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Gabriel Sincu, associate partner tax services, EY România: Haosul fiscal şi legislativ duce la un apetit scăzut al antreprenorilor pentru investiţii

Circa 85% din companiile româneşti pun investiţiile sub semnul întrebării.

Incertitudinea legislativă şi fiscală dată de schimbările care au intrat în vigoare anul acesta, printre care trecerea contribuţiilor la angajat sau plata defalcată a TVA, îi determină pe antreprenorii companiilor din piaţa românească să aştepte înainte de a realiza o investiţie pentru a-şi extinde businessul. 32 mots de plus


TVA opens public comment period for new proposed rate change

The Tennessee Valley Authority says it wants your input on a proposed rate hike starting Today.

The hike could lead to higher utility bills for people in the area. 85 mots de plus


How to get a flat belly after pregnancy

Hi guys,

One of the most common complaints by mums is that they can’t get rid of the little bulge below the belly button. Their DR might be gone but that lower belly is still sticking out a bit. 993 mots de plus

Castle Personal Training Blog

Political commentator Luc Lavoie's tell-all book

He has been a journalist working Parliament hill,  an adviser for Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and is presently a daily political commentator on the french network LCN. 165 mots de plus


Interpretative Frameworks

Do you see what I see?

I have two wonderful (but difficult, at times) autistic children. If there is one thing that allows people to realize just how vastly different worldviews can be, it is autism. 2 781 mots de plus


2017 Retrospective

It wasn’t always pretty, but we managed it — another year of 52 posts, one every week, chronicling our outdoor adventures in the Tennessee Valley and beyond.  1 246 mots de plus


The heat is on at South Memphis home left out in cold

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Everyone loves a story with a happy ending, and this one is perfectly fitting just days before Christmas.

Linda White was left without working gas… 411 mots de plus