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Letter from the Editor: Tradition and Progress

Time moves societies forward relentlessly. In a way, progress is inevitable. Things will always change, but it is up to a society to ensure that the changes are for the better. 374 mots de plus

Letter From The Editor

Katamama: Bali's Modern Day Canung Sari?

In Balinese tradition, balance is of immense importance. Finding an equilibrium between the self, the environment and the celestial world remains paramount. The concept is visualised through the Canung Sari, a handcrafted daily offering filled with natural gifts and designed to show appreciation to the gods through the sacrifice made in its creation. 511 mots de plus


Alabama Christmas

One of my favorite things to do every year is listen to Alabama’s Christmas CD. I love that Album so much. It is one I always remember being played during Christmas at my parent’s house growing up and the first one I would sneak out of the box early and start listening to it before Thanksgiving. 31 mots de plus


Two Girl Scouts. Two US Navy Cryptologists. A Century Apart.

PO2 Sean Rerek Pittman is a current sailor and cryptologist in the US Navy. A few days ago she met CPO Dorothy Jones, sailor and cryptologist in the US Navy … in the early 20th century! 258 mots de plus

Girl Scouts

Leavenworth, WA - Favorite Holiday Destination (Day 5 of my 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge)

I am a total sucker for a white Christmas, and here in Washington, those are very few and far between. So, that leaves it up to me to go out and find the snow and feeling of Christmas magic on my own! 575 mots de plus

Best Of The Pacific Northwest

Ready or Not, Here it Comes

No matter how much I dread it, Christmas comes every year, like it or not. For years as a child, I was sick every Christmas. I recall coughing all night every night for weeks before the holiday and a while after. 644 mots de plus

Working It Out

24 Days of Christmas - Christmas Traditions

I am not really someone who has a lot of Christmas traditions – I think this is because we go away most years that everything is different and that’s what i enjoy. 192 mots de plus