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Paper Body | Nina Boas | Das Theater Amsterdam | 2, 3 & 5 June

Paper Body
Nina Boas

How can we exist within this world of matter, experience and connections, and find our place?
I draw two figures on a white sheet of paper; I sculpt their movements carefully and they morph into a rock and an electric water boiler. 168 mots de plus


Agent Zero

Here is the first draft to the first full length play that I ever finished. It has two different names that I’m toying around with. The first being  314 mots de plus

Thursday Favourites: Sea, Sea and See

I’m doing things a little bit differently this week, and writing my Friday Favs today…Thursday. Because that’s just how I roll…

This is because I’ll be posting a review tomorrow, of one of the things in my favourites from this week. 314 mots de plus


Review – The End, Phone Box Theatre Company, University of Northampton Flash Festival, St. Peter’s Church, Northampton, 19th May 2016

Not inappropriately, The End was the last of the Flash Festival plays I saw this year. Not only the end of my Flash experience – which had been thoroughly enjoyable – but also the end (probably) of everyone’s experience unless we all followed our instructions and made it to the safe zone. 844 mots de plus

Chris Sparkle

Lavinia: what's in a name? Lots


Created and performed by Jon Lachlan Stewart

Uno Fest, Metro Studio, Victoria

May 25 to 26, 2016

The references to Shakespeare’s women in this compelling drama, created by quick-change artist Jon Lachlan Stewart, are simply the underpinning to the contemporary issues the show raises.  393 mots de plus


If The First Ten Times You Don't Succeed...

Listen folks, I have bombed a lot of auditions.

It’s not fun.

I get so stoked for a certain role, I practice my butt off the week of the audition, and then I walk out in front of the directors ready to wow them and… 1 162 mots de plus


Thon Man Moliere (Lyceum: 20 May - 11 June '16)

« Siobhan Redmond as Madeleine and Jimmy Chisholm as Molière are perfectly, affectionately, matched. »

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars  Outstanding

In February 1662 Louis XIV sent flowers on the occasion of the marriage of Molière (40) to the seventeen year old Menou (Armande) Béjart. 602 mots de plus