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Riskier Business

There are many ways which risk is defined in the investing world. The common view of risk among many investors (which we vehemently disagree with) is that risk is equivalent to price volatility. 503 mots de plus

Stock Market

Faster, Faster!

So, update.  I got the network working finally, after encountering a few unexpected problems and bugs.  It runs…significantly faster than expected.  I assumed it would take about a second to process and use an iteration of inputs, which would give me about 4 generations of 6-hour second-by-second data every day, but it’s going through a 6-hour period in less than a minute.  77 mots de plus


WRKO – The Financial Exchange Stock Talk

A short segment talking Taser and Zendesk on The Financial Exchange on Boston’s WRKO. Available to listen to here.

Investing in Stock Market

The best growth of money happens in the stock market. Many people are lured by the high returns. But it is not easy to make money in the stock markets. 234 mots de plus

Investment Tips

Meet the Chinese stock that only ever goes up

Baofeng Technologies is China’s best performing stock this year. Since its IPO on the Shenzhen stock exchange, its share price has gone up every day by the exact same amount, 10%, the maximum increase allowed by China’s exchanges, … 332 mots de plus