 mots de plus


Jarring claims: Jeddi v Sotheby’s and others

The judgment in Jeddi v Sotheby’s and others handed down in June, determined competing claims to ownership of a £12 million early Islamic rock crystal jar, and provides guidance on… 1 362 mots de plus

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Sotheby's Fashion

About a month ago, my mum sent me a news article about an auction happening in Paris. The auction was a fashion auction at Sotheby’s. I looked at photos of the pieces that were going on auction and many of them were from designers’ collections that I had researched for my A-level art. 69 mots de plus


Why Technology Will Be a Game Changer for the Art World

Hey everyone! As you all know, I try to keep my « finger » on the « pulse » of the art world, because it’s an arena that I find tremendously fascinating. 278 mots de plus

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