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South Cebu Canyoneering

Canyoneering emerged as a new adventure in the south of Cebu visited by local and foreign tourist, featured in the television several times. This adventure start in Alegria Cebu and will end in Badian with seven level. 59 mots de plus


Mystery of the Golden Horn

Mystery of the Golden Horn by Phyllis A. Whitney, 1962.

Vicki Stewart doesn’t mean to get into trouble. However, with her mother in the hospital with a back injury and Vicki in the care of her unsympathetic aunts, she has allowed her schoolwork to slide to the point where she cannot go on to the next grade. 455 mots de plus


20 Things People Who Always Travel Understand

When you live a gypsy life, your world is constantly changing. As you embark on your fast paced lifestyle, the view is ever-changing, but certain aspects of your life remain the same.You pick up tips and tricks along the way that can only be gained from living the experience. 431 mots de plus


On the Road to Mount Cook (Aoraki if You Want to Get Technical)

We awoke to a long white cloud sitting low in front of the mountains surrounding Lake McGregor. With little to no wind, it was a very pleasant morning to sit by the van with a cuppa before zipping off to our next stop. 258 mots de plus


{iceland} ring road day 7

This seventh day in Iceland was magical. It started magically because the sixth day almost never ended. We spent the night in a converted van right on the Eyjafjördur Fjord just north of Akureyri and saw the setting and simultaneous rising of the midnight sun. 153 mots de plus