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Beer, Bread, Beef-Cranberry Sauce-Whipped Cream?

It is now day 3 in this beautiful Central European Country and I have yet to fully accept that this culturally rich country is my home for the next few months. 943 mots de plus


An old barn I found on my travels…


Malta throwback (1st post !!)

Throwback to the beautiful island of Malta! I went there with Iels Malta at the beginning of summer vacation with many other international students, most from Germany , Czech Republic, Italy, Russia and so on. 370 mots de plus

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Get to know Hallstatt, Austria

To be brilliant is an art; to be outstanding is an attitude. Hallstatt has that attitude to allure the hearts and souls of millions, with its unrealistic picturesque beauty and splendid exquisity. 1 590 mots de plus


Lake Elsinore.... Safety First!

So on my way to Temecula, CA I had some time to kill so a brief stop off the Hwy is Lake Elisnore. I noticed right away they really care about safety! 29 mots de plus


Day 3!!!

Today I’m thankful for TK Maxx (yep! here it’s TK Maxx, not TJ Maxx) and IKEA. TSA stole my rain jacket so I’ve been using a bright orange umbrella that my school gave me (not very inconspicuous) until today. 203 mots de plus


Top Cities to Visit in Europe

One of the best parts of expatriating is the simple fact of living abroad and getting to travel in a new region. Living in Copenhagen, I can get on a plane and be in Southern Spain in the same time I could travel from Philadelphia to South Florida. 1 501 mots de plus