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A Traveling Medium Just Visited My House, And I'm Terrified Of What's Staying Now That He's Gone

“You’ve lost someone close to you – that much I can tell.”

He was a stocky man with a heavy drawl that stuck like maple syrup in my ears. 1 750 mots de plus



Deities are spirits who tap into the thoughts of sapient beings to become the personifications of the forces of nature and psychological concepts. Due to their influence they were worshiped as gods for most of Kaf’s history in order to bring good fortune or overcome some obstacle. 2 636 mots de plus


Waiting for Shadows

Whimsical shadows that play in the light

Taunting and teasing you every night

Hiding in corners, they fill you with dread

You’re starting to wonder, is this in your head? 60 mots de plus

Night Owl Poetry

In Memory of Mansour...

On this day, August 29th, last year I was told my brother, Mansour, passed away. The hours that followed were by far the toughest task I had ever faced. 519 mots de plus


interview with a shaman

Recently I was interviewed in my community. The text below documents that talk…

You are a Shaman?

What is a Shaman?
A Shaman is a conduit, an intermediary traversing between worlds. 1 050 mots de plus


Safe Haven

Thanks to David Wood from the radio show, The Witching Hour, for this story!

David grew up in Kentucky.  He and his mom, Mary, lived next door to her best friend, Pat.  538 mots de plus


Bewitched - Traveling Souls...

I was just a kid when I started to notice what looked like people in the middle of the night. I could see the shadows and the outlines. 564 mots de plus