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Short Story: Dream Satan

I’m going to be starting a new thing here: Every time I sit down at the computer with a cup of tea, I’m going to write a short story inspired by that cuppa. 500 mots de plus


Khattay Aalu

Just a simple quick snack perfect to accompany your tea time.

With minimum ingredients , these Khattay Aalu can be ready in less than 15 minutes. 81 mots de plus


Got Tea?

So I went to make a cup of tea as I love to drink it even in the heat:

As I went to make it I saw: 103 mots de plus


Agile Faculty Manifesto - Engaged Learning

This post is part of a summer series looking at the Agile Faculty Manifesto. Read the Manifesto in this series preview post or in Chapter 1 of the… 667 mots de plus

Tea Time

Tea break 14☆ティータイム 14

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you all are having a nice weekend♪

When I could not/did not do the things I was supposed to do, I feel useless. 155 mots de plus


Biscuits - Easy Homemade

Best of all styles of preparing biscuits as it consumes less than an hour to make a batch of these melt in mouth biscuits at home. 189 mots de plus

Wholesome Snack

Little Yellow Teapot Advises: Treat Dad to Tea for Fathers Day!

This little teapot might be just a teapot (albeit a very sassy and knowledgeable one), but I understand dad’s very well. And I can assure you that they love having a great tea time with their namesakes…you! 91 mots de plus

Tea Time