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Am I Really Off the Ultimate Off-Roader?

There was a time when I would notice every Jeep Wrangler I passed. Who am I kidding?  I’ve wanted one since the first episode I watched of MacGyver, and still stare down each one I see. 705 mots de plus


Smart & Smarter

I am all for a well informed ruling elite, so am a bit surprised at my cynicism over a study tour to look at Smart Highways; 298 mots de plus


2012 Chevrolet Camaro 2d Coupe LS2

Cruise Control, Power Doors and Windows, StabiliTrak, and more!

Visit our website today for more information about this incredible Camaro!

Articulate Striking

Three different news publications all said the same thing this morning: there will be a strike with a convoy of over 200 lorries (or trucks if you prefer); they will be causing havoc on the traffic flow (i.e. 203 mots de plus

The Roads Less Travelled

Attention to all drivers, learning how to drive, and wanting to learn how to drive.

I’m getting my International Driver’s Permit, but I’ve had the privilege to drive in different countries (both left- and right-hand drive). 1 403 mots de plus


PJ Storytime: Father's Day

To be honest, in years past, Mother’s and Father’s Day have completely slipped my mind. But since we are parents this year they are more in the forefront. 500 mots de plus

All Ages Storytime

Bouldin Creek Food Park

My dad and I were going to go to the famous Home Slice for lunch yesterday, but long lines and no parking spots made us decide otherwise. 480 mots de plus