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Bourbon Whiskey: The Story Behind the Spirit

This story comes in two parts, the whisky and the bourbon. Let’s tackle the whisky first.  The word whisky is derived from uisge which is an abbreviation of uisgebaugh, pronounced… 515 mots de plus


TPT: Are You Experiencing Poltergeist Activity? Find Out Why

In today’s Talkin’ Paranormal Tuesday you’ll learn:

  • Where the word Poltergeist comes from and the English translation
  • Common Poltergeist activity
  • Where Poltergeist’s get their energy from…
  • 477 mots de plus
Talkin Paranormal Tuesday


Press your face to the earth,
Dig with bared hands, claw the soil,
Let dirt stain your fingers,
Let hard earth bruise tender flesh.

Sing to the spirits of wild places, 57 mots de plus


Hide and Seek

He didn’t want to show himself. He was married to her for far too long and when he passed, that was it for him. No more going back to check on her. 534 mots de plus

Spiritbound Part 5.1: The Borders Between Worlds

We hear talk of things like the Veil, the Hedge, Portals, Channels, and other « Doorways » all the time when people are talking about crossing from one world to the next. 889 mots de plus


Spirits© - My Poem of the Day (09/01/15)


By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014

Spirits come

Spirits go

on the loose and in the know

They know they scare you

So they put on a show… 154 mots de plus