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History, Art, and a Lovely Día del Patrimonio

Recently, all of Chile celebrated the Día de Patrimonio (or, in English, « National Heritage Day »). To the best of my knowledge, we don’t really have an equivalent to this holiday in this U.S., and, if we do, it’s definitely not as widely-recognized or celebrated as it is in Chile and throughout other parts of South America. 552 mots de plus

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Santiago and Valparaiso

When travelers say a location is « just like any other big city, » chances are good that I’ll end up liking it. Maybe I like to be contrarian. 741 mots de plus


Hola! Second week here has quickly passed by and I must say I’m feeling like that is more like home now then a long holiday. Last Sunday I took a day trip with Turistik to go to Vina Del Mar and Valparaiso. 1 143 mots de plus


Valparaiso & Viña del Mar in 1 Day

Date May 26 | Accommodation Day trip from Santiago

My sister went to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar years ago and my mom didn’t want to do a ton of traipsing, so we took a day tour here. 446 mots de plus



Before last month, I had only once ventured to Valparaíso, a multicoloured, higgledy-piggledy port city about two hours (and a whole world) away from Santiago. It was my first weekend back in Santiago after my six-week return home and, as tentatively happy as I was to be back, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t slightly disappointed by ‘Valpo’. 570 mots de plus


Chapter 11: The Final Countdown

With three days of my holiday left after Galapagos, I wanted to spend a little more time in Santiago and the surrounds. I had explored some options for tours to Valparaiso, the vineyards nearby, or the glacial canyon, but the advertised prices online were well over USD 100, so after a lot of umming and ahing I decided I’d make my own way to Valparaiso. 865 mots de plus


This last week and a half has been fairly chaotic with my classes finally culminating in a paro (a student strike) in all of the universities. 800 mots de plus

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