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Biscoff triple chocolate brownies

Brownies…. This is a bake that has taken me numerous attempts to perfect. Although delicious, my brownies are usually that hard they could break a window or 110% raw. 478 mots de plus

Tea Time

Tea Time at a Friend’s Table

Tea time at a friend’s table, Monday afternoon. A lovely respite, good conversation, catching up, topics- family and friends, the state of our world. A plate of chocolate filled cookies. 18 mots de plus


Chocolate and Sweet Potato Cake

Third time lucky! I made three cakes last week. The first one was not even edible (I tried to experiment with colors, the color was great, the consistency not), the second one was edible but not pretty at all (my work mates were still very happy about it) and I almost gave up but then tried another new recipe – et voila, all good things come in three!

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Tea Time - T2 Make your own tea combo

My first blog post for a while… sorry guys. But, I am bringing you a great tea post for National Tea Day!!

I’m ashamed. I have been slacking with blog stuff because of a few things going on in my life at the moment but at the end of it, I am pleased to say we will have a house! 347 mots de plus


Tea + Genre Pairing - Victorian

Victorian Literature

Welcome to the first installment of genres and tea pairings. I received some wonderful feedback for the By the Cup side of the blog to work on suggestions for ideas on book genres with teas and I couldn’t wait to get started. 361 mots de plus

Book Reviews

Tea time

Having a cup of tea
revives my vitality
It keeps me calm
when my mind is in a swarm

I value my tea time
so it means me time… 122 mots de plus



Laura ya no vive en la casa en la que hicimos estas fotos y yo me he mudado dos veces de ciudad desde la última vez que actualizamos. 324 mots de plus