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Who Was That Old Indian Sage? 

​I had almost five days to practice Five Words but I could utilize only one night and it will be second night to practice. I didn’t have proper dinner, just a cup of black tea and a small bowl of Chiwda. 266 mots de plus

Encounter With Self

The #MeditationMonth Challenge

What is it?

Quite simple. Yesterday, I tweeted about having a go at meditation. I decided to take it to the next level. This is a challenge I have just created, fueled by the wish to reach self-awareness. 339 mots de plus


cat in a hat

on the table was a hat

in the hat there was a cat –

now some may think that hats are for heads –

but not tonite, 6 mots de plus

The Now

News From Nirvana: Tao and Forever

According to the Li Chi, the three requirements on how to Tao are chih, jen, and yung.

Now and Zen, The Way Revisited.

Chih- (wisdom) it is practiced by studying traditions and appreciating their beneficial effects on yourself and rest of society. 51 mots de plus

Health And Wellness

Wind and Rain

I ponder on the poem of The Precious Dagger.

My road has wound through many years.
…Now yellow leaves are shaken with a gale;
Yet piping and fiddling keep the Blue Houses merry. 43 mots de plus