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The Moonlit Time Machine

A family of travellers had tuned me to resonate with the beats of a running rail. Well, every December trips were no longer much of a surprise after 14 years of consistency but « Thank You sooo much Papa » had always worked wonders with the Man of our family. 859 mots de plus


#quiboloyproblems: Trinity was an invention of an evil man, Athanasius!

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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy told in his TV channel that the Holy Trinity was an invention of Pope Athanasius. He called the Pope Saint as evil an by the devil. 234 mots de plus


Why go to German Immersion Night? The Last Tuesday of the Month - Sanford, FL

Sprechen sie Deutsch? Lots of people want to improve their German language skills but have no way to practice. At our German Immersion Night, once a month, we are providing a fun and festive environment for learning German speakers to socialize with other Germanophiles while enjoying German food and beverage. 564 mots de plus

German Traditions

Ground Nuts, Goober Peas and Peanut Butter: A History of our Favourite Spread

Aah peanut butter.  Where would we be without you?  From peanut butter on toast for breakfast, to peanut butter sandwiches for lunch to ants-on-a-log for snack, we are a generation raised on the gooey, nutty spread.   797 mots de plus

The Incarnation and the One Ring

Happy Ring Destruction Day!

That’s right, Tolkien fans. Tomorrow, the 25th of March, is the anniversary of the day when, mumbleteen thousand years ago, Frodo, Sam, and Gollum entered Mount Doom to pitch the One Ring into the fire below. 1 010 mots de plus

The Church

Beauty, the Beast & The Whole Fam Damily

Today we went to see the new Beauty & The Beast with my parents and 2 cousins.  It was fantastic and beautifully done.  I couldn’t help but be nostalgic sitting with my mom, dad and daughter, watching a movie I grew up on (in a different format).   21 mots de plus


Upholding the meaning of my first name

Swazi first names are drenched in meaning, telling a story about their family, birth, or hopes for the child. I have come to love this because American names sometimes come from relatives but usually come down to being liked by both parents or are creatively constructed so there are no other children with the same name. 355 mots de plus

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