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Review: Wild Side (1995)

« I take offence to that, the rape of my protégé. You know what you get for rape? 10 years in a cell with a gorilla! 323 mots de plus


Making a Packet

Emma’s fingers curled around the mug of coffee, her knuckles white despite its heat. The Ikea kitchen clock hanging on the wall opposite ticked loudly, almost accusingly. 1 126 mots de plus

Flash Fiction

11.05 Murders by Brian O'Hare (Book Review #113)

This is indeed a crime tale consisting of a rape that happened 12 years ago and three murders conducted all at the same time, 11.05. 71 mots de plus

Book Review

Split (2016) - usa

Split – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Three girls are taken and locked away by multiple kidnappers that are all the same person.

Great movie. Drew me in to the story and I found myself ever talking to myself with the « don’t go in there » type things.

4/5 stars


Raven's Run 137

Now their eyes were weary, glazed, and often drunken. They sat together in national groups; Americans, or British, or Germans seeking the familiarity of their own kind. 488 mots de plus


58. Power Station Arrival: Part two

After we went through another gate, we parked the car and were immediately swarmed by medical staff, who ushered us into a nearby tent. Charlie and I were taken away from Ayako and Risa, who protested vehemently. 485 mots de plus

Movie Review: DEAD WEST

RLJ Entertainment

A charismatic serial killer embarks on a murderous cross-country road trip in search of true love. Along the way he meets and kills several women whom he deems unworthy, eluding capture from the authorities by moving from one town to the next. 620 mots de plus

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