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How important is Mobile Email in the Email Marketing?

With the technology increase everyone use cellphone to check emails in the daily life.

The data shows that people will check their phone 150 times a day and mostly they just use cellphone to check emails. 375 mots de plus

Digital Marketing

Interview Outfit

Today was the day I had my interview for I feel that the interview went well, we chatted and spoke about things non related to the role, so fingers crossed that something good comes of it! 87 mots de plus


Back to basic

We all need to pause, stop everything and step back from the chaos.

Go back to our basics.

The outfit I have put together helps me to obtain a minimal state of mind, where only the essentials are required. 37 mots de plus


April Showers

The clocks have gone forward, the daffodils are in full bloom and Summer is on its way but it’s still not quite warm enough to start bearing any skin, in fact it’s still pretty damn interchangeable out there. 290 mots de plus

Men's Fashion

Always on Top

Today, came one of the most highly anticipated days of the century. For two weeks, my body went through a vigorous diet of Doritos , Saltine Crackers, Burger King Whoppers and Red Bulls. 732 mots de plus

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Fashion Friday - Spring Edition

The sun is out, flowers are in bloom and the Easter Bunny is just around the corner … which means Spring is here! Nothing makes us happier than sunglasses and sundresses, and the good news for Houston fashionistas this Spring is the newest addition to the Galleria family –  169 mots de plus


Topman - Who you calling lightweight?!

Subject line: Who you calling lightweight?!