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Acts 15: Control

Acts 15: Control

Friday, May 6, 2016

In this book which describes the birth of a community, we see how the followers of Christ dissent and argue, come together and unify. 550 mots de plus


Doc Martyn’s Soul: In Good Company

Not many businesses make it to seventy-five years old. Times change, products go in and out style, competitors rise and devour, businesses stagnate, and industries conflate. 741 mots de plus

The Marketeers Club (Marketing Dept.)

Exploring Ubud

This morning Jamie and I woke up to a beautiful breakfast prepared by Made and his wife, Putu. After our simple but decadent meal we got ready and headed out for our full day of exploring Ubud. 710 mots de plus


Føljeton om skikke og traditioner

Vi bringer hver uge et indlæg om skikke og traditioner. I denne uge handler det om morgengaven.

Morgengaven: Morgenen efter brylluppet er det tid til at forkæle hinanden med en gave, den såkaldte morgengave. 110 mots de plus

Old Traditions

It is funny the things I am learning on this journey of ours.  I am learning all kinds of things about Mississippi and some things that I never imagined.   615 mots de plus

Sunday Adventure

The only way to eat Crabs *

*With your hands..

Sometimes, when we eat, we eat for the energy and the nutrition, other times we eat, because we have a hunger of the soul, of imagination and of memory. 208 mots de plus


Come and explore the rich cultural heritage of India

The incomparable, intoxicating, unique, dynamic and inimitable- descriptions can be many but each one will point to magnificent homeland- INDIA. 287 mots de plus