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Non doing is the only virtue,

worth the name,

mother of doing,

father of being, 82 mots de plus


Happy Full Moon Solstice

Monday night (20 June 2016) the moon is full and the sun, in my imagination at least, stands still for a moment before « turning around » and coming back to us to make the world warm again. 46 mots de plus


Quotes from the Inner Chapters #2

« Clubfoot-Hunchback-No-Lips talked to Duke Ling of Wei.  Duke Ling was so delighted with him that when he saw normal people, their necks appeared thin and scraggy.  

74 mots de plus

Ice Cream ni Mang Danny

Isa sa mga lugar na madalas dayuhin ng mga turista sa Davao tuwing gabi ay ang Roxas Boulevard. Hile-hilerang mga pagkain at samalamig ang maaari mong tikman. 580 mots de plus


Beginner Tai Chi fire dragons

Beginner Tai Chi fire dragons struggling to fathom their yins and yangs, their lefts and rights, their norths and souths . . . . .


Happy Fire Monkey Year

From one new year to the next…

May all of us everywhere be blessed, and not least of all our close cousins the monkeys.

New world monkeys, old world monkeys. 62 mots de plus



Wishing everyone a good 2016!

True goodness

is like water

Water’s good

for everything

it does not compete.

(from Ursula le Guin rendition of the Tao Te Ching Chapter 8)

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