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Happy hearts and flowers day

This week I received a lovely thoughtful Valentine card from a dear friend in Australia.  She said, she knew Valentine’s day was usually for lovers, but she really wanted me to know how special I was to her, and that she carried a love for our friendship in her heart, always.   287 mots de plus

The Rainmaker: How to restore balance to ourselves and our world

There was a drought in a village in China. They sent for a rainmaker who was known to live in the farthest corner of the country, far away. 601 mots de plus


beyond awesome

to live each day, moment by moment

taking in everything, we see, feel and experience

some days, are good,  some are great

and then, we have an extraordinary day… 105 mots de plus

To Thine Own Self Be True | Good Music Speaks

“I don’t know that we owe God or nature a death, but nature will collect anyway, and we certainly owe mediocrity nothing, whatever collectivity it purports to advance or at least represent.” – Harold Bloom, How to Read and Why… 1 661 mots de plus

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A Stolen Lighter

Today I stole a lighter from a junkie. We had just pulled up at the Maxol station in a dodgy part of town, in my grandmother’s tiny Nissan Micra, following a long day of filming and editing the promo from the new Jim Sheridan/Ian Bailey film. 829 mots de plus


[Kecebur K-Pop Part 3] Attack of Z.Tao! (And How I Get To Know EXO) + Pelajaran Dari K-Pop

Panjang ya judulnya. Eh, ternyata kita udah sampe di Part 3. Nah, ini nih update terbaru soal gue dan musik K-Pop.

Sesuai dengan judul, gue akan bercerita tentang Tao dan EXO. 1 959 mots de plus


Tread Lightly- Zen

Have you ever noticed how much effort you may put into everyday activities? Opening a jar, you may find yourself squinting your eyes, tighten up the shoulders, wrap your hands around the jar and let out a grunt while twisting at its top and bottom. 622 mots de plus