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Tarzan, from Tarzan the movie, was unknowingly practicing beastiality.

Male gorillas reach sexual maturity at or roughly around 15 years old. Tarzan is arguably between 25-30 when he meets Jane. And up until that point, he genuinely believed he was a gorilla. 106 mots de plus



« Tarzan of the Apes »
Writers: Sharman Divono and Mark Evanier based on novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Artist: Dan Spiegle

In 1888 a young English lord John Clayton and his newlywed wife Alice set sail for an African colony. 341 mots de plus

Marvel Comics

Tarzan story – not what I've expected

Recently I‘ve read a book called „Tarzan Triumphant“ by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I was so excited and looking forward for this. You know, it‘s Tarzan. 304 mots de plus


Insomniac Cult Movie Theater: Tarzan and his Mate

With winter in my rear view mirror, you’d think that my seasonal depression would have finally lapsed, and with it my uncomfortable and ever present insomnia would finally take it’s leave. 1 516 mots de plus

Pop Culture


Upcoming once I have time to watch (i.e., not now):

The Highwaymen – 2019, Kevin Costner. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this and got curious. 167 mots de plus

Tragic Lack Of Leigh Brackett

Tarzan Is Alive and Well and Living in ....

The jungles of the world are places of adventure. Whether in Equatorial Africa, the Amazon basin, Borneo or the Philippines, anywhere there is jungle, there is danger from hostile tribes, man-eating predators, quicksand and disease. 618 mots de plus


Cosplay in a Day: Jane Porter from Disney's Tarzan | Vlog

I decided to be spontaneous yesterday and start a completely new cosplay, put it together, and photograph it all in the same day. Although this vlog was only uploaded to my channel today, I… 150 mots de plus