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Manifestation contre le TVA (the tampon tax protest)

On the night of the 14th-15th November, the Assemblée National rejected requests to lower the tax on « feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads, etc) down from 20% to 5.5%. 439 mots de plus

Engagements with Tamil Virtual Academy

Please note that the  TVA engagements or any others which I have made here are part and parcel of my activism in FSFTN . Its not in my personal capacity . 136 mots de plus

Have your say: Who won the TVA leaders' debate?

Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair and Gilles Duceppe participated in the second French-language debate in Montreal on Oct. 2.

Who do you think came out on top? 11 mots de plus


Leaders' debate: Parties argue over economy, security, niqabs and marijuana

Philip Authier
Montreal Gazette

The issue of the niqab in Canadian citizenship ceremonies roared to life again in Friday’s leadership debate with Tom Mulcair trying to fight his way out of a political corner by accusing the prime minister of using the issue for political reasons. 845 mots de plus


Conservatives crank up the cultural identity heat before final French debate

OTTAWA – Campaigning Conservatives continued to press the hot buttons Friday, highlighting what they call « barbaric cultural practices » and Muslim facial coverings amid evidence the tight, three-way election race may be starting to break loose. 748 mots de plus


TVA and the Thousand Eyes Archaeological Site Stewardship Program

30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology 2015, Day 20

Erin Pritchard
Tennessee Valley Authority

Public lands under the stewardship of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) contain thousands of unique archaeological sites representing over 12,000 years of human occupation along the Tennessee River and its tributaries. 686 mots de plus

Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month