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The invisible tutelary spirit -a guardian spirit that protects an area, or a person. Sometimes these spirits will protect a full lineage of people or culture- of Norway. 83 mots de plus

Miners Hill: Monday Finish the Story - May 25th, 2015

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

The story begins:

“The only residents remaining in the small town of Miners Hill are spirits.”

That was the message Jake got from his good work mate Stef. 117 mots de plus


The Bells

The mute girl sings

« This is the end »

The tears roll down

Her face

Old bell shards ring

Banish and rend

The souls without

A trace.


Call for Submissions: Cemetery Gates 2 - Spirituality

Cemetery Gates has been doing well. I am ready to announce the next issues theme: spirits. I am not talking about techno-spiritualism: machines that go beep and bloop, garbled messages you think mean something or trying to make a profit off of people’s vulnerability. 87 mots de plus


Best 5 Shops for Vintage Wines

I love Food and Wine Magazine. In the article below, I discovered that I live close to a vintage wine shop that is located in Springfield, MO.   204 mots de plus


Rain rain...don;t go away!

I just love the always starts with a few droplet s pitter patter and then comes the heavy downpour showers wetting everything under it in a flash. 229 mots de plus

Zindagi-reloaded-re-live Those Moments Again When Life Said-bring It On!

A productive investigation!

The first two night of the investigation yielded nothing as I have previously described. But, the third night did. Some strange occurrences began. I noticed a distinctly cold area in the great hall. 1 007 mots de plus

Ghost Hunting