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Book Review: Museum Attack: A Layne Parrish Spy Thriller by Jim Heskett


Museum Attack: A Layne Parrish Spy Thriller

This is a short novella (I read it in one sitting), full of action and tense moments. 225 mots de plus


Book Review: Shadow Soldiers: A Layne Parrish Spy Thriller by Jim Heskett

Five Stars

Shadows Soldiers: A Layne Parrish Spy Thriller

(a Kindle Scout Winner)

Layne Parrish made his first appearance in a Micah Reed novel. I was hooked on Micah Reed from the very first book I read in the series. 341 mots de plus


Lonely Teen Learning

Years pass.

The same thing, every day.

Day in, day out.

Same thing, same time.

Sometimes they’d add something, but it only lasted a few seconds. 519 mots de plus

Short Story

The Serial - Part#1

« Three victims in a week! » Capt. Sholt declared from under his dense mustache, looking at the three photos pinned to a large board. The board shook a little as he banged his palm against it. 2 446 mots de plus


Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

Writer: Gillian Flynn
Genre: Mystery/crime
Released: 2009
Blurb: Libby Day was seven when her mother and two sisters were murdered in “The Satan Sacrifice » of Kinnakee, Kansas. 697 mots de plus


New Movie Releases - UK (20th - 26th March 2018)

With the arrival of a new week also comes the arrival of new movies. Below you can find a list of all (well most) new, major movies being released between 20th – 26th March 2018. 95 mots de plus


Solstice's Oscar Watch 2018

Bagi yang belum tahu, pemilik blog ini (alias saya) adalah seorang mahasiswa tua yang sedang diteror skripsi, dan bentuk hiburan utamanya adalah nonton dan baca novel. 1 763 mots de plus