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The Beginning

Guys. I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU. Since I last posted here, so much has happened. I’ve moved in with my host family here in Valparaíso, picked out my schedule for classes, and have tried a lot of weird/cool/I’m-not-gonna-ask-what’s-in-this foods. 921 mots de plus


The Funiculars of Valparaiso, Chile

funicular /few-nik-yoo-ler/ adj. (of a railway, esp. on a mountainside) operating by cable with ascending and descending cars counterbalanced – Oxford Compact English Dictionary… 1 284 mots de plus


A Zao Island "After Hours" Night Would be the Shit

I just got done going for a walk tonight, and in the midst of the walk I struck a certain « zen-like » self-awareness for a moment. 288 mots de plus

Valparaiso: The Living Canvas.

Valparaiso, Chile

It’s difficult to ignore Pablo Neruda when you talk about Valparaiso. His poem ‘Ode to Valparaiso’ immortalises this unconventional and unique city. Here is a little excerpt but it really is worth reading the whole thing to get a feel for Valparaiso. 786 mots de plus


7.15.16 + 7.17.16

9:22pm, 7.15.16, last night in Santiago.

I honestly wish I had the energy to go out on the town tonight but I simply can’t muster it. 717 mots de plus


Valparaiso, Chile

I walked past Muffin Hostel about five times until I found the gate behind a market stall. It was the street number stuck out on a piece of cardboard that told me I wasn’t as lost as I previously thought. 1 076 mots de plus