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The Makers Of 'Preacher' Explain That Blowing Up Tom Cruise Was A Compliment

Few people could make blowing someone up from the inside out a compliment, and Seth Rogen is one of those people. The most buzzed-about joke since… 461 mots de plus


Happy 20th to Mission: Impossible (1996)

It’s been 20 years since the Brain De Palma directed classic hit the screens and spawned a franchise that just keeps getting better.

We’re all familiar with that very first note of the fantastically wonderful theme tune of the  276 mots de plus


This Won't Self Destruct in Five Seconds

James Bond is iconic and charming. Jason Bourne is intense and dark. Maxwell Smart is hysterical and classic. Jack Ryan is realistic and also intense. But there is another that holds the key to my cinematic espionage loving heart…Ethan Hunt. 1 014 mots de plus


20 Years Of The Impossible Mission Force!

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Tom Cruise’ epic spy espionage Thriller Mission: Impossible, and what better way to celebrate then talk about some of my favourite moments from all five missions. 1 690 mots de plus

Sunday Chillday

In defence of Tom Cruise - the world's least-popular best-loved actor

Tom Cruise is a fascinating study in popularity. He is one of the most enduring and highest-grossing actors in cinema history and continues to bring in the big bucks after four decades in the business, and yet if you ask most people what they think of him, you’re likely to get an answer like this: 250 mots de plus

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#MayBookPrompts Challenge: Day 21

Challenge: And Then There Were None

I’m quite comfortable in bed with Tom Cruise in Ghost Protocol (that blue suit is LIFE!) but then shoot! I can’t believe I forgot to post today’s challenge! 231 mots de plus