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The Story of The Last Awakening-One!

I thank Kuan Yin, Saint Rajinder Singh Ji, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Master Padmasambhava, Jesus, Buddha and all spiritual friends for making me able to remember and empowering me to write down for healing of all.

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The real garden keeps on teaching

The real garden, the one that is actually growing (or struggling to grow because of the drought)

Is keeping on teaching.

The dandelions, whom I noticed were so tenacious, and bright, 115 mots de plus


8 Drunken Immortals: Excerpt

A little excerpt from my writing this morning. I am working on a special edition for next year of my “Secrets of Drunken Boxing” Series. Book 3 is finished and at the editor and the special edition will have another book of information included in it getting into the advanced training of the style: The Eight Immortals. 759 mots de plus


Non doing is the only virtue,

worth the name,

mother of doing,

father of being, 82 mots de plus


Happy Full Moon Solstice

Monday night (20 June 2016) the moon is full and the sun, in my imagination at least, stands still for a moment before « turning around » and coming back to us to make the world warm again. 46 mots de plus