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My June '15 in Review

As June drew to a close I couldn’t help but think – out loud – to myself, « IT’S JULY ALREADY?! » While not an unsavory reality, the fact that we’ve coasted through more than half of the calendar year yields imminent cinematic bliss throughout the latter half of the festival circuit and awards season. 216 mots de plus

The Month In Review

Yes, Madam! (Corey Yuen, 1985)

Of the members of the Seven Little Fortunes Peking Opera troupe to become major figures in the Hong Kong film industry in the last 20 years before the colony’s handover to China, Corey Yuen is the least well known. 616 mots de plus

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A Better Tomorrow (John Woo, 1986)

After an up and down decade as a director for hire in the last days of the Shaw Brothers, working alternately in the wuxia and wacky comedy genres, John Woo finally hit it big in 1986 when he teamed up with Tsui Hark and the Cinema City studio to remake Patrick Lung Kong 1967’s drama  963 mots de plus

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Feng Shui 2 - the Dragon is Back

I laid my hands on a pdf copy of the new Feng Shui 2 rulesbook – I backed the kickstarter, and now here it is. 895 mots de plus

Anything Else

TSBH: A Better Tomorrow II (John Woo, 1987)

Following the high-grossing success of A Better Tomorrow, Cinema City all but scrambled to solicit a sequel from Woo. Collaborating with friend, fellow filmmaker and producer Tsui Hark, the two eventually came to blows over the final cut of the film, of which is said to have differed drastically a la their respective creative visions. 365 mots de plus


Z for Zu Warriors

by Lillian Csernica on April 30, 2015

A few years ago I went through a phase of watching almost anything I could get my hands on that starred Ekin Cheng, Adam Kwok, Nicholas Tse, and/or Louis Koo.  811 mots de plus