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The Great Total Eclipse of 2017 - Tola Adenle

I watched live telecasts and after it was all over, I read live reports, replaying live videos but my favorite, a sort of blog that should enable those outside the 70 mile-wide swathe of earth beneath the sun comes from the Washington Post. 225 mots de plus


Desolation Wilderness

I hardly noticed the existence of summer this year.  It came and went while I tried to battle my jet lag and adjusting myself between countries.   273 mots de plus


From USA to Edinburgh- Days 1 and 2!

When one is 6 foot 1 inch, a flight over nine hours can be very intimidating. Leg soreness is a very real issue for people of my stature, but luckily my legs were able to cope despite being in between two people. 619 mots de plus


Los Angeles: Food Edition #3

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to another installment of my « Los Angeles: Food Edition » series. If you’re new to this, basically I go about trying new cuisine in Los Angeles, my hometown. 1 197 mots de plus


Nuclear Blast Sign: EARTHLESS

San Diego Stoner Rock band Earthless are now one of Nuclear Blasts latest recruits! Having signed an international deal, they are heading off on tour to celebrate. 79 mots de plus



Thankfully I work with a bunch of creative science folks who like to geek out about things like creating a way to view the eclipse.  Using paper plates and then cereal boxes to make viewers – and then finally someone gave us some glasses to try!   59 mots de plus