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Introduce Jesus Today

Our faith is not something we just suddenly had.  We did not just wake up one morning as a Christian.  Inside each human being, created by God, is an inherent knowledge of God and a sense of His presence in us and in the created world.   273 mots de plus

Grannies (& flowers) power! - The unknown spring contest inside Italian villages

For those who « rain water it’s more than enough to feed plants » (even in summer with 40° and first cloud at 10000 km!), for those who « only succulent has a chance to survive » (but the chances will be higher in the middle of the desert!), for those who had granny’s green thumb only while playing with skin paint, 190 mots de plus


They'll know We Are Christians by Our  Blocks?  "Unity" and the Francis Effect

Somewhere in 2013/14, my Landlord asked me, casually, my opinion of Pope Francis. I wasn’t in a mood to elaborate, so I shrugged. My answer would be the same today. 539 mots de plus



Bucket list item (and one that probably has a shelf life, given the nature of the thing):

I think I’ve even posted about this event before.  109 mots de plus

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Tradition, in and of itself, is a bad reason to do anything

During a discussion with a friend on the rights afforded to women under Islamic Sharia, I was presented with what I found to be a strange argument. 610 mots de plus


Celebrating India's Traditions One Folk Dance at a Time

This week’s Subculture opens the door to the moves of Indian culture. These dancers show us how they celebrate India’s traditions one dance at a time. 143 mots de plus

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