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Powerful 7.1 earthquake will test Mexico’s emergency response

JUDY WOODRUFF: In another major story today:An earthquake shook Central Mexico, knocking down buildings and killing at least 61 people.
The quake measured 7.
1 and was centered about75 miles southeast of Mexico City. 12 mots de plus

'Not at risk' of diabetes? Maybe not


A 25-year-old obese man who takes seven or more sugary drinks and exercises less than 100 minutes every week is – according to a new self-assessment tool – « not at risk » for diabetes. 747 mots de plus

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Dust Storm Test 01

I wanted to share a video clip recorded in the Unity editor in August 2017, showing how dust storms are coming along in my virtual Black Rock Desert project in SineSpace.   46 mots de plus


NYSCRA Offering Test Prep

Sharing Is Caring.

The New York State Court Reporter’s Association is offering some test prep for the Senior Court Reporter Exam. The test prep starts October 28, 2017. 39 mots de plus


And what happens in the water with that Fly?

The Internet is full of Fly Tying video’s. And having watched probably a few 1000 of these fly-tying video’s. I always miss one essential element. The test drive. 136 mots de plus


Apostles' Creed

Students, here is the Apostles’ Creed that you will write from memory on Friday, September 29.

I believe in God, the Father almighty,
creator of heaven and earth. 111 mots de plus

2017 - 2018

Crash Zoom Trial II | 18.09.2017

So next, we have wanted to trial the crash zoom with the bigger dolly on tracks. We set up a track that was around 3/4 metres in length and manually focused and zoomed the camera. 47 mots de plus

Short Film