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Tea Time Sundays

These girls are obsessed with their mother. I was just telling my Dad the other night how they remind me so much of my sister and I when we were little – always hanging on our Dad. 214 mots de plus

Family Time

What Do You Want For Tea ?

Ah the age-old question, when the tea time quandary reared its ugly head this evening Beloved came up with the perfect solution, « grab your coat » he said, where did we end up?? 115 mots de plus

Cottage Life

Time for tea!

It seems to be forever since I sat down with my favourite cup and teapot to experiment with a new type of tea. I am still a novice on the tea tasting apart from proper builder’s tea in a mug. 165 mots de plus

Nothing But Tea

Tea Time

Today I played the game « Match the Cup to Saucer ».  I get to play this game at work about twice a year.  One guarantee of this game is Victoria Day and the tea we host in honour of Queen Victoria.   443 mots de plus

Silhouette Cameo

Trikrat na dan ...

… čas za naju.

Takoj po poroki sva z možem imela časa za naju kolikor se nama je zahotelo. Skoraj en mesec nisva imela nujnih obveznosti, obiske in druge aktivnosti pa sva načrtovala sproti in po najinih željah. 663 mots de plus