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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable- Part 2: Relationships

I heard on the radio this morning that we peak at age 23 when it comes to making new friends.

it makes sense though, that’s the age when we are trying new things, out at the bars, just finishing college, starting new jobs and yadayadayada. 2 177 mots de plus

The Daily Thought

An Open Letter To Cheerleading (and to parents who are struggling with letting their kid try a new hobby)

I remember my first ever cheer tryouts. I was a shy and awkward 6th grader who worshiped her one and only Hollister shirt because having it meant, in my mind, that I would fit in. 1 814 mots de plus

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Rescue Dogs Know They've Been Saved

Just last week we were down in Fort Lauderdale, FL for a vacation. We stayed at an Airbnb at a pretty darn nice apartment complex. Every morning before hitting the music festival we were there for, we would go to the pool. 1 044 mots de plus

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But Being Healthy is So Damn Expensive

Here’s what you should know about the price of your health

It gets expensive

You probably think I’m talking about the high cost of health food. 1 995 mots de plus

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Triad Golden Retriever Rescue - Join our efforts!

Shameless plug for my favorite non-profit organization, Triad Golden Retriever Rescue out of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Yes, this is a different blog post from what I normally post, but C’MON PEOPLE WE NEED YOUR HELP! 400 mots de plus

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