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Two Weeks In and a Few Things Learned

So it’s the end of gameweek 2 in the Premier League and we’ve learned a few things so far.

1. Huddersfield are going to win the league: 443 mots de plus

The Medias Shot At Redemption

Aside all the past sexism and gender discrimination in the media, the industry is taking a slow, but steady stride towards an equality driven future. Although many had already believed that equality had been reached, and there was no need for a feminist movement, the media industry, and many others, have proven that further action has to be taken for this to be a reality. 700 mots de plus


Tuesday poem: Passing Beauty from Boots

Passing beauty

It’s moving, just ahead
of the player’s most clever feet.
Every four years, we fill a cup,
then pour it out, a month of dreams. 191 mots de plus


SportTrump pledges support for Afghanistan

A hasty US withdrawal from Afghanistan would leave a vacuum for terrorists, the president said.

from BBC News – US & Canada

SportTrump pledges support for Afghanistan… 18 mots de plus

BBC News - US & Canada

SportHigh view

BBC correspondent James Cook views the total eclipse from 40,000ft above the Pacific Ocean.

from BBC News – US & Canada

SportHigh view

BBC News – US & Canada, Sport… 11 mots de plus

BBC News - US & Canada

SportHill 70

A new monument will commemorate the first time a Canadian commander led Canadian troops in WW1.

from BBC News – US & Canada

SportHill 70… 18 mots de plus

BBC News - US & Canada


Nearly half of all fertility troubles are linked to sperm problems. Here are tips for their proper care and feeding

Think « fertility problem, » and most people assume there’s something wrong with the female half of the conception equation. 584 mots de plus