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Gardening as Medicine for Millennials, and the Rest of Us | The Catholic Gentleman

We need to turn to the earth from which we were formed, and which we were commanded to tend. There we can seek reintegration and reconnection; we can seek healing. 68 mots de plus

Old Things Passing Away

For many years, I did ministry the way I saw other people do it. Being in the apostolic, especially 10-12 years ago, wasn’t an easy task. 3 564 mots de plus

Christian Leadership

Cold brew

There’s an invasive, pathological pattern to modern culture. More than ever before, so many of us are feeling a deep need to belong; yet that urge eludes us because we’re unaware of our desire to be validated by outside sources.  744 mots de plus

Valletta: the European Capital of Hipsters

“On the long dinner table a field of food waved yellow in the dim light of dusk. The Cuban prepared deep fried pork rinds like they did in Cuba, but the rest of it was Maltese stuff; cold pasta, … 1 225 mots de plus


Pancake Day: Tradition and Ceremony in a Family

Months after my return to work and now that Arlo is settled in to daycare, I see that we are developing a routine around the house. 542 mots de plus

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Beauty Matters

Indeed it does.

Nor is it limited to the Roman observance, although traditionalists in the Roman Catholic Church (and more generally, the liturgical, sacramental Churches, including Eastern Orthodoxy and – when it is being true to itself – the Anglican tradition) are often acutely aware of its importance: 392 mots de plus

Pope says gender theory part of 'global war' on marriage, family | Reuters

Pope Francis warned on Saturday of a « global war » against traditional marriage and the family, saying both were under attack from gender theory and divorce. 429 mots de plus