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The Calligraphy of Gratitude

Note: This is an update from a 2017 piece on the topic of being thankful, sharing again under the guise of Thanksgiving!

In my last office kitchen there was a microwave. 397 mots de plus


The Uncertainties of the Soon to be College Graduate

The closer I get to graduation day the more apprehensive I become. Knowing gives me power, it’s the ability for me to construct my own perfect narrative. 89 mots de plus


19112018: Water Dream

Date: 19 November 2018
Bed time: 1241hrs
Waking: 0238hrs


I was in some kind of mall, higher than the first level (could’ve been second or third). 652 mots de plus


Belief System


Principles that define and redefine  

People and who they are 

In their hearts and minds 

And what makes up their existence 

Along with their life purpose  524 mots de plus



There are three things that separate us in this life:

Our minds, our bodies and our experiences.

They all create a life.

They are all connected to each other. 160 mots de plus


First Frost

This morning saw the first frost of the year, at least as far as my own experience goes. Not in my neighbourhood – central Paris rarely sees frost at all. 486 mots de plus