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Utensil Museum Ahmedabad : Pots , Pans and More !

Dowry Boxes

I have been to a few off beat museums like the Railway museum in  Mysore , the Melody Wax Museum in  Mysore , the Drift Wood Museum in Kumarakoram ( Kerala ) , etc but of all  these ‘ lesser known museums’ the one that amused me the most was the Utensil Museum  in Ahmedabad , Gujarat. 182 mots de plus


Science of Superstitions - 16 Popular Myths you need to interpret!

With time, we tend to get rid of everything that seems to be outdated, be it our clothes, hairdo or vocabulary. Does this habit ever strike a chord in your mind that some beliefs or rather superstitions do lose their very essence with years? 1 140 mots de plus

Food For Thought

name origins

Las Siete Marias:
I am one who grows in a favored eye.
In a wilderness of ancient wood, I
thrive under the shade of more than one… 557 mots de plus


Fr. 657

Does Stout count too much on the possibility of transformation with regards to the person’s moral language and, by extension, identity? In the way of skepticism, we need only cite such cases as empirical research into decision-making and reason-giving as well as critical examinations of the role of traditions, religious or otherwise. 749 mots de plus


'Roving rabbis' spread across Montana on kosher mission

HELENA, Mont. – Two young Orthodox rabbis have traded their studies in Brooklyn for the back roads of Montana, where they are teaching the far-flung faithful how to keep kosher in Big Sky Country. 692 mots de plus


1000 Paper Cranes and 1 Big Wish

Photo by Dominique Bader Photography

Long before we got engaged, Alex and I had a fabulous long weekend in Oxford, and got pleasantly smashed in a not-too-trendy ale bar. 579 mots de plus