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This story appears in Gary Lloyd’s book, Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down SouthGet it here.

I was legitimately terrified.

It was my first summer job, and I was ill-prepared. 899 mots de plus

Gary Lloyd

Tambo Churchill

Indonesia has a long tobacco history. But most of the tobacco is used for dry-cured shortfillers. Premium cigars are scarce, yet there are a few brands out there. 398 mots de plus


The Way It Was

Got to take a pic with my new roomie the other night! Thank you Carol for posing with me bb! <3

Carol’s Blog Here! | … 107 mots de plus


How Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Ended Was Super Important To Guillermo del Toro

4 hours ago SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Scary Stories To Tell IN The Dark. If you have not yet seen the film, you may want to bookmark this article and save it until after your screening. 19 mots de plus


Guillermo Del Toro Calls His Pinocchio A 'Brutalist Fable'

2 hours ago Guillermo del Toro is one of the finest directors alive. Responsible for hits such as the dark, inky-backdropped Crimson Peak, the brilliant, atmospheric Pan’s Labyrinth, and the phenomenal, Ron Perlman-led Hellboy movies, del Toro has cemented himself as a master of the macabre and a stunningly talented storyteller to boot. 6 mots de plus


Wino na weekend - Carodorum Roble Toro 2017

Czego by nie powiedzieć popularność win z DO Toro rośnie. Ten region znany jest nie tylko z mocnych, solidnych i długowiecznych win, ale też z zamiłowania do odrębności. 246 mots de plus