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Day 1: The Realization

Before going into the nitty gritty details of what « The Realization » is, I think it is important to introduce the main characters of this blog. 653 mots de plus


Wasteland Express Delivery Service: The Review


I never knew being a truck driver could be so much fun.

Wasteland Express Delivery Service is a new board game from Pandasaurus, designed by Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter), Matt Riddle (Fleet, Back to the Future) and Ben Pinchback (Fleet, Back to the Future). 1 568 mots de plus


Off the Beaten Path // Ford F-150 on Fuel Maverick

It’s true: we do truck stuff! While we specialize in Audi & VW, many of our staff love trucks, so naturally that spills over into our shop! 24 mots de plus

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Green Truck 

Watercolor 2015.
This was the image I created for my 2015 Christmas card.

1960 Ford F100 Crown Vic & LS Swapped Custom

The third-generation of the Ford F-Series are trucks that were produced by Ford from 1956 to 1960. Following its competitors at Dodge and General Motors, Ford widened the front bodywork to integrate the cab and front fenders together. 222 mots de plus


Breaking News!!: Needles, CA: Semi trucks on fire along westbound Interstate 40.

Breaking News!!: Needles, CA: Semi trucks on fire along westbound Interstate 40.

Several semi trucks have crashed along westbound Interstate 40 near the Needles Agriculture Inspection Station, just east of Five Mile Road, in Needles, California. 240 mots de plus


Eighteen semi trucks set on fire in southern Chile

SANTIAGO (Reuters) – Eighteen semi trucks used to transport food were set on fire in a parking lot in the southern Chilean city of Temuco on Saturday, local authorities said.