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Not quite a week in-country, and it is away from the Andes, and off to the Pacific coast.  The destination is Valparaiso, the most significant port in South America, back when seafarers had to brave treacherous Cape Horn.  343 mots de plus


I went down to the crossroads

Like most Americans, I revere that seminal genius of the blues, Robert Johnson. And like most Americans, at some point in my life I understand it’s time to go down to the crossroads, fall down on my knees and ask the good Lord for mercy. 318 mots de plus

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The Picture Thief

Mr Tranquillo, my partner in life, my travel agent, gentleman and scholar, has taken up blogging.  Now I have to guard my photos like a hawk. 317 mots de plus


Many more than 'Mil Tambores'

Our second visit to Valparaíso proved to be slightly different from our first. When we finally reached the sea and stepped off the bus 70 miles from Santiago early on Saturday morning we weren’t met with stunning views of steep funiculars and colourful, clifftop homes basking in the sunshine, but rather we faced miserable, grey drizzle that provoked traumatising flashbacks of Hilary Term 2014 (the year it rained so much they had to cancel Torpids and many a distressed rower had to be consoled…). 634 mots de plus


Graffiti: street art or vandalism?

Graffiti has been around for centuries. The Romans in Pompeii and the Vikings in the Orkneys showed a distinct bawdy tone in theirs. Graffiti can portray the spectrum of artistic and linguistic expression, from brilliance and innovation to blind rage, loss, despair, and garbage. 528 mots de plus


Teaching English in Chile (9)

Week 9: A thousand drums

« Mil tambores », the festival of a thousand drums, takes place in Valparaíso every year. It is a carnival as colourful as its host city and attracts thousands of people from Chile and abroad. 589 mots de plus


Carnaval porteño

Durante el pasado fin de semana se celebró uno de los eventos más llamativos y masivos de la quinta región « El carnaval de mil tambores » que fue organizado por el… 119 mots de plus

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