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Tet 2016

It’s finally that time of the year again! Being a Vietnamese is great, since you get to celebrate new year twice. This has been our tradition since birth — we celebrate Tet according to the lunar calendar. 80 mots de plus


Xīn Nián Kuài Lè!

Happy Chinese New Year loves!

For those of you who are unaware, China and other parts of Asia celebrate the Lunar Calendar and today is… 251 mots de plus

African and European Traditions and Values

Image Source: Wikipedia

One of the more interesting aspects of this film, for me, was the way some of the characters represented the hybridization of African and European traditions and values. 618 mots de plus


Tea and Rice Wine by minghphotography

Happy Chinese New Year! The new year is opened with an all-vegetable dish. I asked my mother why this is. She doesn’t know, lol.

From 500px… 6 mots de plus


Poem: 'Jewelled Disguise'

Painted lips and kohl lined eyes

Henna covered hands, a jewelled disguise

In a bride’s body, a young girl sighs.

Random scribbling, not very heavily revised or edited, inspired by a (don’t worry, happy!) wedding I attended in India. 7 mots de plus

Creative Writing

Recovering the Gospel from Patriarchal Theology

What is “the gospel”? In other words, what is the “Good News about Jesus” that Christians are encouraged to embrace and share with a fallen world? 2 316 mots de plus


Shining Lights

Some time ago, I was curious about the Great Awakenings – the period of revivals that swept through America a long time ago. I learned that in the midst of revival, the churches fell into conflict. 1 192 mots de plus