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H. G. Well in Thigh Boots

H. G. Wells lived in Essex, not Bath, but he did visit here in 1920 while having an affair with feminist icon and fellow eugenicist Margaret Sanger. 1 279 mots de plus

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Scientology Threatened 'Every Distributor' Of 'Going Clear' On The International Market

The Scientology documentary, Going Clear, opened the eyes of thousands of viewers who tuned into HBO’s gutsy broadcast. This has been a long time coming. 440 mots de plus

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And There Came Four Patriotic Movies

I woke up this morning, this 4th of July, proud of a great many things about this country – especially proud of a number of developments over the past 10 days. 437 mots de plus


These 'Top Gun' Parodies Will Take You Straight Into The Danger Zone

Movie executives — and maybe Kenny Loggins — have been salivating for a Top Gun sequel ever since it soared (pun very intended) to the top of the box office in 1986. 738 mots de plus

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What we can learn about prenups from the Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner divorce

Earlier this week, the world learned that beloved Hollywood couple Jennifer Garner, 43, and Ben Affleck, 42, have decided to split—ten years and one day after their wedding. 671 mots de plus