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Dream aunt Dao

In the dream my yoga teacher is showing me an excersize book with a colour crayon background, and written by a child, perhaps a niece.  The child has rewritten the Tao te Ching with a ball point pen, with the « sound man », « ruler », « sage » replaced with the aunt, or perhaps « the good aunt ». 71 mots de plus


High summer railway flowers

« Who can by stillness, little by little

make what is troubled grow clear?

Who can by movement, little by little

make what is still grow quick? 35 mots de plus


Depending on dandelions

I was once told, by someone for whom it was a reality, that there are seven plants which,  together,  keep the universe from unraveling.  I do not know the other six, so over time I take it almost for reality that it is the dandelion that keeps the universe from unraveling. 133 mots de plus


The Tao of Playfulness: Part 4


After I left urban life, 14 years ago, in which I fully engaged in the play that urban life can offer, I did, indeed, find the different beauty of « taoist surfing » in my wanderings amongst the meadows, hills, rivers and valleys of the rural life I ultimately chose… 1 173 mots de plus


No thunderstorm but wonderful clouds

Setting out to photograph one of those highveld thunderstorms – instead lovely weather and these clouds.