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Quarto Kaléndas Mártii. Luna.

Quarto Kaléndas Mártii.  Luna. The Twenty-Sixth Day of February. The Night of the Moon.

Perge, in Pamphylia, natális beáti Néstoris Epíscopi, qui, in persecutióne Décii, cum diu noctúque oratióni insísteret póstulans ut grex Christi custodirétur, comprehénsus est, ac, nomen Dómini mira liberáte et alacritáte conféssus, Præsidis Polliónis jussu equúleo sævíssime est cruciátus; ac demum, cum se Christo semper adhæsúrum constánter profiterétur, crucis suspéndio victor in cælum migrávit. 775 mots de plus


The Altar as the Center of the Church

For some time now I’ve been fascinated by Church architecture and how it works. In my parish there is a small movement to re-establish the original high altar and tabernacle at the center of the sanctuary. 229 mots de plus

Catholic Church

I Met My Village People. Literally. 

I attended a village meeting with my parents last sunday! Not really. It is was a meeting for my dad’s Uchi. A person’s maternal family is called an Uchi while the paternal family is called an Efona. 701 mots de plus

Random Musings

How to transfer slides and film negatives to digital. 

Several years ago I acquired a large box of art reference photos taken by my grandfather in the mid 1970’s. I always wanted to copy and print these pictures as a means of preserving them but didn’t have a slide copier for my old Nikon 35mm camera. 416 mots de plus


Lenten Station Church Pilgrimage

Dating back to the first few centuries of Christianity there has been a tradition known as the « Station Churches » in Rome. Every day of Lent is assigned a different Church or station. 772 mots de plus


What to Expect During Chinese New Year

This is the most fulfilling Chinese New Year I’ve spent back home, and also the longest.

In this part of the world(Southeast Asia to be exact), these are the bits and pieces that make up the Chinese New Year atmosphere, and I’d be more than happy to share it with you if you happen to be here during this time. 801 mots de plus


Otaru Snow Light Path Festival 2018

About an hour north of Saporro is Otaru, which has its own winter-inspired festival during the Sapporo Snow Festival. Known for its restored canal along the sea, Otaru decorates the canal and a special street in the city with lanterns made of snow and ice. 452 mots de plus