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On Serenity

I am not a particular fan of Westerns, but I am a particular fan of the works by Joss Whedon. At the time Serenity was coming out, I was working at the movie theatre at The Loop in Methuen. 742 mots de plus


The Blight Of Jackassdom

The tagline for the metal-lovin’, fantasy role-playin’, demon-fightin’ comedy-horror Knights of Badassdom (2013) is “’Tis about to get medieval up in here”, and unfortunately that applies to the writers’ representation of women, as much as to the renaissance-fayre-style speech and dress of their characters. 771 mots de plus

Rants About Films

curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal: the show that was cancelled too soon

So two and a half weeks ago I moved into my new flat for the year and as my flatmate and I are the most incapable and useless people in the world, we are currently living off of BT Openzone Wi-Fi, as we have yet to set up our own. 473 mots de plus