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Modern Vampires of the City - Album Review

While the glory that used to be associated with starting a rock band has not completely faded, it certainly doesn’t carry the same weight or cultural pervasiveness as it did thirty years ago. 1 155 mots de plus


Rostam- "Bike Dream"

It’s far too tempting to bring up Vampire Weekend as quickly as possible when talking about the work Rostam Batmanglij has done outside of the group. 259 mots de plus


Playlist #2 - 14 June 2017

Today’s playlist is a curious mixture, so let me know what you think.

  1. In Your Palace – The Cribs
  2. Late Bloomers – The Growlers
  3. Holiday…
  4. 567 mots de plus
Oh! That Playlist

Photos: Rostam, Tomi, Flint Eastwood @ Public Arts New York

Photos by: Alx Bear – 

Indie Rock singer-songwriter Rostam, who is expected to release his debut solo album sometime in 2017, and who is best known the guitarist, keyboardist, producer, and backing vocalist for Grammy Award-winning indie rock band Vampire Weekend, performed at Public Arts in New York City last night with singer-songwriter Tomi, and indie pop singer-songwriter Flint Eastwood. 263 mots de plus


Album Cover Of The Day - VAMPIRE WEEKEND...

‘Modern Vampires Of The City’

Third album
14 May 2013

Monday 5 June 2017

Album Cover Of The Day

Vampire Weekend - A Generation Ahead

Their music is catchy and artistic.  They’re super talented, smart, and professional. They’re huge and can fill a stadium.  But none of that is what Vampire Weekend is about. 188 mots de plus

Indie Rock

Hard Times - Paramore

All trappings of rock music have fallen away from Paramore’s sound these days. They sound like Eat to the Beat era Blondie doing Vampire Weekend now. 246 mots de plus