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FIREFLY and SERENITY: Beloved characters, fun dialogue, and so much Whedon - That Thing You Like #99

FIREFLY and SERENITY! Joss Whedon’s cult favourite, critically adored sci-fi series finally gets its podcast-dues. Brian and Chris sit down with returning guest, Corey Fischer of… 155 mots de plus


Knights of Badassdom (2013)

2014 #135
Joe Lynch | 86 mins | Blu-ray | 2.40:1 | USA / English | 15 / R

After being dumped by his long-time girlfriend, Joe ( 1 109 mots de plus

4 Stars

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I follow Mark Watches/Mark Does Stuff (and highly recommend his blog posts and his videos), and I followed along as he watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles. 466 mots de plus


Donald, where´s your trousers?

I thought ‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ was really great.
Too bad they didn´t make more episodes!
This is a true highlight in the series.
I love this song! 9 mots de plus

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Watch Summer Glau Imitate Animal Memes On The Latest Episode Of 'Speakeasy'

The entire premise of the « Speakeasy » web series is for Paul F. Tompkins to share beverages of the alcoholic variety with other famous people. 69 mots de plus

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"Knights of Badassdom"

« Knights of Badassdom » is one of those films that will appeal to a certain audience, and deserves to find them. Mired in some controversy this film has been disowned by its director Joe Lynch, due to some launch delays and last minute studio re-edits. 1 069 mots de plus