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Heaven and Hell

New Christian Bible Study

This video is a product of the New Christian Bible Study Corporation. Follow this link for more information and more explanations – text, pictures, audio files, and videos: … 1 119 mots de plus

The Old Man of The Sea

He’s there when the drumming ends. Skin leather-brown and wrinkled as an old stocking, scant hair in coarse wisps of white; sitting on the big grey rock and watching the tide come in. 810 mots de plus

About herbs and spirits...

When people use entheogens, they call the Spirits to deal with — according to Taoist scriptures. People invite Spirits into their bodies, that ones who are hungry, so here the battle begins. 334 mots de plus


May 26th

The great eucalyptus, source of
music for you.
Termites bore out

The great eucalyptus, their leaves
glitter with gold.
Remain useful
as they grow old. 15 mots de plus


Paranormal Explanations: What it's Like to be a Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal television shows have increased the interest in the unknown much more so and are now more accepted than ever before. However, along with this popular rise, many individuals are now showing interest in being a paranormal investigator themselves. 563 mots de plus


Spirits Music For The Soul 2012 Free Download

Spirits music for the soul 2012 free download

Download Spirit – (2012) Mp3 Songs Free Spirit – (2012) MP3,Malayalam mp3,Malayalam 2012 MP3 Songs,Spirit – (2012), Spirit – (2012) 320kbps,kerala mp3 music, WORKING WITH ANIMAL SPIRITS « We are manyand will take a moment our wisdom will appear to you before we do. 497 mots de plus

Download Spirits Of Mystery Song Of The Phoenix

Download spirits of mystery song of the phoenix

Spirits of Mystery: Family Lies for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Every family has secrets. Will yours be your downfall?! 576 mots de plus