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Dad-stronomy 101: Aldebaran


Location: Taurus Constellation

Classification: K5 III star (orange giant star)

Distance: ~65 light-years

Alternate Names: Alpha Tauri, « the fiery eye of the Bull » 99 mots de plus

Dad Life

Brad Paisley Records With Mick Jagger, John Fogerty, and More on New Album

Brad Paisley’s eleventh studio album, Love and War, is loaded with collaborations. Check out some of the music legends on the tracks below.

5. Drive of Shame (feat. 85 mots de plus


The 10 Best Chuck Berry Covers. [Watch]

The equation is pretty simple. No Chuck Berry. No rock and roll. The effect he had on the two biggest British invaders is incalculable. This is a list I compiled on his birthday a few years ago. 275 mots de plus


An Appreciation: How Chuck Berry Created the Template for Rock 'n' Roll

With his debut single “Maybellene,” Chuck Berry, who died on Saturday at 90, arrived fully formed, artistically complete, revolutionary and prophetic.

Though he came to be known as the poet laureate of teendom, he was an adult by his grand 1955 entrance – a married man with two daughters, a former teen felon with an armed robbery conviction and three years of jail time on his rap sheet. 528 mots de plus


New Books: “Cuba Stone”

Cuba Stone (Tusquets, 2016) is a collection of chronicles, in Spanish, inspired by the landmark free concert delivered by The Rolling Stones in Havana’s Ciudad Deportiva on March 25, 2016. 339 mots de plus


Down And Out Blues - Record of the Week #16

I know should be writing about Chuck Berry RIP, but after a weekend vinyl discovery in the Hornbeam cafe on the corner of my street, the markontour Album of the Week #16 goes to another singer-songwriter legend – Sonny Boy Williamson – and his ‘Down And Out Blues’. 349 mots de plus


RIP Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry passed away this weekend at the ripe age of ninety.

There was a brief time in my high school days when me and my friends were fascinated by Chuck. 562 mots de plus