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Cee's Which Way Challenge

On Friday’s Cee challenges bloggers to post photos that depict ways, paths, roads, taken and not.

At the Grand Mosque in Pekanbar.u, Indonesia 8 mots de plus

Blogging Challenge

Going to the chapel......

Our house is right across the road from a church. It is not a church that I attend (I don’t go to church, as a rule) but I have seen the inside of this one as I attended a wedding ceremony there a couple of years ago. 598 mots de plus

The Myth of the Mountain King

The king in the mountain is one of the great archetypal myths. In most versions a king who presided over a past golden age is said to have retreated with his warriors into a mountain cave where he waits, sleeping but not dead, one day to return. 840 mots de plus


Villa Duchesne / City House Alumnae Mass 2018

     For most of human history, our ancient ancestors explained the phenomenon of the universe through mythology. It wasn’t until the Pre-Socratic thinkers of the 6th century BCE that our ancestors began to try and rationally explain these phenomenon and the precursors to our modern schools was founded. 828 mots de plus




Kulirootapatta ice pettigalil irundhu vidha vidhamana packugalil adaikkapatta colour colour cornetto-galayum,cup ice-galayum,casatta-galayum sàapidum indraya thalai muraikku theriyamal irukalaam ,gramaththu saalaigalil « ting ting » Mani adiththu kondum « paam paam » horn amukki kondum ,cycle-galil theru theruvaai valam varum ice vandigalin arumai pattri.!! 227 mots de plus

Spiritual vs Religious

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S (Scripture): Psalm 51


Lord, open my lips,

and my mouth will proclaim your praise.


You don’t want sacrifices.

If I gave an entirely burned offering, 601 mots de plus

Digging Daily

The Benedict Option Part Two

Part One

The Benedict Option (Source: Penguin Random House

Hello and welcome again to the blog! In February we discussed chapters 1-4 of… 2 660 mots de plus

Benedict Option