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Why ​I taste without desire of the flavor

Act without personal desire.

Manage/Teach without intentional concern.

Taste without desire of the flavor.

Hold the same regard for big or small, abundant or little and reward the unkind with kindness. 113 mots de plus

Buddha Maitreya

Is Taoism Incompatible with Revolutionary Politics?

I have had two major personal developments in recent years.

Politically, I shifted from the progressive left to the radical left.
Spiritually, I have pursued Taoist philosophy to guide my life. 247 mots de plus


(De decálogos profundos y demás bobochorreces)

1- Nunca daré la espalda al mar: pasión.
2- Remaré rodeando la zona de impacto: nada de atajos.
3- Me dedicaré en cuerpo y alma a cada take-off: coraje, centrarse y ser decidido.
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Snippets Of My Mind

Lost stars floating across the sky, hand in hand with the sparks in your eyes. Fill me with faith that the sun shall rise in the morning and set once again in the evening. 17 mots de plus

The Changing Environment of the Tao: Tourism, Climate Change and their Future

Written by Tzu-Ming Liu.

The Tao/Yami ethnic group – who live in Lanyu (Orchid Island), an island located along the eastern coast of Taiwan – boast distinct cultural characteristics, which include flying fish festivals, distinctive wooden canoes, and underground houses. 1 089 mots de plus


Kylie Chan series

Kylie chan novels are an epic series of chinese mythology including; their gods/shen, immortals, demons, hybrids, and all the likes. The mythology is so spot on, i have read this series at least 10 times each since it was released and within that time i did my own study of chinas mythology and cross referenced between my sourses and the knowlage i have gained from kylies series. 89 mots de plus

but how wonderful

there is a lesson in everything
the stale twilight air
lost eyelashes
fogged breath while waiting for buses

especially in the morning
i can feel every… 30 mots de plus