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Mogadishu: A Story of Chaos and Redemption

‘If there’s an emergency at night,’ Casper said, ‘don’t go looking for a bunker – your room is a bunker.’

I was checking into the RA International Camp in Mogadishu’s International Airport for a two-night stay. 644 mots de plus


Movie review: The banality of the Legend of Tarzan

There is a certain banality of what is right and wrong, while it is simple to say that someone just doing a job must be evil when that job involves the harm of others, perhaps it is not as simple as that person is good and that person is bad. 511 mots de plus


Tarzan (1999)

The kids have been into Tarzan in a big way recently, bringing the movie on vacation even though it’s been on at home (seemingly) every other day. 29 mots de plus


Tarzan Tuesday - Snerk edition

Via DaddyWarpig and Rusticus on twitter:

Tarzan: "Hark! Though I have never met my own kind, I believe I have caught a faint sight of some men.

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Tragic Lack Of Leigh Brackett