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Beauty and Civilization are One and the Same

Beauty is an investment that will yield dividends as long as it inspires the generations that follow to keep up their inheritance, to add to it, and to fight to defend it. 366 mots de plus

Old and New - A Dash of Sunny

modern tradition

– an oxymoron some would say,

but i beg to differ.

the beauty of the design of today –

clean lines, smooth curves, simplicity, 200 mots de plus

Creative Writing

Prayer Room Memoirs

Leaning on the door frame, she stared into the room that bore witness to some of the most precious moments of her life. The memories were so vivid, stored as pristinely preserved images in her mind’s eye.   824 mots de plus

Indian Culture

A Fair Amount of Joy

Going to the fair!

Off to the fair!

Yesterday, we went to the Minnesota State Fair. It is an important tradition for my husband, our friends, and now for our boys as well. 1 652 mots de plus


The Benefits of a Militia System

I am not a friend of democracy.  Indeed, I believe that democracy is one of the intrinsically worst forms of government that has ever been conceived by man.  1 756 mots de plus

Quinto Kaléndas Septémbris. Luna

Quinto Kaléndas Septémbris. Luna . The Twenty-Eighth Day of August. The Night of the Moon.

Hippóne Régio, in Africa, natális sancti Augustíni Epíscopi, Confessóris et Ecclésiæ Doctóris exímii, qui, beáti Ambrósii Epíscopi ópera ad cathólicam fidem convérsus et baptizátus, eam advérsus Manichæos aliósque hæréticos acérrimus propugnátor deféndit, multísque áliis pro Ecclésia Dei perfúnctus labóribus, ad præmia migrávit in cælum.  771 mots de plus


Burgers 'n' Boobs (a Mr. and Ms. Mango tradition)

It’s not often Mr. Mango and I get more than a couple hours away from the children. Even rarer still is us having child free time with no big social plans (a wedding, birthday party, work related get-togethers etc). 1 026 mots de plus