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The Emoji Book Tag!

Hey there lovely folks!

Last night I was tagged in the Emoji Book Tag by the wonderful Jordyn @ JBookish. She’s pretty awesome and her blog is gorgeous – so go pay her a visit, yea? 429 mots de plus


Casal Ventoso, Portugal.


Beauty Bares All Tag

Hello rays of sunshine,
Time to bring back Tag Tuesday. I really enjoy doing these. Some may say tags take minimal effort, and are the « easy way out, » but I put time and thought in my responses. 865 mots de plus


Owl Simple DIY - Christmas Mixed Media Tag #1

Having been tipped off by a Twitter friend, I have dived straight into the bottomless world of mixed media art. If I ever thought I have found the level of craft where I can use all my supplies, I was wrong. 411 mots de plus


The Nostalgic Book Review

Hello everyone!

I am here today with another tag! I swear when I was on Booktube I was never tagged as much I’ve been since joining the blogosphere. 936 mots de plus

Young Adult

T.V. Tuesdays | The O.C.

Oh my stars and garters, it’s T.V. Tuesday! And today we are going to be looking at something I used to be ashamed of liking, but now adore! 859 mots de plus