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Lemon Posset with Lemon and Pistachio Shortbread

Today’s recipe is for a super easy pudding!  Both parts to this recipe take less than 10 minutes to prepare.  If you are a fan of lemon you are going to enjoy this pudding.   451 mots de plus



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The loudening hum of the kettle brewing heated bubbles of water with the climatic tick signalling that the boiling process is complete. As the steaming water is ferociously poured into the dainty bone china cup, the tea bag releases its essence turing the clear water into a rich earthy tone. 366 mots de plus

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We need your help! As we grow and expand our blog, we are always looking for ideas to write about. So, what type of posts do you want to see more of? 59 mots de plus

Tea Time

I Say, What A Charming Lawn Party!


The Duke and Duchess of Buckingham and The Stafford Society will host “A Victorian & Steampunk Lawn Party” on Sunday May 22nd 2016 from Noon until Four o’clock at “Stafford Manor » (aka the Kneeland Walker House in Wauwatosa, WI). 195 mots de plus


Apple, Onion and Potato Parcel-Pies

2 packets ready-made puff pastry (dairy free)

1 tin potatoes, drained and crushed (not mashed)

3 red onions, finely chopped

2 dessert apples, chopped

100ml red wine… 202 mots de plus


Summers and Coconut Treats

The mercury continues to soar above 40C, and nobody stirs. The afternoon is still and not even the birds or insects make a sound. Shuttered inside, all one can do is hope that there will be a rainshower to bring the temperature down. 1 023 mots de plus


In Profile: Dragon Well Lung Ching


Part Two of our In Profile Series  is the star today. We are focusing on our popular Dragon Well Lung Ching green tea and I’m so excited to get into a little bit of the history of this tea! 345 mots de plus

Tea Time