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Abandon this fleeting world

The rain has stopped, the clouds have drifted away, and the weather is clear again.
If your heart is pure, then all things in your world are pure. 18 mots de plus


Listen!!! Are you?

Hello Beloved Beautiful soul

Sharing a message from God to us all, I received many moons ago. As I opened my  book of « Prayers to Awaken Peace and Love » 229 mots de plus

Joyful Awakenings

Zen is Love!

« Love is another name of the same energy.

If you love someone, it’s fantastic. You emit the energy.

If you don’t love anyone, it is still all right. 31 mots de plus

Living Life

Reconnecting with yourself

Verse 72 of the Wisdom of TAO.


When they lose their sense of wonder,

people turn to religion.

When they no longer trust themselves,

they begin to depend upon authority. 179 mots de plus

What's Good About This?

Sometimes, life seems pretty awful. We dread the tragedies, the upsets, and the disappointments. We try to cling to the successes, the celebrations, and the joy. 305 mots de plus

Personal Success

The Forms are a Vehicle

In Tai Chi, as well as in Yoga, the outwardly-visible is never the whole story.

The movements of Tai Chi forms are not routines to be learned for the sake of accomplishment and performance, but rather to train energetic and mechanical alignment and efficiency, as well as to cultivate a quiet mental focus or intention. 174 mots de plus

Tai Chi