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Gingerbread loaf

Difficulty 1/5

There’s nothing like receiving a gingerbread cake or loaf in December! You open it and off comes the smell of spices. Imagine now that you’re at come, and the smell coming from the oven fills your whooooole house with the scent of Christmas. 383 mots de plus


Humble Tea Leaf: How it all started!

How it all started!

A couple years ago, 8 years ago actually, I started working for an Independent Chinese Television station based in New York, … 1 389 mots de plus


Blueberry-Almond Scones

If you think of scones as dense, dry mounds of dough, then you haven’t had a good, fresh scone. The trick to making them moist, tender and flavorful is lots of butter and a healthy dosing of buttermilk. 323 mots de plus


Winter Yard Work and a Cup of Tea

Yard work doesn’t end when Winter comes. It just gets a bit easier, mainly because there are fewer bugs on the hunt for fresh feeding grounds (like my arms and legs). 798 mots de plus

Tea Time

Tea time: Trà Viêt Tea, Vietnam

Trà Viêt Tea

I’m usually pretty consistent with my Monday morning blog posts, so big apologies for missing yesterday – unfortunately, being knocked out with a migraine most of Sunday wasn’t real conductive to blogging time! 465 mots de plus


Matcha Ukishima Cake with Sweet Chestnut

This is one of the sweets I assorted for creating the Sweet Gift Box in an Autumn theme which I introduced on my previous post… 215 mots de plus


Welcome to Tehran, Iran

It has now been three months since I flew from Tehran back to Frankfurt. In that time I went on a short hiking adventure with Gleb in the Georgian Caucasus, moved to Saint Petersburg, submitted fellowship applications and my dissertation proposal, and wrote a conference paper. 389 mots de plus