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For Honor : Season 2 Dated with Details and Trailer

On May 16th, For Honor will begin « Season 2 » which will reset the in-games Faction War, add 2 new maps, 2 new character classes, and more. 204 mots de plus

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Vivendi Will Completely Take Over The Ubisoft This Year

Vivendi, the French conglomerate that’s been acquiring more and more of Ubisoft’s shares over the past couple of years, will finally move on to completely takeover the French publisher. 141 mots de plus


Vivendi vs. Ubisoft, Zanki Zero, Alien: Isolation, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite & More | Daily News Round-Up

Start every weekday morning with Words About Games’ round-up of the latest news from in and around the games industry.

This morning – Vivendi are reportedly ready to go ahead with their hostile takeover of Ubisoft this year, Danganronpa devs Spike Chunsoft have announced a brand new IP, rumours are swirling that Creative Assembly may be ready to start work on a new Alien game, Capcom have revealed a release date for Marvel vs. 514 mots de plus

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Vivendi Is Accelerating Its Acquisition Of Ubisoft

Reuters is reporting that Vivendi, a company that is huge in French’s media industry, is planning to accelerate its acquisitions of video games and advertising in 2017. 98 mots de plus


Review: Assassin's Creed

They somehow made a convoluted video game narrative more convoluted.

Set in present day, after being executed by lethal injection, Cal Lynch wakes up at the mercy of a high-tech organisation created to dissolve violent tendencies in humans. 679 mots de plus


TCGP 89 - So Many Calls of Duty

On this functionally ADHD episode of The College Gamers Podcast: Changes are coming to Overwatch. Dark Souls Publisher is making a new game and it looks very anime? 82 mots de plus

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