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Player And Commander

Playing a couple games recently got me thinking about how some video games handle the commanding and piloting of crewed vehicles. It’s an interesting subject because the task goes completely counter to a lot of what console gaming is designed for. 959 mots de plus


A Changing Landscape

WARNING: The following is a post that is intended to fulfill an assignment for my convergent journalism class. Will still try to write a normal post for this week. 558 mots de plus


Mechanics That Require Remembrance And Reuse×312.jpg
In response to a few recent games that appear to be lacking in the criteria. This is a short list and thoughts on some stand out game mechanics that developers seem to be ignoring and need to build upon.

Long breaks + Pointless Collectibles

I tried my best but failed miserably, so I guess I should start over.

These past few months have been extremely busy. Working in a game shop over Christmas is hard work… So much coming out and such little time to play anything. 275 mots de plus


Troubled Tonic

Hey, remember that really cool 3D platformer released by Ubisoft in 1999 about a guy with no arms and no legs?

Exactly, it’s Rayman 2. Definitely not Tonic Trouble. 454 mots de plus

Far Cry 4 (PS4) Review

Far Cry 3 was a really interesting experience for me.  That game had so many flaws in its story and characters that, if the gameplay wasn’t as fun as it was, would have rendered the game unplayable for me. 1 504 mots de plus


Ice Reviews: Far Cry 4

Available on: PS4, PS3, XO, 360, PC

Now that we’ve finally settled into the year, I thought it would be a good chance to look back at last year’s offering, and review… 1 390 mots de plus