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Seven Kingdoms II (PC)

Have you ever heard hard-core history nerds start debating which civilizations could have kicked which civilization’s butt? It starts with military technology and tactics but inevitably spills into what someone saw on Deadliest Warrior that one time. 955 mots de plus

Rainbow Six: Siege - Open Beta Impression

Okay, now as of today, the Open Beta state of the Rainbow Six: Siege has been opened (or maybe not, as Ubisoft said they want to extend the closed beta more). 586 mots de plus


Anno 2205 gets free content

Ubisoft announced two new free expansions for Anno 2205 to be released next year 137 mots de plus


Ubisoft Server Issues

Well, here I sit: waiting for Ubisoft to get their shit together. I was ready at 7AM this morning as promised to take part in the open beta for Rainbow Six Siege. 275 mots de plus


Biting The Hand That Feeds

A bit of context for folks out there who might not know, care, other otherwise be involved in gaming:  Kotaku is one of the bigger games media sites out there, falling within the umbrella of the… 1 207 mots de plus


Youtube Time: The Duck Plays: Rayman Origins-Crazy Bouncing (Time Trial)

In today’s newest installment of Rayman Origins, I get the Time Trial in Crazy Bouncing, though it gave me no shortage of trouble.  Those darn spiky birds are an absolute menace, I say! 8 mots de plus


Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Review or Assassin's Creed: HEY LOOK! WE CAN BATMAN TOO!

Hello, and welcome back to the Geek Infusion. Before I jump into my review of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, I’d first like to apologize for our lengthy absence. 2 017 mots de plus