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One of the worst songs in history was penned
by a man named Rod Stewart in the year I
was born – 1979. I’m thirty- 28 mots de plus


[NB] Tradition is Always Plural

I guess I’m still chewing on the tradition and appropriation bone, but there is one more reason that I am suspicious of people getting up in arms about appropriating ‘traditions’ on the internet. 505 mots de plus

Rethinking Old Ideas

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: « Change. »

This week, show us a change in progress. This can be done in one or multiple photos — we’ll let you decide!

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Photo Challenge

Weaves are the talk of the day

At the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, an exhibition of Indian history is being shown through its textiles – The Fabric of India. In India too, at the Amazon Fashion Week, being held in New Delhi, … 500 mots de plus

cookies = love

When Thing 1 was a little girl she loved all things chocolate.

Nabisco began to make seasonally themed Oreos, which presented my mom the opportunity to foster this chocolate love by sending Thing 1 a package of colorful Oreos. 200 mots de plus


Healing Bone Broth

1 Qt Mason Jar for Storage Utilizing every part of the chicken

(Recipe derived (and slightly altered) from Nourishing Traditions)


1 Whole, Thawed Chicken (Support your neighborhood farmers! 594 mots de plus

Bone Broth

Chill at home pack

Chill at home pack by aynb featuring Desigual

Embroidered top
470 NOK –

Birkenstock shoes
1.060 NOK –

Bead necklace
650 NOK –… 36 mots de plus