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The Drinks are on me

glasses, decanters and cigars

18″x24″ artist paper $250

18″x24″ canvas $350


Beer Bottles

a selection of beer bottles

18″x24″ artist paper $250

18″x24″ canvas $350


Poker Night

and Poker Night II – softer lines, more painterly

24″x49″x2″ canvas $750

18″x36″ canvas $500


The Gift of Surprise

Now that the spirit of the holidays are pretty much long gone, I decided to write about some traditional or classic holiday figures, along with others that got us excited as kids. 294 mots de plus

Baron of the Saturday - A New Deity Encounter

Hey guys, welcome to another installment.

If I did not say so before, I now Post on Sundays as well as Thursdays, with Sunday posts having the aim of illumination and enlightenment. 1 170 mots de plus

Shapes and shadows

If you would have asked me just five years ago about spiritual warfare, I would have given you a stilted and clunky western bearded white guy answer. 1 912 mots de plus

Church Planting

The Holy Spirit’s Presence has Observable Effects

2 Corinthians 3:3 (NKJV)

3 clearly you are an epistle of Christ, ministered by us, written not with ink but by the Spirit of the ling God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of flesh, … 632 mots de plus