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A 4X disaster - Might & Magic: Heroes VI

OK, I’m fed up with this game, seriously! I played HoMM 3-4 and loved them both because those were playable and enjoyable games. HoMM 6 isn’t! 410 mots de plus


Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Video Looks Pretty Amazing

Watch Dogs 2 is stepping away from the dour misadventures of wrongfully-accused hacker Aiden Pearce; it’s got a new protagonist with new abilities, a new city to explore, and a more upbeat attitude. 111 mots de plus


Ghost Recon Phantom's Prepares to Shut Down

Originally having launched on August 15, 2012, Ubisoft has now announced that their free-to-play title Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms will be shutting down starting December 1st. 361 mots de plus


Video Game Review: South Park: The Stick of Truth (PC)

A short preface: played this game for about twenty hours. Beat the main quest and most if not all side quests.

In order to truly enjoy this game, you must first check off two boxes: (1) you’ve watched South Park before and you are a fan, and (2) you like turn based role playing games (especially old Japanese RPG’s). 508 mots de plus

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Ubisoft Debuts Watch Dogs 2 Open World

Ubisoft today unveiled a full walkthrough of the Watch Dogs 2 open world.  The full video can be found below:

Our Take

Here at SG we enjoyed Watch Dogs a lot and expect WD2 to further expand on Dedsec’s story and capabilities.  19 mots de plus

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Top 3 video game releases.

With the overwhelming amount of video game releases in the next couple of months here are my top 3 most anticipated releases.


Release date… 811 mots de plus