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What's your real name?

In Chinese, I was named by my grandmother. In English, my name was given to me by mom’s boss. She (my mom) had been caregiver at the time.

Mom + Dad

Frankreichrundfahrt- 7. Stop: Carcassonne

Hallo aus malerischsten Stadt, die ich bis heute gesehen habe und zwar:
Hallo aus Carcassonne!
Hier ist es immer noch warm, aber nicht mehr so schlimm wie in Toulouse, aber Toulouse ist halt auch eine Großstadt und Carcassonne eben nicht :D 399 mots de plus

Heute Hier Morgen Dort

Freedom Of (Politically-Correct) Speech

So, it’s been decided.

The Confederate Battle Flag is coming down.  Even Walmart, purveyor to all persons poor, Southern and cheesy, has opted out of sales of items depicting The Stars and Bars. 192 mots de plus


The Notable Man of Indian religious Epic “Shravan Kumar”

Shravan Kumar was a popular character of the Indian mythological story Ramayana. Ramayana is a very religious story in Hindu culture. Here in this story the life history of Lord “Rama” (one of the avatar of Lord Vishnu) was described. 272 mots de plus



This evening, while hanging out at a neighborhood block party, I had the opportunity to tour the inside of a Catholic church in our neighborhood – St. 412 mots de plus


Family and Traditional Things

As children, we grow up believing that family is the most important thing in our lives. Our parents are like gods, they’re perfect and one of our biggest role models. 537 mots de plus