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Who could have guessed that gawking at a pig emptying her bladder would be the highlight of my recent visit to the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary… 956 mots de plus

Suisse - Evitez tout risque pour votre entreprise - Enregistrez votre entreprise auprès de l’autorité suisse en matière de TVA

La loi TVA suisse révisée impose de nouvelles obligations aux sociétés étrangères

La révision partielle de la loi suisse régissant la taxe sur la valeur ajoutée (LTVA) apporte au 1er janvier 2018 des modifications pour les entreprises ne disposant pas d’un établissement dans le pays. 606 mots de plus

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Montreal Trudeau airport employees potentially radicalized: report claims

Airport security jumped into the spotlight after J.E., TVA network’s investigative unit, reported that four employees at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport had their security clearance scaled back on suspicion of being radicalized. 365 mots de plus


Try, Try Again: TVA Honeycomb Trail, Take Two

When my sisters and I were growing up on the farm, we spent a lot of time with our mother.  She was a sharecropper’s daughter, and could work any of us into the ground with no apparent effort on her part.  2 101 mots de plus

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Postpartum Exercises - 5 Moves for New Mommies

I am at the baby-booming age of life.  Everywhere I look, there is a new, tiny face staring back at me.  Family, friends, co-workers – everyone is having a baby.   188 mots de plus

Brenna Backe

Warriors' Path State Park


This is how the Park looked in the early 1960s.  It was published by Roanoke’s Haynes Distributing Company. The company did a photo run through our area in the early 1960s and C. 151 mots de plus

Kingsport TN Ephemera

Honey, I Shrunk the Trail

About 18 months ago we first caught wind of a new trail being developed by TVA in a Small Wild Area near Guntersville Dam.  We’ve since heard the trail has been completed, or at least mostly completed, and we’ve been waiting for a good weekend to try it out.  1 454 mots de plus

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