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Why the Name: Ouagadougou?

I always loved the sound of the name Ouagadougou as it rolled off my tongue: it felt like a mouthful, but like a happy mouthful, the one you say with love: … 463 mots de plus

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Book Review: Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle by Thomas Sankara

This human being, this vast and complex combination of pain and joy; solitary and forsaken, yet creator of all humanity; suffering, frustrated, and humiliated, and yet endless source of happiness for each one of us; this source of courage; this being called weak, but possessing untold ability to inspire us to take the road of honor; this being, women, is you!

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Book Review

Thomas Sankara’s legacy

When Sankara, along with his colleagues took power on August 4, 1983, there was great doubt within the Council of the Revolution as to what type of attitude would meet the new regime. 913 mots de plus


Burkina in Revolt

By David Michael Newstead.

Ernest Harsch’s latest book is a political history of Burkina Faso from the colonial era up to the present. It’s marked by dramatic events and missed opportunities that could serve as a microcosm for a story replicated across Africa. 2 171 mots de plus

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Thomas Sankara at the UN

Thomas Sankara speech at the United Nations General Assembly on October 4th, 1984:
« I speak on behalf of the millions of human beings who are in ghettos because they have black skin or because they come from different cultures, and who enjoy status barely above that of an animal. 1 075 mots de plus


African Women and Revolution

Very often history books suffer from amnesia: they forget women’s contributions to revolutions. History acts as if the men had been all alone, as if only men were there, as if only men stood against injustice. 478 mots de plus

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Thomas Sankara in His Own Words

If you take a walk around Ouagadougou and make a list of the mansions you see, you will note that they belong to just a minority. 603 mots de plus

Great Moments