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Shopping While on Road Trip in the USA

US is a great place for sightseeing: road trips through this enormous beautiful country are classic and offers unforgettable memories. It is well known that one should drive while travelling in the US instead of relying on public transportation, which gives a certain freedom to reach the desired destinations on own pace. 109 mots de plus


IN-N-wait abOUT

DAY 25


I awoke to find Shiv in my bed and Jem drunk.

According to my sources, the others had a wonderful evening involving one dollar drinks, casinos and Sammy Wu being the number one source of entertainment. 897 mots de plus


Get Hard

Get Hard arrives at a moment when America could use some truth-telling about racial realities, but rather than address these issues in a critical or even humorous way, the movie is a lazy assemblage of rape jokes and racial stereotypes. 669 mots de plus

Western Movie Reviews

Scott Bennett US Psyops whistleblower

In this radio interview from May 2015 Scott Bennett accurately predicts the flood of Syrian migrants to the EU.

He also explains his view on US geopolitics and foreign policy in relation to oil and the middle east. 253 mots de plus


Michael Mandelbaum: An understanding of the experiences of team sports

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The Meaning of Sports

What is the meaning of sports? Why do they mean so much to us?

Why do you and I invest so much time, money and emotional energy in following them? 1 223 mots de plus


The Love / Hate List

Today I’m flying back to Boston. It seems surreal that I have already spent a year at Tufts University. In Boston everything I knew became unfamiliar and everyone I knew scattered to different parts of the world. 355 mots de plus