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Thank You

You’ve made me smile
I want to linger in that for awhile
I don’t want to let go
You remind me & let me know… 148 mots de plus


Roll the dice

In my bouts of nightdreaming the saying, « the best things happen by chance » randomly crossed my mind— Perhaps by chance too?Chance meetings; taking chances; second chances; nuances in each meaning, representing possibilities, risks or hope. 129 mots de plus


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I entreat, that it is destined to receive from Turkish best, and if we feel an end, and over. 372 mots de plus



True for you.

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Gavver Is Here To Bring Hip Hop To The Forefront Of Australian Music | Interview

Gavver is out here chasing his dreams by creating the music that he wants. It was only a few years ago that he realised the rap talent within him. 1 221 mots de plus



Can’t apologize for being True!!