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He insists on barking...

He insists on barking at the angels-
Their feathers rustling as they perch along the walls of the hall and her room-
Watching as the communion of saints beat a path to her door. 130 mots de plus


Time to Say Goodbye by S.D. Robertson #SayGoodbye

Publisher: Harpercollins UK, Avon

Publication Date: 11 February 2016


Will Curtis’s six-year-old daughter, Ella, knows her father will never leave her. 357 mots de plus


Science, Stories and Spirits

Leaving Workum, after visiting two very stimulating activists for a better world, left my head in a pleasant whirl. Lucy Gilliam has been working with New Dawn Traders for ages and has set up the… 306 mots de plus

Changing Weathers

From Parasite to Pure: Epilogue/The Beginning


This blog I am about to write is based on true facts.  This really happened to me, and I want to share this with my readers to let them know what the experience of a dark entity take over is like, and how it almost ruined my life.   2 999 mots de plus


Animal Spirits: The Frog

Spring has already sprung here in southern California, and in the evenings now I can here the frogs singing around the nearby pond. There is also a small fish pond right outside my bedroom window, and as the days near sunset I can hear one very loud frog croaking away. 136 mots de plus


The Rebellious, Mocking, Deceived Generation 

The Spirit of The Lord spoke to me after prayer and told me to notate the spirits we are seeing in the world today, and He showed me in scripture as well. 752 mots de plus


I Thought My Powers Were A Gift, But Now I Realize They Are A Horrifying Curse

I have something of a talent.

I guess it’s not really a talent as most people think of the word. It’s not like being a writer or a singer, or being particularly good at sewing, or baking a perfect soufflé. 1 527 mots de plus