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Painted Animation Lane 台中動漫彩繪巷

Mario & Luigi

Spongebob and his friends: mr. krabs, patrick, and the squirel lady sorry I forgot your name lol

台中 Táizhōng Taichung city and county in central Taiwan… 305 mots de plus

6 reasons why now is the best time for solo travel

As a self-confessed introvert, I have to force myself to go out and make connections with people who haven’t known me for more than 5 years. 600 mots de plus

Pictorial: Forks, WA with Anais: June 19-20, 2011

In June 2011, I took Anais for a mother/daughter weekend in Forks, WA. Yes, that Forks. I got a cute little cabin in the middle of town and where in an ideal spot to day trip out to the coast. 42 mots de plus


Enjoying weekends exploring other parts of Ireland Part 1: Galway Ireland

A couple of weekends ago (4 weekends ago to be exact) I decided to leave my nest in Carlow and adventured out into the west of Ireland to the beautiful city of Galway for a weekend. 1 037 mots de plus


Five Faves in Baguio

Back in the day, Baguio was considered a summer destination. Because it is located at a higher elevation, it is cooler there than in Metro Manila. 888 mots de plus