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Fists and Fury at the Cinerama

This week, the Cinerama is playing what they’ve dubbed their « First Mixed Martial Arts Festival », a collection of movies, Hong Kong and Japan mostly, in which kicking, punching and/or swordplay is prominently featured. 1 278 mots de plus

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The Taking of Tiger Mountain (Tsui Hark, 2014)

Look deep into the movie listings this January, past the big name awards fodder, the PT Andersons and the Rob Marshalls, the biopics and social problem films, and you’ll find, in limited release, the latest picture from one of the most influential and important directors of the past 40 years, Tsui Hark, whose name remains so unknown in the US he’s as likely to be identified by his personal name as his family name (for the record: he is Mr. 1 347 mots de plus

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China Box Office: 'Night at the Museum 3' Beats 'Miss Granny' remake

“Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” topped the Chinese box office with a $26.2 million week. It beat the strong local opener “20, Once Again!” (aka « Miss Granny ») and the still-firing war film “The Taking of Tiger Mountain.” 230 mots de plus


China Box Office: 'Tiger Mountain' Takes Second Weekend

HONG KONG – War-adventure film “The Taking of Tiger Mountain” held on to top spot at the Chinese box office for the second week, comfortably beating a raft of local competition and opener “Night At The Museum 3.” 172 mots de plus


Briefly: 'The Taking of Tiger Mountain'

The Taking of Tiger Mountain (d. Tsui Hark)

Set in 1946, this wartime drama pits multiple sides against each other, all in quest of a strategic mountain post. 214 mots de plus


Kicking Off 2015: The Taking of Tiger Mountain

Happy New Year, peeps! On the 1st of the year we had a wonderful Japanese-style dinner with our friends, on the 2nd I worked, on the 3rd we played board games with another friend visiting from Seattle. 414 mots de plus