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Lao Tzu wisdom quote = 20

“Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment”

Lao Tzu 

(570-490 BC)


Way of Laughter

Today’s picture is somewhat different. This is a quote from the Dao de Jing, a famous text about the way of the Dao, or Tao. It’s considered the underlying principle of the universe, and following it is said to bring prosperity and success. 17 mots de plus


Dancing Through

I would he could write,
or even speak,
as dance,
sometimes get down mean
and sexy dirty.
Confusing hybrid
not safely translated through static language, 91 mots de plus

Tao Te Ching 81


Sincere words are seldom pleasant

Pleasant words are seldom sincere

Good people do not argue

Argumentative people are not good

The wise do not know everything… 50 mots de plus


Imagine the world on a different scale.
Would you be an ant walking in the photo above?
A giant walking the earth with mile long footsteps or an atom floating in space?

Daily Obstruction: Will or Way?

Will or Way?

It’s not a matter of “When there is a will there’s a way.”  It’s a matter of submitting your will to the Way.

Daily Obstruction

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