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Wilms Piano Quartet, Classic Conversations, ZIP Codes

My review of CPO 555 247-2 (Wilms – Two Piano Quartets – Valentin Klavierquartett) has been posted to MusicWeb International:


Johann Wilhelm Wilms was a late-Classical composer; on the evidence of these quartets, his music shares aesthetic and stylistic traits with late Mozart and with Beethoven. 1 163 mots de plus


Wheelie Stagey Talks Theatre: Bristol Old Vic's Messiah (Bristol Old Vic At Home Stream)

On Friday 29th May, Bristol Old Vic launched their new streaming platform: Bristol Old Vic At Home , showcasing a programme featuring some of their groundbreaking and most exciting work, streaming live to Youtube every Friday for audiences to enjoy whilst we are adapting to the new sense of normality brought about by the pandemic. 748 mots de plus

Stagey Musings

Florence III: Opening Night

New Generation Festival- Night I

I choose to get my outfit ready for tonight’s festival prior to taking a nap and while ironing my dress for the occasion I find that a corner of one of my straps is loosening. 715 mots de plus


Theatre Eulogy: While the Stages are Empty

Theatre is a fickle lover, sometimes throwing you into the spotlight, other times shunning you from its gaze, shoving you into the depths of the wings to melt softly into obscurity. 810 mots de plus


Lockdown week 10

Welcome to Week 10 of the official Lockdown. Liesel and I had been isolating for a while beforehand but that seems a long time ago, now. 1 385 mots de plus


Broadway's "Moulin Rouge!" Closes After Method Acting Star Dies Of Consumption

The lights of Broadway have dimmed on this sad day, to mourn Karen Olivo, dedicated method actress and female lead in Moulin Rouge! who has tragically passed away due to self-inflicted tuberculosis. 261 mots de plus