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On This Day In Rock & Roll History: December 10

1966: The Rolling Stones released Got Live If You Want It!, their first full live album. The record, which only appeared in the U.S., resulted from a contractual obligation with the band’s American distributor… 554 mots de plus

On This Day In Rock & Roll History

Cumple 50 años el álbum que coronó a los Stones como "satánicas majestades"

El álbum « Their Satanic Majesties Request » (1967), el trabajo de estética experimental que coronó a la banda británica « The Rolling Stones » con el sobrenombre de sus « satánicas majestades », cumple hoy medio siglo desde su publicación. 98 mots de plus


The ALTAMONT ROCK CONCERT - 6th December 1969

On December 6th in 1969: the infamous concert known simply as ‘Altamont’ (officially,The Altamont Speedway Free Festival), headlined by The Rolling Stones & also featuring… 105 mots de plus


Embraced: Yellow and Black

Embraced: Yellow and Black
Jules Olitski

This is an abstract painting. At the lower center edge is a white ovoid form, formed with thick paint and surrounded by a few brushstrokes of blue. 54 mots de plus

The 20 Best Rock Albums From 1967, Ranked

Listen To This Eddie is a weekly column that examines the important people and events in the classic rock canon and how they continue to impact the world of popular music. 3 240 mots de plus

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The Rolling Stones' New Collection of BBC Recordings Is A Gem For Fans

Last Friday (Dec 1), The Rolling Stones released On Air, a collection of recordings made by BBC Radio between 1963 and 1965 – a great piece of early Stones performance history and a true gem for fans. 1 255 mots de plus

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Drugs, Pop, Punk and Death Conspiracies On Netflix

Netflix is hosting a show called « Conspiracy ». Episode 11 attempts to debunk some of the well known rock & roll myths, which include… 133 mots de plus