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Ready – Kodaline
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Step – Vampire Weekend
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Vampire Weekend

I thought I should let everyone know that my YouTube cover of Vampire Weekend has reached 4k!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!! MOM I’M FAMOUS … Kidding aside, it’s still nice to know that something I made 2 years ago is still being watched by people out there. 38 mots de plus

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Music is a huge part of my life and whenever I find a new artist, album or song I can’t stop talking about that. My friends are probably sick of me doing that so I thought maybe I could start sharing it here. 207 mots de plus

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Το soundtrack του 'Paper Towns' έχει πολύ καλές προδιαγραφές.

O κανόνας θέλει κάθε teen movie που σέβεται τον εαυτό της να έχει ένα soundtrack γεμάτο καλά και πιασάρικα τραγούδια, και μάλλον το ‘Paper… 22 mots de plus


Oxnard Semicolon

You’ve heard of an Oxford Comma, but have you ever head of the Oxnard Semicolon?

Neither of these resources will tell you how to use either.

Oxford Comma:

Oxnard Semicolon:


#WildCardWednesday: SBTRKT – ‘New Dorp. New York’ featuring Ezra Koenig

SBTRKT is a stage name that allows the man behind it, Aaron Jerome, to produce his music somewhat anonymously. His identity is covered by a futuristic re-design of a ‘native society ceremonial mask’.  136 mots de plus

Wild-Card Wednesday


Yes.That IS right. Your favourite dancing bassist Chris Baio is releasing a solo album ‘The Names’.’Sister Of Pearl’ is the second released from the LP and bears no resemblance to the first squelchy,dance track ‘ 77 mots de plus