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L'Intérêt de l'usure*

Discours de Thomas Sankara sur la dette des pays africains, Addis-Abeba le 29 juillet 1987

C’est pourquoi je voudrais proposer Monsieur le Président, que nous établissions un barème de sanctions.

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Thomas Sankara, a true African leader

I don’t really want to talk politics on my blog but then when you air your views on migrants or even about black hair you are already being political so why not go all the way! 925 mots de plus


Thomas Sankara, the African Che

I discovered Thomas Sankara this week when his name popped up on my Twitter feed on the anniversary of his death. Curious I googled him and ended up watching The Upright Man documentary on Bukina Faso’s former president and his 1987 speech on debt. 1 378 mots de plus

Happy birthday, AbamiEda.

Happy transit day, African Che.

One, a musician, the other, a soldier.

One, a polygamist, the other banned polygamy.

One, an alleged misogynist, the other, a gender… 336 mots de plus


Thomas Sankara's Speech at the United Nations / Discours de Thomas Sankara aux Nations Unies

On October 4th, 1984, Thomas Sankara addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations. It was a historical speech, as only he, the great orator, could speak. 801 mots de plus

Great Moments

‘Debt is a cleverly managed reconquest of Africa’ – Thomas Sankara

A week before he died, Sankara said, “revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, but you cannot kill ideas”. And so, for us today, the final challenge rests not in finding more Sankaras, but in becoming them – in bringing these ideas to life… 1 864 mots de plus

The Jewish Problem

"Misfortune to those who gag the people!" / "Malheur à ceux qui baîllonnent le people!"

This is what Thomas Sankara uttered on April 21, 1982 in opposition to the regime’s anti-labor drift: « Misfortune to those who gag the people… 252 mots de plus

Great Moments