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Ireland - the wooden crosses of Kilmore Parish

There is a collection of wooden crosses by the side of the road in Wexford, outside Kilmore village at a place called Brandy Cross. Each cross bears the name of a deceased person. 128 mots de plus


"closed-hand" issues and confusing terms - a quibble with my pastor

In church on Sunday our pastor was distinguishing between what he called « closed-hand » issues (what C.S. Lewis might have termed Mere Christianity, the essential doctrines of the faith) and « open-hand » issues (points that aren’t clearly taught in Scripture and about which Christians are free to disagree, like the details of the end times or evolution). 495 mots de plus



« Why do you have Danny’s clothes in the bottom drawer and my clothes in the top drawer where I can’t reach them? » questioned Sammy to his mother. 281 mots de plus

New Podcast: Corpus Christi Plays in Durham

Picture medieval Durham one day in the late spring. Plays are performed in the city from dawn until dusk. An elaborate procession moves from the marketplace to the Cathedral, bearing a shrine. 289 mots de plus


Fado: Feeling Portugal’s Soul Through Music

When Emotions Go Beyond Words

Music can make you feel more than words can say, and sometimes you don’t even have to understand certain lyrics or complex critics to fall in love with a song. 1 397 mots de plus


On Change

We tasted this water
when it was ocean, cloud—
knew our river in days of ease
and sunshine, wearying
down its banks, claiming
this pocket of complacency… 59 mots de plus


Cyprus 001

Spearmint. Strong scent.

Basic ingredient to Cypriot cuisine. Families grow it, hang it to dry and then straight to the kitchen.

« If it’s not fresh, we don’t want it ».