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Should I Have Non-Christian Friends?

Dear Christian Sister,

I grew up in the public school system. Both of my parents are teachers and believe in public education. They are also both Christians. 636 mots de plus


WHAT IS SIN? [1131a]

It has been said that sin « is the transgression of the law » (A.V.), but elsewhere said that « sin is lawlessness ». Now, in context, sin is more likely to be « taking notice of law » and therefore also « taking into account any transgression of law ». 313 mots de plus


the largest of hidden people groups

Today this message is vital to the eternal destiny of not only ethnic children of Abraham, the Jews, but also that largest of hidden people groups, nominal Christians. 48 mots de plus


Downing - A Discourse of the State Ecclesiasticall of This Kingdome, in Relation to the Civill (1634)

Downing, Calubyte. A discourse of the state ecclesiasticall of this kingdome, in relation to the civill : considered under three conclusions (Oxford : Printed by William Turner, and are to be sold by Ed. 34 mots de plus

Sotheby's 1856

Awe of the Lord

Holy Trinity, Year C, June 16, 2019

Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31, Psalm 8, Romans 5:1-5, John 16:12-15

Preached by Pastor Anna C. Haugen, Chinook and Naselle Lutheran Churches, WA… 1 653 mots de plus

A Brief Review of the Unbelievable? Debate Between Andy Stanley and Jeff Durbin

The « Unbelievable? » broadcast with Justin Brierley recently hosted a debate between Christian pastors Andy Stanley and Jeff Durbin about how Christians should think of the Old Testament in their theology and in their apologetics. 826 mots de plus


The Ancient Enemies of Israel Have Entered Our Land -- Who are the Philistines?

Thank you for joining us today as we study the fourth part of our series.  We are looking at the ancient enemies of Israel, who and what they represent, and how these spirits are still relevant today in our nation and world. 614 mots de plus