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Presidential Piece in History

What does it take to be a great president? Leadership, charisma, timing, luck? Perhaps the right balance of all of those. Most people are familiar with the names like Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt. 1 020 mots de plus


An English Girl in New York - Part One: All Aboard the Virgin Atlantic Express

And so the time finally came. I had planned this trip for months, on an extremely tight budget; 5 days in New York and then on down to North Virginia and DC to stay with a friend who lives there for a couple weeks. 919 mots de plus

Gay marriage is good for our lives

Los Angeles high school students protest against the election of President-elect Donald Trump outside Los Angeles City Hall | Nick Ut/Associated Press | 17044

Research in America has revealed a decline in suicide attempts by GLBTQI students since gay marriage was introduced in their states. 104 mots de plus


First signs of Spring

Some trees are already blossoming in London!

Boston – 2012


USA Broad Swords 2017 Fundraising Campaign

USA Broad Swords 2017 Fundraising Campaign

Please consider donating! I just did.

From the page:

Support the USA Broad Swords on their BotN 2017 Campaign… 59 mots de plus

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood | California Trip 2016

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood in Burbank, California offers a 3-hour visit inside a real working hollywood studio! The tour includes exclusive access to original props, costumes, picture cars, and sets used from Batman to Friends. 1 429 mots de plus

Traveling Foodie

Rays of Creusa

When viewed from a distance with the sun directly behind Cassini, the larger, brighter craters really stand out on moons like Dione. via NASA http://ift.tt/2kHYR3n

Miguel Angel Ortega Gonzalez