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American College Life contd. : Streaking and Spring Break

First of all let me apologize for the appalling lack of updates the past few months, what with exams, and travelling I’ve not had much time to sit down and write. 1 295 mots de plus

North Carolina

Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas.

Also known as « Sin City » or just plain « Vegas. »

Whatever you want to call it, this popular destination in Nevada draws millions of people to its site every year, whether they’re out to gamble, attend shows, party, get married (yes, you can for under $75!), or perhaps do all of them. 1 280 mots de plus


26 August 2016. A Breath of Fresh Air on “Academic Freedom”


Here’s a good link to the University of Chicago story… with a link to the original letter. Here’s an excellent response:

Those lists of “safe space” are incredible.

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Pequea, Pennsylvania - Bed 25 Country 7

Pequea, Pennsylvania – B25 C7


We managed to find the most unique and beautiful Airbnb in the smallest village ever, only consisting of 12 houses and everyone knew each other. 1 192 mots de plus


10 Countries With The Super Sexiest Men Of 2016 - Nigeria Makes Number 8 Do you agree?

Hello! Remember, right here we give you stories you want and need – they must be bold and daring too!

So recently on youtube, Destination Tips to be precise and they did a thorough research and a poll on some the world’s sexiest men – (Sigh, who wouldn’t notice?) 69 mots de plus

TV Theme Friday: 'Yakety Sax' By Boots Randolph (From 'The Benny Hill Show')

When you think of music that’s closely identified with a certain TV show or movie, this has to be one!

Think of any chase scene on « The Benny Hill Show » and you hear « Yakety Sax » by Boots Randolph. 103 mots de plus