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Karatbars gold prices explained

Today, i am going to explain to you the prices of gold at Karatbars International. I have heard a lot over the past year, how karatbars is expensive and you can get gold cheaper, so, now i’m going to explain everything you need to know about the prices. 331 mots de plus

Karatbars Dual Team system explained

In this article I will try to explain to you another 2 income options at Karatbars International. In the first part, I talked about UNILEVEL system, in which you save in gold and make commissions based on your and your team’s gold sales. 488 mots de plus

Karatbars UNILEVEL system explained

In this article, i’m going to explain 2  income options at Karatbars International.

These 2 are both in the UNILEVEL system.

Let’s start at the top. 647 mots de plus

9# Freestyle Fridays- 25 Question Tag <3

This is different to my usual posts but I really enjoyed writing this post.I really love knowing more about people, so do you want to know more about well this is the post for you . 521 mots de plus

Infinity Dreams Award

Thanks a ton Always,Bree for nominating me for the Infinity Dreams Award. I really appreciate that I am being recognised.
It really helps to make more effort and write more better posts for the blog. 510 mots de plus


Artists' Block

Which is what I call it. Its essentially writers block but well you get the general idea right? So I’ve had a whole three days to make some inspiring tags. 514 mots de plus