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The 5 Best Ski Destinations to Visit in 2018!

With the disappointing lows of this past winters snowfall, we can’t blame you for your skiing blues. Which mountains in a country has the best runs for you adrenaline addicts? 480 mots de plus


There will be an unfinished farewell scene.

Most happy people are thinking
Always going towards the beauty.

There is no remorse old mistakes!

The prayer has not fared well
Whether it goes with the heart, 53 mots de plus


Win! Retirement Lifestyle & Travel Expo 2018 Tickets

All generations will also enjoy expert speakers on stage throughout the day, from learning why a power of attorney is necessary through to travelling to Antarctica. 41 mots de plus


Busway approved, less than 40 minutes to Britomart

AMETI Eastern busway will be completed by 2026, running between Panmure and Botany Town Centre and once operational, will allow commuters to travel by bus and train between Botany and Britomart in less than 40 minutes. 31 mots de plus


Day 20 - Time Alone

Day 20 of 27.

The blank page…. Every night for the past 20 days I’ve come home and written about a small snapshot of my life;  I share observations, ideas and thoughts, and about the matters that mean the most.  397 mots de plus

Growth, Development

The State of Free Jam and Cheese

During my February break, I spent a few days up in Windsor, Vermont at my friend Helena’s house. I’m very grateful she and her family opened up their home to me and our friend Emma. 1 296 mots de plus