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Bruce Lee’s Taoist Wisdom

Source: TheMindUnleashed
Christina Sarich
February 14, 2017

Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist and movie star had an amazing understanding of Taoist principles. He applied them to his art, and lived them in his day-to-day life. 626 mots de plus


Let Me Out

The pink orchid is flowering through the blinds. 15 mots de plus


Can you feel the love tonight?

Today’s happy was the opportunity to spend the day with a couple friends, have a cigar, and I tried espresso for the first time – and actually really, really liked it. 538 mots de plus


To Li Bai at the Sky Send

A cold wind blows from the far sky….
What are you thinking of, old friend?
The wildgeese never answer me.
Rivers and lakes are flooded with rain. 37 mots de plus


The Heart Is Never Broken

If you think your heart is broken, you are suffering from a painful delusion.

Who you really are is unbreakable. 75 mots de plus


Tao of politics

Taoism is symbolized by the Yin-Yang.  A joining of opposite forces in a swirling pattern, the positive and the negative, but there also is a dot of the opposite in each.   261 mots de plus

Odd Thoughts

Southern Sun

Looking up on a midwinters day an old cottonwood tree told a story.

The southern sun is warm and bright yet there’s a chill in the air. 7 mots de plus