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Ghost Recon Wildlands special editions revealed

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Ghost Recon Wildlands, the company’s upcoming open-world action game, along with announcing details for the game’s special editions. 238 mots de plus

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The Division: Generic And Anti Climatic

So it’s been two months since the release of the highly anticipated « Tom Clancy’s The Divison » game which I have been excited about since it’s announcement during 2013 E3 Ubisoft Press Conference. 1 555 mots de plus

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Release Editions Announced and New Trailer Released

What would you do if you were sent behind enemy lines? If you are the Ghosts, you are sent in to cripple enemies, to be silent, to be unseen and to complete your mission objective as you were sent in to do. 501 mots de plus


'Ghost Recon Wildlands' trailer shows off the game's massive open world

Much like the characters featured in the game itself, Ghost Recon Wildlands has been surprisingly hard to find over the past several months. After being unveiled at… 227 mots de plus


[Trailer] "We Are Ghost" Ghost Recon Wildlands

Được giới thiệu lần đầu vào E3 2015, Ghost Recon Wildlands ngay lập tức nhận được nhiều sự chú ý khi là tựa game nối tiếp của franchise Ghost Recon từ Ubisoft. 1 205 mots de plus


Cancelled Horror Games – Chapter 4: I Am Alive (DarkWorks)

I Am Alive is a survival horror video game from Ubisoft, that was originally in development by DarkWorks before it was cancelled. After being cancelled and restarted several times, Ubisoft finally settled on a version of the project and released it as a smaller, downloadable only, horror game, rather than the intended, full retail, horror title. 678 mots de plus

E3 2016: Ubisoft – What to Expect?

Ubisoft at E3 is normally a pretty predictable affair for one reason only. Assassins Creed. Usually you know that Assassins Creed will be part of the Ubisoft show case. 441 mots de plus

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