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The Harry Potter Tag

I love Harry Potter and although I didn’t grow up as the books/movies came out I grew up with at least the last three movies. I first watched Harry Potter at five years old and instantly fell in love with it so today I decided to do this tag. 890 mots de plus


Would You Rather Tag: Book Edition

Hey bookworms! Welcome to my ‘Would You Rather’ tag, the book edition of-course!

Let me know what your answers would be in the comments :) 317 mots de plus


The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag | Anette Reads

I was browsing some Goodreads groups when I came across a list of WordPress blogs. I was checking them one by one and found this very interesting tag from  1 216 mots de plus

Blogging Everyday in September (BlogTember!)

So my blog has been sadly neglected lately. I have many posting ideas and yet, they never get done for one reason or another. I need to revamp my blog and what better way to do that than to blog everyday in September? 284 mots de plus

Eating Disorder Recovery