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The Bleeding Tree

There’s revenge. Served hot from anger. There’s revenge served in cold measure. Then there’s revenge served neither hot nor especially cold. We call it justice. I’ve heard this play being described in various places as a dark comedy, a murder ballad, a riff on ancient myths, and a performance poem. 1 123 mots de plus


Day 884

« Hi. My name is Joe
And I work in a button factory
I’ve got a wife
3 kids
And one day my boss said to me… 292 mots de plus

Rounds by Resuscitate Theatre at the Blue Elephant Theatre

On arrival at the lovely Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell, we receive with the programme a leaflet from the Doctors’ Support Network, which provides support to young doctors. 655 mots de plus


Attack of the Pretty People

I have a fear of makeup stores. Yes, I’ve worked in makeup before. Yes, I wear a pound-and-a-half of makeup for shows eight (or more) times a week. 653 mots de plus


Every Stage Waits For Action On World Theatre Day

The stage is as bare as my lady’s ass in his lordship’s bedchamber.

Rough-hewn in the most knockabout way, leaving splinters in the palace lawns of the imagination. 252 mots de plus


Festival of Ten X: A Performer's Perspective

Hey, everybody! Sorry for my tremendous absence (holy moly, I’ve written nothing at all for months!), but I’ve had something of a busy final semester here at Brockport. 379 mots de plus

Student Life

Broadway Documentaries

Happy World Theatre Day!!!

I decided to honour this day by watching some Broadway/theatre documentaries that I had not yet seen. It was a great decision! 739 mots de plus