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2018 Ford Mustang Convertible: Renewed Droptop

As goes the Ford Mustang coupe, so goes the Mustang convertible. Ford unveiled the updated 2018 Mustang fastback earlier this week, and the company is milking the facelifted pony car’s 15 minutes of fame with the debut of the refreshed 2018 Mustang convertible some three days later. 49 mots de plus

Can a Luxury Sedan Really Feel Like a Sports Car?

The EPA classifies Jaguar’s XJL R as a large car. Which makes sense, considering it’s more than 200 inches long and weighs a tick over 4000 pounds. 53 mots de plus

We Drive the Shell Gordon Murray Concept Car inside Cobo

Has Gordon Murray fallen? The engineer behind what was once the world’s fastest production car now builds fancy carts for mall cops. A cursory glance at the Shell concept car, a three-cylinder microcar bearing Murray’s logo, could leave the impression of a once famous athlete reduced to living on the streets. 28 mots de plus

Want an SUV? Consider One of these Wagons

The selection of new wagons on the market has largely dried up over the last couple of decades, thanks in no small part to the continuing refinement of car-based SUVs. 73 mots de plus

Uber Drivers to Get Paid in $20 Million FTC Settlement

Ride-sharing giant Uber Technologies has agreed to a $20 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission to settle claims it misled prospective drivers by making bloated claims about earning potential and ran a deceptive vehicle lending and leasing program. 46 mots de plus