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Never Go Back (a book review)

With the Tom Cruise movie coming out based on this book, I thought it would be worth reviewing for your reading pleasure. Or possible displeasure (just letting you know that up front). 677 mots de plus


Andrea Jaffe Dies: Former PR Powerhouse And Studio Exec Was 66

Andrea Jaffe, a prominent publicist in the 1980s who later became a studio executive and was herself a member of one of Hollywood’s most storied dynasties, died today in Wilmington, North Carolina after a lengthy battle with illness. 195 mots de plus


A favorite villain

DAY 24

I don’t normally root for the bad guys, but when I do, they are the ones who pull off their role rather convincingly.  53 mots de plus


A favorite character from any movie

DAY 23

Tom Cruise in Collateral (2004)

Shah Rukh Khan in My Name Is Khan (2002)


Paramount Pictures, Stop Disrespecting Tom Cruise & Pay Him!

Can anybody explain to me how Paramount Pictures can dump an unlimited amount of money at Michael Bay’s feet, just for him to direct another Transformers film? 408 mots de plus


In Memoriam: VHS and the Philosophical Rewind

On September 15th, 1830, William Huskisson died because the world sped up and he didn’t notice.

Poor bastard.  Huskisson, a man whose chief talents apparently lay in a facility with the French language and inheriting great sums of money, dove into British politics after witnessing the dawn of the French revolution as a young man. 909 mots de plus

Trailer Of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Based on the famous novels by Lee Child, Jack Reacher which starred Tom Cruise was quite gritty and took audiences by surprise, since it wasn’t the usual Tom Cruise blockbuster a la the… 147 mots de plus

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