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Welcome to Valenciennes!

You are coming to Valenciennes? Welcome!

Valenciennes is located in the north of France, a few miles from Lille, Paris or Brussels. It is a small town, with a small population, but with more than 10000 students on 3 different campuses, and students from other schools. 340 mots de plus


Following in father’s footsteps: Occupied France

23 August: We spent much of today sitting on trains, or in railway stations between connections. We travelled from Valenciennes to the village of Chaulnes, in Picardie. 1 182 mots de plus

Gap Adventure

Following in father’s footsteps: Belgium

Wednesday 19 August: We crossed the Dutch-Belgian border again, but this time we went by car and there was no return journey! We travelled to Antwerp, which is not far, so even with roadworks and disobliging traffic lights we were there well before noon. 1 109 mots de plus

Gap Adventure

Favourite Paintings 17: Camille Corot, View of Rome: Castel Sant'Angelo, 1826-7

A superb plein air painting of this scene on the River Tiber is part of the foundation that Corot laid for Impressionism.

Painter Jean-Baptiste-Camille (Camille) Corot… 1 907 mots de plus


1915 - March 10

Quite in despair at getting no orders. Weather very cold, but sunshine and spring really is here with flowers beginning and birds singing. We have a French lady staying here, a refugee from Valenciennes, wife of a Banker, who has 69 grandchildren!

British Army

Favourite Paintings 1-11: Overview

1: Jan van Eyck (c 1385 – c 9 July 1441)
The Madonna of Chancellor Rolin (‘The Rolin Madonna’)

As the Masters in the South got to grips with linear perspective, those of the Northern Renaissance explored the new medium of oil paints and their power in representing surface textures and the effects of light. 1 242 mots de plus