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Six Things You'll Quickly Learn About Myanmar

1. Men wear skirts: called Longyi, most men wear this traditional clothing in the cities and the villages. It is one place where western clothing ideals haven’t overrun the local style. 426 mots de plus


Lets Explore The Tribal States of India


In INDIA there are certain states in India where the number of tribal  population is much more than that of the other states. Due to the presence of these tribes India has receive various flavors and the tribal people are the real treasures of our countries. 688 mots de plus


Keeping Family Traditions!

I love, love, love all things Mexican. Really I do!

This month is my Father’s 60th Birthday, so we planned him a surprise Birthday party at an old school Mexican restaurant in East L.A. 1 173 mots de plus

Transition of Locksmith Tradition Age to Modern Age

In olden times, specialized locksmiths have been implicated in the design, improvement and make up of locks and their particular keys and job orders could range consist of personal locks, residential security locks, vehicle locking systems and most important locking solutions for big organizations. 273 mots de plus


Indian traditional dresses of different states…

It is amazing to see, that within the country there is a diversification of fashion and clothing which could be due to the weather condition and culture of the society. 2 635 mots de plus