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Platte Valley Moonshine, neigh, 100% Straight Corn Whiskey

A dark night, deep in the Virginia woods.  Thick old growth trees rustle in a crisp evening breeze.  There’s a crackle from the wood fire a shining red glow hot under the copper.  893 mots de plus


Chambord - a drink fit for a queen

Chambord is a French black raspberry liqueur with a great history and a beautiful bottle.

The distinctive bottle, with its regal air, is a call back to the liqueur’s royal history.  498 mots de plus


El Tinieblo - By Anagrama

Anagrama, a Mexican design studio based in Monterrey, Mexico, was commissioned to carry out the rebranding of the artisanal mezcal « El Tinieblo » 429 mots de plus


Patrick Darby Photography shoots with Kincaid's

Kincaid’s Restaurant is a classic American grill, traditional American cuisine with a surf ‘n’ turf focus served in a sophisticated bistro setting. Our 2 day shoot was filled with amazing cuts of meats, seafood plates and towers, brunch items and fine spirits, wine and liquor that had us all absolutely mesmerized (and hungry!). 14 mots de plus

Food Photography


‘If all the commandments are negated, if everything is realized to be of the Self, if Mind is freed from dualism, and if talk of ‘luck’ and so on are abandoned, then in the case of the aspirant there is neither purity nor impurity, nor the distinction of gender.’ 2 338 mots de plus

Khaos Magic