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The Doppel Gang*** (Tristan Bates Theatre)

They say that humour often does not travel well, but perhaps it time travels even worse. Who, in 2017,  finds Charlie Chaplin funny? Or the Marx Brothers? 405 mots de plus


A fresh start

Two days ago, the 17th of January 2017, I finally watched the film ‘La La Land’, after much anticipation the week prior, and decided that I would start a blog. 447 mots de plus


Inside the Internship: Summer at the Saugatuck Center of the Arts

By Rachael Vruggink

You don’t know what busy is until you accept an internship with an organization that does most of its programming in the summer. 671 mots de plus


Theatre review: Surreal magic of Fortune Falls keeps audience guessing

Fortune Falls is a pretty little town, based on a single occupation.

Pretty much everybody works for the Mercey Chocolate Company. « I put my faith in Mercey, for Mercey will provide, » its townsfolk sing, in earnest prayer. 807 mots de plus


Reflective Journal: Observation of a rehearsal process for Fahrenheit 451, led by Director David Glass, East 15 Acting School, 27 Oct 2016

I had the privilege of being invited to observe David Glass’s Fahrenheit 451 rehearsal with the students from the BA Physical Theatre department of the East 15 Acting School Southend-on-sea campus. 637 mots de plus