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Old Tin Shed

..Old tin shed..beat up and burned……

..lookin like hell when the century turned…. an old tractor tire & a washing machine 3 ole friends..sittin there in the weeds…..


'Raminator' Monster Truck, Mark Hall

Mark Hall saw firsthand at an early age the thrill of coming in first place. He grew up and lives in downstate Champaign, where his dad was a motorcycle race announcer. 52 mots de plus


Moving On

For a decade and more, I have been working with D J Thomas of Llanarth; a road haulage company. Alan and Emyr carried on the business started by their father in the 1950’s, initially hauling  115 mots de plus


How Shady Schools Are Giving Many Drivers The Keys To Kill

I know someone who was certain that she would fail her driving test, but to her consternation, she passed, yet she had been unable to drive the car uphill. 519 mots de plus


Sunday, lazy Sunday

I had help adding to my stash this week. Gretchen went back to SR Harris and picked me up these super cute Geekly Chic glasses by Riley Blake: 174 mots de plus


Balboa Park: The War Years comes to Auto Museum.

An interesting new exhibit will open this coming Friday, April 3 at the San Diego Automotive Museum. Part of this year’s Centennial Celebration, the new exhibit is called Balboa Park: The War Years. 218 mots de plus