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The NT - Ignorant or Complicit?

The National Trust – a truly British institution, a bastion of correct thinking, protector and manager of our heritage both natural and man made. Or perhaps something a little more sinister? 1 267 mots de plus


Traditional Hmong Batik, Laos

The Hmong are an important ethnicity in Laos, specifically in Luang Prabang. Originally coming from the plains of Tibet and Mongolia, they introduced their specific dyeing technic in Laos: the Hmong batik. 259 mots de plus


Tradition and Change

One of the biggest tensions that I feel in the Church (and elsewhere, really) is between tradition and change (I was tempted to use progression partially because “tradition” and “progression” sound nice together, but also showing my bias toward change. 761 mots de plus

Mini Manifestos


Today’s colourful version of Yusheng and the practice of eating it on the seventh day of Chinese New Year appears to be unique to Malaysia and Singapore. 596 mots de plus


Tet & Traditions 

Chinese New Year, or Tet, is one of the most important celebrations in the Asian community. As the day approaches, many families have been preparing by buying Tet flowers, red envelopes, food, and many other Tet items. 93 mots de plus



This is the end of a 12-part series in the Japan Journeys about my journey to Iwate village in  Iwate country in Iwate prefecture – in northeastern Japan. 163 mots de plus