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Igår kväll hörde jag två dunsar i höger öra, på kvällen. Jag tittade på klockan, men var lite för trött för att minnas, det tolkar jag som att tiden inte är viktig. 300 mots de plus


La Semaine Dernière A Mes Yeux

( 26 mai — 2 juin)

Je n’ai pas pu finir «La Semaine Dernière A Mes Yeux» à l’heure parce que je suis tombé malade . 226 mots de plus

Weekly Activities

TVA using helicopters for high voltage line repairs

HOLLYWOOD, Ala. – The Tennessee Valley Authority is embracing a relatively new tool in their efforts to cut expenses while keeping the power grid up and running. 478 mots de plus


Shedding Light on Tennessee Valley Authority Debt

On this date in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the law that brought the Tennessee Valley Authority into existence. It is now the country’s largest public power provider, delivering electricity to more than 9 million people. 508 mots de plus


Avsade mig uppsatsen

Jag får i alla fall behörighet av Skolverket. Varför göra det svårare än nödvändigt? Jag ville ha examen i det, men jag får bli glad som har examen i två ämnen. 352 mots de plus


Around the Bend: A Dog's Eye View of Marbut Bend

About once a year, we invite a guest blogger to chime in on a favorite hike or outdoor adventure.  Our entry for this week is courtesy of our four-legged friend Casey The Hound, who brings his unique canine perspective and seemingly inexhaustible bladder to every hike.  1 411 mots de plus

Trail Description


Who could have guessed that gawking at a pig emptying her bladder would be the highlight of my recent visit to the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary… 956 mots de plus