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Fetty Wap's Risky Hobby Could Make Him Rap's Next Cash King

Last December, Fetty Wap surprised his best friend and fellow Remy Boyz member Monty with a brand new BMW i8 worth more than $100,000. The kind Christmas gesture had pocket-watchers watching Fetty’s pockets and predicting bankruptcy in his future. 379 mots de plus


where is the market headed?: Current Market Tactics

I’ve updated my Current Market Tactics page as the first part of a multi-day note on where I think the market is going and how we should deal with it.

Stock Market

Managing Your Finances the Right Way

Now, let’s talk about… this: 🏧💱

Who wants a new bag or a pair of new shoes? Who wants to go places and travel the world? 1 170 mots de plus

Random Writings

Link: After the Great Fall of China, what happens to STEM workers?

It’d be great for buyers. Lower prices.


It’d be greater for WEIRDers.

The jobs would come back from overseas.

Quality should go up.

China steals IP anyway. 61 mots de plus


CNBC AWAAZ STOCK 20-20 10/02/2016


1. CEAT (B)
3. SRS Ltd. (B) sl15 tgt 18 cmp15.95
4. ESSAR OIL ( 109 mots de plus

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