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Eavesdropping in England

Three years ago I made my dream trip to England. I spent ten days with my mom and oldest sister taking in the sights and (would you believe it?) sunshine of the Cotswolds, Derbyshire, and finally London. 354 mots de plus

Jam/Almonds Cupcakes:

Hello my friends,

Hope you are doing well!!

If you are like me and you like Cupcakes than this recipe is for you. SOO delicious and fun to make. 188 mots de plus


Dried Blueberries and White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

A few days ago I received a jar full of some wonderful dried blueberries. Even though these are so enjoyable as is, I wanted to incorporate them into a recipe. 264 mots de plus


Moist Cassava Cake (or Tapioca Cake)

Cassava cake is one of my favorite snack with a light, delicious, aromatic flavor. It is one of the traditional tea time snack that looked inviting to me at the local bakeries in Singapore. 379 mots de plus


Solution 1

1. Graph toughness

The original proof from [1] is kind of messy. Here we have an alternative one.

Let be the subgraph of with the maximal cardinality that has a -tree, and suppose . 837 mots de plus

Tea Time

Tea time 1

1. Graph toughness

Let be an undirected connected graph and . Try to prove: if , it holds that , then has a spanning tree with maximum degree (we call it a -tree). 29 mots de plus

Tea Time

Day 454 - 26th July 2016

454 days down…710 days to go.

Tuesday already wow, where did Monday go?

This morning I woke up super early, hit the gym and rushed home to kick start the spring cleaning only to land up hurting myself I sat down miss on the edge of my bed and fell bang onto the floor and then when I tried to get up I used the shelve in the cupboard to aid me and bang the shelved broke and I went down banging my knee on the floor… I was limping all day with a blue knob on my knee… so much for trying to be a little neat and tidy I never hurt myself when my room was untidy. 130 mots de plus