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Recording Technology

Interesting this on recording technology by Keith Richards, and as interesting is Alan Jacobs’ take on it:

Keith rails against « technology » but what he’s actually doing is making the case for one kind of technology rather than another…

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Heroes - Motörhead

I wasn’t expecting a new Motörhead single in 2017. On account of our main man being over 18 months dead. But you know the record industry. 322 mots de plus

Brian Jones Doomed?

»Mick and Keith Had a Vendetta, a Real Vendetta »

»Brian was always a perfectionist in the way he was talking, choosing his words. He did want to catch your attention when he was speaking, to captivate you.. 247 mots de plus


Broken English - Coming On Strong

Not The Rolling Stones, but this is Broken English with their UK#18 hit.

It was back in the chart at #91 on this day in the 80s, they would have 2 more hits in ’87-88, but neither would make the top 50. 11 mots de plus

After Math is Finished, You Can Listen to Your Records

The Rolling Stones’ 1966 album, Aftermath (the band’s fourth studio effort in the UK, and their sixth in the US… figure that one out) is the first Stones album to 1) be recorded entirely in the United States, 2) consists of all Jagger-Richards compositions, and 3) was the band’s first « true stereo » release (thank you 81 mots de plus


Rock And A Hard Place - The Rolling Stones

Days like today make me wonder if I have the capacity to make adult decisions. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. 83 mots de plus