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GENUS Project – Genus Bento head – Mocap (BETA Version)

Atelier Pepe – Jin Ae – Genus (Moonbeam) @Au Lovely 10 September – 24 September… 62 mots de plus

The Griffins limited edition Cigar "Casino 2013" Toro!

Lovely journey and thinking of review this beautiful Cigar. Here is a picture of the limited edition stick. I’m sure that I will review it for, let here know as soon as possible.

Cigar Pictures

La Flor De Dominicana, Airbender Toro 👉💯👈😁

This cigar is not for nothing high rankings in the Cigar World. This is what you must treasure, in the way that if you are in the position to buy a box, you must have a strong willing to smoke maximum 1 a week. 72 mots de plus

Cigar Pictures

A young toro

My friends always tell me that I live mostly to enjoy the summer. It is possibly true, nothing brings me closer to happiness than these careless weeks spent between Galicia and Mallorca. 161 mots de plus