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what does "united we stand" have to do with #hyperlocal journalism?

Tonight, with my wife, who doesn’t consider herself a political soul, I saw the play « United We Stand » at the Chatfield Theatre, University Church of England Academy: 423 mots de plus


A Mancster Reviews: R.I.O.T. and the Narrative of Comics

By Florence Okoye

It’s not everyday you get invited to see a new show in Liverpool but one of the things I’ve learned since starting MancsterCon is that it’s surprising how often the not everyday occurs. 1 411 mots de plus


Tempest Tossed - Review

I’m not keen on « feels » in my media, I’m looking to be entertained like a Roman emperor watching a gladiator fight for vengeance. So watching the latest (and first) play by Caroline C Chattaway which talks about how it feels to be an immigrant I should be a bit wary. 587 mots de plus

AV Club

Meet Aimee Suzara

Interview by Nicole Melanson ~

Aimee Suzara is a Filipino-American poet, playwright, performer and educator whose mission is to create poetic and theatrical work about race, gender, and the body to provoke dialogue and social change. 2 102 mots de plus

Interviews With Writers

Finding creativity

Recently I attended a public lecture by educator and filmmaker Professor Bruce Sheridan. Sheridan is the chair of Cinema Art + Science at Colombia College in Chicago (the largest film school in the United States). 1 082 mots de plus


3 Skills Theatre Can Teach Marketers

Marketing is about providing something to an audience

Theatre is about emotionally engaging with an audience.

Both are about connecting to and audience. And are the perfect power couple. 513 mots de plus


The Tallest Tree in the Forest

At the beginning of the year, we posted a fabulous photo from our archives of Paul Robeson.  I knew him well and played with his son often when I was a teenager. 197 mots de plus