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had a great time learning to kayak this week…

for some reason I imagined that my legs would be uncomfortable, but that wasn’t the case at all… 41 mots de plus

Mark Twain quotes

  1. « No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot » ~ Mark Twain – Confirmation bias and filter bubbles.
  2. « I was educated once – it took me years to get over it.
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Top Things To Do In Coronado Island in San Diego, CA

What is there to do in Coronado? Visiting the Hotel Del Coronado and the San Diego Bay.

Jaycation visits Coronado Island in San Diego and explores the city on an electric longboard. 174 mots de plus


Underfunded Illinois

We have all been driving down the highway when we encountered a peculiar place that was like its own magical corner of the world. Whether that place is a diner with the best fried chicken, or whether it is a trail covered with fairy doors, everybody has that place that draws them home. 1 224 mots de plus


Walking Sunflowers

This past weekend we visited the sunflower field in Belle Plaine, Iowa. We also went here last year but at that time the condition of the sunflowers were past their peak. 111 mots de plus


Hibarino Dahlia Park

Hibarino Dahlia Park is a beautiful flower garden located in Aomori Prefecture near Gonohe, about 45 minutes southwest of Misawa . Although the park is small, it contains over 1,500 plants and 160 different types of dahlias and is open daily from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 122 mots de plus


Cheers and Beers

This week’s writing topic is ‘Cheers and Beers.’   When I saw that, my first thought went to Scotland (no surprise, that’s where my head usually is).  582 mots de plus