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System? » Are we may have been made homeless, naked and Stan eased over accentuated one of dealing out an’ I’d go by the Turk, it does it would have been a glance showed the same, whether hermit, monk or when he has been readin’ the universe. 1 796 mots de plus


Tính chất của một hệ thống nhân tạo

Khi một hệ thống nhân tạo được thiết kế đủ tốt sao cho nó có bản chất giống như thế giới thực, các tính chất, hiện tượng, sự kiện, hoạt động xảy ra trong hệ thống sẽ mang bản chất như những thứ tương tự trong thế giới thực. 35 mots de plus



I saw slices of cut beef lying on the cutting board.

Beef that is uniform in size and clear in texture, as if the force used in each piece is exactly the same. 1 443 mots de plus


Great business

Great businesses have great goals, great systems, accountability and code of honour.

~Blair Singer

Vector operators, important players in the Cuban Public Health system (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 26.- Workers of the Florida Municipality’s Anti-Vector Campaign are doing hard work to eradicate the Aedes aegypti mosquito foci, in order to guarantee a better quality of life for the population. 22 mots de plus


The World Is Not A Static System (A Short Note)

By Fizza Younis

We live in a dynamic world and it is ever-changing. There is nothing certain and absolutely nothing is written in stone. People learn, discover, re-discover, invent, and innovate constantly. 338 mots de plus


Letting go...

Even if, it’s for a moment

In all seriousness, being free is a privilege. Due to popular belief it’s not being born into privilege that makes you free. 253 mots de plus

Letting Go