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Où Pour Toujours l'Injustice Perd Ses Quartiers: Due Process And Revolutionary Burkina Faso

To head off the « DID NOTHING WRONG » crowd and just because Westerners tend to be woefully misinformed, let’s start with describing Burkina Faso under the revolutionary government of President Thomas Sankara and why despite its brief existence of four years it accomplished more than most other attempts at socialism, throughout the globe and history, ever have. 1 566 mots de plus


Thomas Sankara - Burkina Faso's president of the poor

While discussing the greatest and most successful revolutionaries in history, Che Guevara, Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro are names that spring to mind for most people. 621 mots de plus


In the shadow of Thomas Sankara

Why Burkina Faso’s revolutionary president still matters

Under the full moon glow in the warm Ouagadougou night, to the thud of ominous beats, the Congolese rapper strode onto the stage, declaring, « I may be from Congo Brazzaville but tonight, on the anniversary of the death of Thomas Sankara we are all Burkinabe ». 1 140 mots de plus


Fidel Castro’s ‘moral armour’ and courage under fire

In one of the videos of Fidel Castro that have been circulating since the revolutionary leader’s death, a reporter is accompanying Fidel on the plane trip to New York, where he is due to speak to the United Nations. 1 614 mots de plus

Class Struggle

Debunking the myth: Young people are the leaders of tomorrow

This piece is inspired by the questions I received in response to my previous article which can be found (here). Most questions were centered on how the young generation can solve this leadership deficit on the continent and in Zimbabwe in particular. 1 110 mots de plus


Burkina Faso has foiled a coup plot by forces loyal to ousted President Blaise Compaore, the interior minster says.

At least 10 of the plotters had been arrested, but the top suspects were still on the run, the minister said. 191 mots de plus