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Financial Markets Risk Report 28-02-2015: Sailing further into the blue seas....

The following report provides an update on some of the metrics I use to classify market risk. The word classify is more appropriate as I think that in essence you cannot forecast risk but rather attempt to adjust to it into a timely fashion. 694 mots de plus

Stock Market

5 skills to become expert trader

There are numerous courses to turning into an expert trader. At the point when money related firms recruit for trading positions, they have a tendency to search for individuals with degrees in math, building and hard sciences instead of basically those with fund foundations. 41 mots de plus


Become a Multi-Millionaire by Investing in the Stock Market

In my Budgeting and Savings post, I proposed that you allocate a Future Fund from your budget. I call this a Future Fund, because this is something you save for your future, maybe 10 to 20 years down the road. 1 447 mots de plus

Personal Finance

February Recap

Total realized gains from February: $2163.30

16 trades were closed out this month, compared to 23 trades in January. Only TWO of 16 trades where i did not follow my strategy versus FOURTEEN of 23 trades from last month. 312 mots de plus

- Most ppl dont have the discipline to do what they need to do

- we like to keep it sophisticatedly simple

- our best trading days are when we don’t trade… 67 mots de plus

January Analysis

January numbers:  -$808.95.

I should not have been many of the trades that were losers.

14/23 were trades I should not have been in. 28 mots de plus

First Post

This is my options trading blog. My journey to becoming a profitable and consistent options trader. Going to try to be as transparent as possible. I’ve been at this trading thing for 3 years now. 87 mots de plus