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Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 6/29/15

My sole purpose in producing an offspring would be to dress it up for cosplay.  If there are other reason to have babies other than being able to put them into an… 23 mots de plus


#Art of Fantasy 24: Pascal Blanche

I’m venturing into science fiction territory with today’s showcase. Although I prefer fantasy generally and given that I created #Art of Fantasy for, well, fantasy,  when I saw… 198 mots de plus


Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Brings a List of Firsts

Written by J. C. Pudlewski

If there’s one thing every Assassin’s Creed fan knows, it’s that the release of the fifth title in the series, « Unity », was a complete disaster. 327 mots de plus

E3 2015

An Open Letter to Game Developers and Publishers

Dear Game Developers and Publishers,

Let me start off by saying that I appreciate all the work you do. Making games is hard, and the only experience I’ve had is some game design classes in university. 866 mots de plus


Ultra Street Fighter: The Movie

This is my game purchases for the month of June. I didn’t get any digital titles because, you know, Team Hardcopy. However, it was tempting to get Dungeon Explorer, a TG-16 classic, for $1.20 off of PSN. 144 mots de plus


Incomplete Games, Downloadable Content, and the 21st Century Highwaymen

Wrote an article and it got deleted when my computer crashed… Here is the gist of it, sorry…
Shady business practices.  Are they going to be a thing of the past or an unfortunate normality? 894 mots de plus

The Division: A Divisive Showcase

In 2013, Ubisoft reveled a new IP called The Division, and it looked amazing. The detail of the post-apocalyptic filth ridden and  rundown New York City looked harrowingly realistic, and the scope and overall gameplay seemed promising. 519 mots de plus

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