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Remote Video Editing.

I have just completed my latest remote editing job.

I was given a 5 minute trailer for a theatre show and was asked to edit it down into 2 separate 30 second trailers. 212 mots de plus

Video Editing



Spotlites, Edinburgh

Unseen is a play about homelessness, and it’s clearly been meticulously researched. Holly (Ashley McLean, who also wrote and directed the piece) is homeless after losing her job and falling out with her friends; Maria (Lara Fabiani) is an old acquaintance, whose world-view is challenged by a jolt of recognition: someone she actually knows is huddled under a sleeping bag in the street. 221 mots de plus


Montague’s Song - An intimate Requiem for a lost Coventry violinist

We sing a story of the soldiers of The Somme

Of whom one from Coventry was named, Montague.


Theatre Absolute and Talking Birds present Montague’s Song, an intimate Requiem for Coventry violinist Montague Johnson, who was lost at the Battle of the Somme exactly 100 years to the hour of this performance. 202 mots de plus

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Kafka on the Shore

Ready to hear about the craziest novel I’ve ever read? Great! This week’s In My Opinion Review is on Kafka on The Shore by Haruki Murakami 915 mots de plus


NEWS: Beautiful: The Carole King Musical Extends to July 2017

Currently running at the Aldwych Theatre, the Olivier Award winning musical has confirmed that it is now booking in the West End until July 2017.  207 mots de plus

The Glass Menagerie

During my first year of university the student theatre company I did stuff with put on both A Streetcar Named Desire and The Glass Menagerie… 996 mots de plus


A Spider Lady for The Lazy Bee: Retrospection of implementation...

A Spider Lady for The Lazy Bee:
Retrospection of implementation of a Spider Lady for puppet spectacle The Lazy Bee of State Puppet Theatre Plovdiv, Bulgaria. 38 mots de plus

Clear Lake