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What I drank: Rooibos Latte (~$5.00)

I always end up at this Waves because it’s the closest to my office. It’s not the greatest because they seem to have a rotating list of newly hired baristas (which means inconsistent drinks), but my coworker doesn’t like Starbucks so we always come here instead. 65 mots de plus


Tea-Time with Leopards

Next time you sit down to enjoy a cup of tea, and if it happens to be a tea from India, know there is a very good chance that leopards at one time or another may have inhabited the tea garden where the leaves were harvested. 554 mots de plus

Big Cats

Tea review: DavidsTea Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Tea is DavidsTea’s blend of the month! I’ve been seeing it around Instagram among the tea loving crowd, and knew I had to try it. 264 mots de plus

Tea Review

Aspiring High: WildMang Production Co.

After finding so much inspiration from other creative doers online, I’ve re-ignited — or maybe even ignited for the first time ever — my love for film. 208 mots de plus


Always 1895

Only I would go to a Sherlock Holmes symposium and win tea. Yep that’s right…I threw in a handful (or less) of raffle tickets and won. 179 mots de plus


Talking Beverages and Tea Shops

I used to be a committed lover of wine and then found drinking the grape before 4 p.m. posed a problem to daily function and the risk of adding a DUI to my spanking clean driving record. 631 mots de plus

The Modern Domestic Woman

Summer Solstice and Tea

Woohoo! It’s Summer Solstice time once again! Even though the unofficial start of Summer is the Memorial Day Weekend, this is the official start – the day that marks the longest day and shortest night here in the Northern hemisphere (and the reverse for the Southern hemisphere). 832 mots de plus

Tea Time