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Just another tale

With a slow sigh, she rubbed the concealer over her scars.
« The show starts in ten minutes, girls. Buckle up! » she heard her boss call out. 220 mots de plus

Grizzlies In Colorado?

The following story is based on a true account from a local prospector who values his privacy. Therefore, the name I have used is fictional and any similarity to that of others, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 986 mots de plus



I walked on


I watched the

Eagles fly.

I hear the whoosh of the air

On their wings as they glide overhead.

The higher they go… 124 mots de plus

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Tristan Thompson Cheating On Khloe Kardashian Days Away From The Birth Of Their Child

In the past couple of weeks, many reports of Tristan Thompson cheating on pregnant Khloe Kardashian have surfaced. Videos and pictures have come out of him with multiple women at bars, clubs, and even his hotels. 497 mots de plus


First Love

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Seeing how people who do not have much themselves want to give and help out others is truly humbling. To give what you can with what you have, God will always provide for you at the end of the day.