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Character Creators Kill Characters

This is an awkward time in game development. It’s a moment where more people than ever before are playing video games. No longer is it realistic to claim that any one group, gender, race, religion, or country makes up the majority of gamers. 2 196 mots de plus

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Video: Beyond Good And Evil 2 - Why You'll Need a Crew And How To Get One

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is very early in development but that hasn’t stopped the team from showing off the game and its various concepts. The latest video takes a look at why its all-important to choose the right team from the job in the prequel to Beyond Good & Evil. 30 mots de plus


Players Come Up With Own Ghost Recon Competitive Modes While Waiting For PVP

(Source: kotaku.com)

As the community anxiously awaits the post-launch PVP mode, some Ghost Recon: Wildlands players are getting crafty with their own in-game challenges. 292 mots de plus


Beyond Good and Evil 2: E3 2017

~words by DrJohnGalt

I’ll admit it: Beyond Good & Evil 2 looks great.

The tech demo does, anyway.

And until I see some actual in-game footage, REAL game footage, I’m not going to jump on the hype train. 200 mots de plus


Skull & Bones' Pirate Art Is Excellent

(Source: kotaku.com)

Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones looked good at E3, but boy, this concept art for the game is looking real good.

These pieces are all by Kobe Sek, a Ubisoft artist whose pirate work (on Black Flag) … 86 mots de plus


Opinion - Video Game Tutorials

Once upon a time, there was always a little booklet nestled inside the packaging of a video game. It was called an instruction manual, and you could usually judge the complexity of a game by how thick it was. 1 415 mots de plus

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Final Thoughts - The Crew

I’m still playing The Crew. More importantly, I’m still having a lot of fun with it. Since I hastily scrawled my first impressions, I’ve been collecting some more thoughts while I’ve been driving around. 1 298 mots de plus

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