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Personal One-to-One Yoga Lessons

Throughout my personal yoga practice and visiting many different yoga teachers and classes I have often felt the personal connection is lost. The large studios tend to get lost in the class and often lose the individual approach and relationship between the yogi and the practice. 488 mots de plus


My Tao and Sehun's Hello Japan Stickers

Last year, EXO held their first concert in Japan called Hello Japan.

They sold merchandises for this said concert.

I purchased Tao and Sehun’s stickers. They are already rare and very expensive. 33 mots de plus

My EXO Collections

Sunset Through Frozen Twigs

I could make this entire blog about sunsets and every picture would be different.

That`s one of the miracles of nature – not two sunsets look the same. 17 mots de plus


Christian Taoism

Master Lao said the sage is outside of herself and therefore her self lasts.  Je Tzu taught that we are to forsake earthly treasure and seek treasure in heaven, which never decays or is stolen. 285 mots de plus

[ Two Shot ] IN CUBE US ~ Incubus 1st

Judul ||  In Cube Us ( Incubus)

Author  ||  Alana

Cast || Kris, Jiyeon, Tao

Genre || Mystery | Romance | Family life

Length || Two Shot ( Shot 1 > ±4000 words) 5 057 mots de plus


The Tao of Fibromyalgia

It’s always something!  - Gilda Radner

Had I mentioned that I’m ill? Mind you, I’m not very ill compared to some people, although it feels that way; and with this nasty mind-body ailment that seems to come in waves (waves that do subside between crashes on my shoreline), these last two cold, dark months have been pretty awful. 1 460 mots de plus