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The Emergence of John Woo’s Muse in A Better Tomorrow (1986)

When you try to conjure a single image of what visually distinguishes John Woo as a director, there are plenty of choices in iconography: doves, slow-motion, speedboats, operatic gun violence, explosions, etc. 1 269 mots de plus

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We're Going To Eat You: ''This world of ours is full of cannibals. It all depends on what you call food.''

Year: 1980
Directed by Tsui Hark
Produced by Ng See Yuen
Written by Roy Szeto and Tsui Hark
Cast: Norman Chu, Melvin Wong, Eddy Ko, Hon Gwok-Choi, Michelle Yim, Mo-lin Cheung, Fung Fung, San Kuai, Tai Bo, Lee Chun-Wa, To Siu-Ming, and Pan Yung-Sheng… 401 mots de plus

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Cross-Promotion: Knock Off (1998) on Crushed Celluloid’s Jean-Pod Van Damme Podcast

I was recently invited back to join in on another episode of Jean-Pod Van Damme, a podcast that, as you’d likely guess, is solely dedicated to the cinematic wonders of the Muscles from Brussels, JCVD. 164 mots de plus

Brandon Ledet

I Love Maria/Roboforce: ''Even heroes get into trouble too.''

Year: 1988
Directed by Tsui Hark and David Chung
Produced by John Sham and Tsui Hark
Written by Tsui Hark and Yuen Gai-Chi
Cast: Tsui Hark, Sally Yeh, John Shum, Kin-Fun, Tony Leung, Lam Ching-Ying, Paul Chun Pui, and Ben Lam… 526 mots de plus

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Film Review: 'The Thousand Faces of Dunjia'

Bloated with visual effects, martial artists combat and amorous shenanigans, the one thing missing in “The Thousand Faces of Dunjia” is a comedic touch, which might have made this elaborate blockbuster more appealing. 890 mots de plus



A (very) loose remake by Yuen Woo Ping of his 1982 classic Miracle Fighters, The Thousand Faces of Dunjia (henceforward Dunjia) completes a trilogy of sorts, with which writer-producer Tsui Hark has been attempting to revitalize the… 705 mots de plus

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