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Ave Maria Divinia

Another Ave Maria, this time the DIvinia, that makes the third Ave Maria review this month and the final one but that doesn’t mean I reviewed all Ave Maria cigars, there are more out there still like the Argentum and the Immaculata that I still hope to try some day. 308 mots de plus


Outer Peace: Quick like silver

Credit where credit is due and Chaz Bundick earns his by leaving us flabbergasted to what he will do.

His interests are blistering—percolating on the thermometer’s edge—he rushes, thrushes, brushes past electric cool jazz, lo-fi rock, DIY funk and now nu-disco in torrid pace. 989 mots de plus

Music Commentary


From Verona we went straight to Milan, the city full of history and full of stores. The first thing we did, unfortunately for me, was to visit the Duomo and its roof. 180 mots de plus


Non Plus Ultra Maduro Toro

Non Plus Ultra, as far as I know this cigar was only sold in The Netherlands and it was a private label for the Non Plus Ultra Cigar Shop in Den Bosch, which is now called Van Dalen but still owned by the same owner who’s also a distributor and owner of Van Dalen Cigars in Rotterdam and Cigaragua in Amsterdam. 277 mots de plus

Nicaraguan Cigars

glamping we go...

Cramming as much of comfort stuff that Dena and I thought we would need I gave her directions to one of the most gorgeous places I have seen the Smoky Mountains that borders on Tennessee and North Carolina ~ we were really lucky the National Forest was letting us spend a couple of nights as the temperature was mild and the snow forecast for the next couple days was absolutely nil ~ as you can see Dena and myself set up camper and if the weather gets bad we can always hop in our comfy travel trailer to get us comfy…Dena did most of the work setting up as I struggled with the tent ~ you can just see behind us the peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains ~ choosing a perfect spot just in front of the Tennessee streams where the fishing is amazing.  238 mots de plus


Artnotes: Lo and Behold

Modenese Toro Laurie Fox Pessemier Acrylic/newspaper 17 x 25″ 41 x 63cm

If I don’t
write down what I do every day, I forget.
We have been really good about painting every day this month, and… 466 mots de plus