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The late day sun, streaming rays of light through vaporous air, obscured by the rising tide of of water that it has conjured with its radiation sends a repeated message to travelers along the way…The strength of a Spirit may be measured by the strength of the light that remains after the source has vanished from our sight.

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Episode 41: Chinese Zodiac

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It surprises me that most non-Chinese know about their Chinese zodiac. I don’t know why but I know western horoscope is pretty popular in Asia as well. 862 mots de plus



Anyone else a Cancer and do you agree? Cancer is the opposite sign to Capricorn :)

Famous Cancer’s – Tom Hanks, Princess Diana, Harrison Ford… 62 mots de plus


The Stars Never Lie

JP Morgan’s astrologer warned him NOT to board the Titanic, as he and his family had planned……..
JFK was warned on TV by a infamous astrologer NOT to go to Dallas, Texas on that fatal day ………. 12 mots de plus


Get a Universal Hug!

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day sat on my bucket list for several years.  With no events offered in my small, semi-rural community, I made up my mind last year to drive 1.5 hours to participate.  419 mots de plus


Abstract Landscape - Earth Day

Protect our wild places for they are the untamed legacy of earth’s spirit and provide our tangible connection to the way of the universe of which we are the tiniest part…constantly in motion, living and breathing, evolving, balancing between creation and entropy…our past and our future.

Aerial Photography

Find Your Trail

Find the trail that puts a smile on your face as the sun dapples the path ahead and let’s you know that your way is blessed. 16 mots de plus