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Sport for Jove

The Seymour Centre

22nd-30th May

Rumour has it (as I had not yet to witness one of their shows) Sport for Jove have a reputation for producing excellent and engaging Shakespearean theatre that very much appeals to an Australian eye and ear. 794 mots de plus


Introducing Mira Ball Productions...

I’m almost ready to cross another goal off the 2015 bucket list.  If you’ve read my previous post (Vulnerability, Voids and Victory) you’ll know that I set myself a few goals for this year.   486 mots de plus


Chris Forrest in Who's Your Daddy?

Chris Forrest, the first winner of Celebrity MasterChef, is more than just handy round a kitchen.  He’s a father too.

This show centres round the joys of fatherhood from the planning stages through to those early months of babyhood.  43 mots de plus


An Island Wonders: Why Are The Sharks Attacking So Often?

The Indian Ocean island of Reunion has had 16 shark attacks, seven of them fatal since 2011. It’s a sharp rise from previous years and Australia is the only country with more deaths during this span. 10 mots de plus

Ian Bagley

no one is alone...

« Sometimes people leave you, halfway through the woods. Do not let it grieve you, no one leaves for good. You are not alone… No one is alone… » 650 mots de plus


Trying To Organize A Marathon, An Arab-Israeli Woman Runs Into Opposition

Conservatives in Tira pushed back hard at the idea of women and men running together in a public race. Someone went so far as to shoot at race organizer Haneen Radi’s car. 16 mots de plus

Ian Bagley