Étiquettes » Surrealism

Exercise: Surrealist Style


Choose a topic that interests you and produce a small portfolio of five colour images in a surrealist style. Share your portfolio with the OCA communities … and ask fellow students to comment. 453 mots de plus


The Third Time Manny Furious saw Lemon Crush....

The third time Furious saw Lemon Crush, he was at the front of the hospital, talking to El Crow and Pedolo about the lack of character development for Goku in the… 936 mots de plus

Dream World

Dream World (Solace 2)


… dream worlds circle outside my bedroom window … starry sky … two full moons floating, one real, one mirrored in the glass …  inside the bedroom, tulips inscribe red gashes on white-washed walls … sharp fingernails scrape across paint, blood red shadows trickle down to the floor … 372 mots de plus

Research: Surrealism and colour documentary

At this point in the course we are asked to do a bit of research into photographers using surrealism in their colour photography. I’ve always found surrealism to be a bit of a nebulous concept. 1 317 mots de plus