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The test results I received were so accurate, it was almost creepy. A lot of it even helped me understand myself more–telling me things about myself I wasn’t fully aware of. 636 mots de plus


The Key

The Key
by Michael Romani

Inside you is an energy
Some call it the chi
This is the calling card and key
To open up eyes to see

Or close the spiritual door
Before it has a chance to restore
Becoming the point where less is more
We become aware of that score

When we've done our best
Still coming up short on the test
God knows we could use a rest
I whisper to you what we've confessed

Sometimes good isn't good enough
Sometimes we find the limits to tough
Life comes on hard and calls our bluff
And we keep going with the right stuff

(c) November 17, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved
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Today in English 20-2 (Nov 17)

We wrote a final comprehension test on The Glass Menagerie in class. You can still complete this assignment if you were absent. It must be done no later than Nov. 24.

Period #1 (English 20-2)


We may not sense the abnormality,
For our appearance does not show the flaw;
But let us look within and we will see
A core not in accord with natural law. 78 mots de plus


How evil are you???

How dark and evil are you? And, how about your friends, neighbors, relatives, and boss?

We call this here, the truly evil and dangerous Dark Disorder, which you can find out about by clicking the Blue Box above. 134 mots de plus

Walmart plans to pilot test the new Tesla Semi


Walmart says that it intends to be among the first companies to pilot Tesla’s new all-electric Semi heavy-duty truck. The retailer told CNBC that it’s “excited to be among the first” to test the new vehicle, and to see how it might help them achieve “long-term sustainability goals” including decreasing their overall emissions footprint. 245 mots de plus