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A Battle Cry, of Sorts

If you look over my shoulder, you will see the other line of defense of this battlefield – in the far distance.

We visited this desolate landmark, over the weekend. 84 mots de plus


3 Bourbon Drinks that You Should Not Miss

In the alcohol industry, flavors are countless. There are many different beverages that delight your mood, including wines, whiskeys, scotch, vodkas, rum, and more. Bourbon Whisky is very famous and holds some amazing flavors. 374 mots de plus


Eden Mill launches first single malt whisky

First whisky distilled in St Andrews for 160 years

Eden Mill distillery in St Andrews has released its first single malt whisky as its Hip Flask Series goes on sale today (Tuesday 24 April). 380 mots de plus


" pretty near heathens . . . "

» Inishkea, where the people form an independent state of their own, and must be pretty near heathens. They acknowledge no landlord, they pay no rates, they elect a monarch of their own and though a priest does come at intervals to confess, to marry or to christen them, they have an idol they regularly worship and propitiate before their boats put out to sea,’ so wrote Alexander Innes Shand » 16 mots de plus




is of no help at all sometimes.

But for those of us with minds I draw your attention to this offering—

—and should you go there … please spread the good news. 367 mots de plus




Histoire d’un Ange.

  Histoire d’une Tradition.

    Histoire d’une Vie.

       Histoire d’une

                      » Eau de Vie »…

Les nations constitutives sont les quatre parties qui forment le Royaume-Uni, à savoir l’Angleterre, l’Écosse, le pays de Galles et l’Irlande du Nord. 762 mots de plus