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Finishing the Picture, Finborough Theatre

by an anonymous guest critic

An insight into the stark realities of the film industry, the Finborough Theatre’s production of Finishing the Picture is a perfect mix of grit and comedy.  326 mots de plus

Fringe Theatre

The Merchant of Venice in Cardiff this week @everymancdf

Everyman Theatre are back this summer at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff, until Sat 30th June.

Shakespeare’s Comedy of Love, Sex, Power and Revenge.

Money!  Portia has it, Bassanio wants it, Shylock loans it, Antonio borrows it.   27 mots de plus


100 szóban a város

2014 óta a “100 szóban Budapest” pályázat keretén belül független alkotók összefoglalhatják mit éreznek a városról száz szavas történetekben, a legjobbak pedig nyereményben részesülnek, valamint zsebkönyv formájában is megjelennek. 1 038 mots de plus


I Talk About Me, I Am Africa

« I Talk About Me, I am Africa » is a documentary which was made in to raise awareness around the injustices of Apartheid. This came after the banning of Ingoapele Madingoane’s poems. 427 mots de plus


A Million Scenes/ A Million Futures


I thought that with the school year winding down now, I should probably have more blog posts to say for myself. So here is another one discussing the most incredible show I was apart of not too long ago, and probably some other things too. 1 970 mots de plus

Sea Wall

Again, this is one of those plays I don’t want to write too much about and spoil. It’s gorgeous. Theatre flayed to reveal a human heart at its centre. 154 mots de plus

24th June - The Feast day of Saint John The Baptist...

Salome’s name in Hebrew is Shalomit, [ or Shalom] which means ‘peace’.

Ah! thou wouldst not suffer me to kiss thy mouth, Jokanaan. Well! I will kiss it now. 554 mots de plus