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Holly Jolly Holiday Tag v1 - Blogmas 12/1

Today is December first, so here is my first Blogmas post. Wish me luck (and be prepared to get sick of seeing me in your feed because I’m gonna be there all month. 1 172 mots de plus


Elf on the Shelf!

For the first time this year we have actual elves staying with us. we usually have invisible ones that forget to make their presence known, but this year we are embracing this Elf on the Shelf thing with gusto! 89 mots de plus

Family Life

Μεξικάνικο Μάμπο

uno, dos, tres, quatro, cito sei, sette, otto, Mambo! Hu!

Μεξικό, μια μακρινή χώρα της Νότιας Αμερικής. Οι περισσότεροι από μας ποτέ δεν θα πάνε… Όμως η έννοια της χώρας αυτής καθώς είναι συνυφασμένη με πολλά πράγματα είναι τόσο οικεία… Πρώτα πρώτα το φαγητό: πίττες (tortillas – quesasillas), καυτερά μπέργκερς. 25 mots de plus


Advent Calendar Day 1: Opening the first door

Opening the first door

As far back as my memory reaches, there has been a nice Advent Calendar to make the wait before Christmas more bearable. 474 mots de plus

The Past

Christmas Post #1 : My Advent Calendar

My Advent Calendar became a tradition for more than 20 years. Every Winter, my grand parents used to prepare my advent calendar. Years ago, the built a wooden sled, and put 24 mini boxes on the top. 165 mots de plus


December 1, 2015

Cutting down a tree
Dragging it into the house
Decorating it

Lights, baubles, tinsel
Christmas tradition, of course
It’s still a bit strange


Advent Calendars

Since I’ve been so behind lately on updating this blog, I decided that I’d make up for it all in one chunk. So, for the next 24 days, I’ll be putting up one post a day about something Christmassy – sort of like an Advent calendar, but with less chocolate and more words. 248 mots de plus