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visited at my drawing table

I’ve sat here for the last three hours drawing the letter « L ». Classic rock coming from what was 181.FM The Eagle on the internet. 166 mots de plus

The Gift

A Highly Suspect Muse

The scent was beckoning to him. It whispered his name, Johnny, through the air. He strummed on his guitar, as he breathed in deeply and deliberately. 439 mots de plus


Does a Rum Brand Ambassador Have the Best Job in the World?

Today in the Village Voice, I explore the rise of Panamanian rum. In tandem, I interviewed the brand ambassador of Ron Abuelo, Cristóbal Srokowski, whom I met over a couple of ginger and passion fruit daiquiris in burgeoning Panama City. 693 mots de plus


Dark Spirits 3 player beats one of its hardest bosses in one hit

Here’s how.

Dark Hearts 3 players that have actually reached the video game’s 2nd half will certainly no question remember Pontiff Sulyvahn, the dual-wielding cleric with an obnoxious routine of duplicating himself. 16 mots de plus


What is Your Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink? (the search for benign spirits)

I do get bored easily.  I never cook the same thing twice.  I have to have different flavors to keep interested.  I like variety and I am bored to death with water and lemon.  142 mots de plus

Food/Wine (and Preserving)

Ghosty Grog

Or, good for what ales ya?

So there are apparently a few spirits around the White Lion Pub in Yateley, Hampshire, UK and these aren’t of the alcoholic variety.This incident was one of the many that have occurred and it doesn’t always involve the stairs either.   303 mots de plus


EVP Technical Issues

Dr. Hogan from the Afterlife Research and Education Institute sent the AREI’s members (including me) a new sound file to use. This one features Monty’s voice all chopped up. 449 mots de plus