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Meaning: to party/ hang out/celebrate (slang)
It’s new years eve in Valparaíso- a place full of colourful street art, creativity and one of the biggest parties in South America. 217 mots de plus

Adjusting & Settling In to my New Home!

Hola de Chile! Hello from Chile!

Today is my fifth day in this amazing country and I am so excited to share some of what I have been experiencing over the past few days! 403 mots de plus



  • Our last stop is the seaside city of Valparaiso.

We decided to stay here in preference to another 2 nights in Santiago. We like the sea, we’d heard about the liveliness of the city and we thought it would provide a rest before the journey home. 152 mots de plus

We took a 1.5 hour bus ride from Santiago to the nearby and iconic city of Valparaiso, or Valpo as locals apparently call it.

The journey was a comfortable with onboard bathroom. 402 mots de plus


Marlon Brando in Valparaiso

The UNESCO World Heritage district of Valparaiso in Chile is literally covered in graffiti. But the talented, artistic kind (mostly). It’s everywhere.

Big and small. 318 mots de plus


Calling Restaurants and Future Taste Sponsors!

We’re looking for restaurants and sponsors who would like to support Tri Kappa’s mission to support Culture, Education and Charity in Valparaiso, Indiana. We are also looking for great (and small) donations for our amazing Silent Auction. 70 mots de plus

Tri Kappa Valparaiso

Pelican Patrol Over Viña del Mar, Chile

The Roca Oceanica is located just north of Chile’s UNESCO World Heritage Site of Valparaiso. From its craggy slopes we saw this amazing flight of pelicans against the backdrop of the dramatic Dunas De Concón. 188 mots de plus