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TVA taking temp and velocity measurements in Wheeler Basin

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – TVA engineers and researchers are spending time this week measuring water in the Tennessee River. New technology is allowing the agency to get more detailed information about the river flow. 319 mots de plus


Boshra: Pierre Lapointe's criticism of Quebec TV may be sour grapes, but shouldn't be dismissed

In the insular world of Quebec television, it doesn’t take much for teapots to yield tempests. Sometimes though, those tempests seem to arrive fully formed. 894 mots de plus

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Romania Normala

Prezentul document este un program care sta la baza unei guvernări care dorește într-adevăr dezvoltarea României prin abolirea sărăciei, șomajului si a delicventei. Aceste puncte sunt create in scopul de a arata care sunt pașii care trebuie urmați de un guvern puternic, stăpân pe el si care este într-adevăr in slujba cetățenilor si nu al multinaționalelor. 2 190 mots de plus


Editorial: The transcendent Jean Lapierre

Politicians generally fare badly in surveys about the most respected or trusted professions. Journalists typically rate not much better. All the more remarkable, then, to witness the public outpouring of emotion over the death of Jean Lapierre at age 59. 407 mots de plus


8th Annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off

The 8th Annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off presented by the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) took place on Sunday March 20th. As a volunteer for TVA, this was the second event I helped out with and it was a great experience. 562 mots de plus


Solar Anyone?

I just completed a refresher course in solar design.  Discussed mounting of solar panels on roofs and on ground.  Also discussed conversion of direct current to alternating current using string inverters and micro inverters.  20 mots de plus


Cave Mountain: Under and Over

Whenever there is a choice of cake or pie for dessert, I’ll usually opt for the pie.  Other perfectly reasonable people will opt for cake.  But whichever way your preference lies, I bet we all wish we could say, « both, please! 1 774 mots de plus

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