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Reincarnation would you believe it? I just want to share something that was bugging me for a very long time now. I was afraid to share it, I guess it’s the best time to share it with you. 620 mots de plus


A Complete Dummies Guide To Conversing Spirits & What You Should Know!

Do they truly exist? Of course they do. You may not believe it, you may not understand it but it is a reality. For those whose ignorance cannot go beyond reason & rational debate look & learn! 37 mots de plus

A Haunting We Will Go…...

Halloween is coming up very soon. The Paranormal Explorers in partnership with Edmonton Ghost Tours are going to be at the University of Alberta Rutherford House for their annual Halloween Haunt. 101 mots de plus


Appreciating Single Malt Whisky/Expert Tips With Glenrothes' Ronnie Cox


« Single malt is for thinkers, blended whiskies for drinkers. »

I used to think whisky appreciation comes off as somewhat intimidating or pretentious but it’s actually not that difficult to appreciate the finer complexities of these spirits if you have an open mind and are willing to learn. 638 mots de plus


A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson a practitioner of automatic writing

It’s too late. Alcoholics Anonymous has served its purpose. That purpose has been to weaken the church, dilute the theology of Christians exposed to the 12 Step religion, and to point unbelievers away from Christ. 297 mots de plus

House of Mirrors by Lisa M. Logan

Horror time!

But I’m a little lost. There seems to be too much going on in this book, all at the same time. It had me wondering if this was a sequel or a second part of some other book. 350 mots de plus



It’s happened to most cellphone owners. You think your device is on silent, everything muted and, at an inconvenient time, you realize you thought wrong… 276 mots de plus