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For the last while I’be been working with a super talented team through Shot in the Dark Film Productions to begin the creation process of what we hope will eventually evolve into a « Northern Tails » children’s web series, populated completely with puppets.   171 mots de plus


The Greatest Woman on Two Wheels?

A couple of weeks ago the Nottingham Women’s Centre asked me to take a group of women out to the theatre. Of course I jumped at the idea – a free day out and a chance to fill out my schedule, right? 474 mots de plus


It’s a Wonderful bleedin’ Life - Bewley's Cafe Theatre - Review

It’s a Wonderful bleedin’ Life – Bewley’s Cafe Theatre – Review by Frank  L.

PERFORMED by Stephen Kelly and Gerard Byrne… 288 mots de plus


Youth and the Triple Threat

The opportunity to see how Elmira youth are encouraged by community and family at Roots and Wings, which is hosted at the Community Arts of Elmira, was just what I was searching for in the community. 614 mots de plus

Art*** (National Theatre, Olivier)

A plump teenage girl of mixed race, harassed by battling parents and bullied at school, creates an alter ego that is white and has flowing blond hair and a Kate Moss figure. 369 mots de plus


My Brain is Plastic

Last month I travelled to Watson Lake with a very talented group of artists and performers to present Whitehorse Independent Theatre‘s My Brain is Plastic.   57 mots de plus


The Miniaturists

You might think that The Miniaturists are a special movement of teeny, tiny people. But you’d be wrong. Nope, this group are mainly of average height and are the kingpins of SHORT-form plays.

15 November 2015

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