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A New Sense of Time: 'Modern Vampires of the City' Reconsidered

by Sam Buntz

If I had to make a flat, broad generalization about Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires of the City, I would say that the album’s lyrics are mainly about time. 4 659 mots de plus

Sounds Like Summer - Day Six: Minnie Ripperton, Slowdive, Vampire Weekend, The Lotus Eaters and Lighthouse Family

After a weekend respite to make the most of the endless rain and grey skies in the UK, we are back with day six of our seemingly ironically named ‘Sounds Like Summer’ which I am going to start by throwing into the ring for your consideration ‘Les Fleurs’ by Minnie Ripperton. 63 mots de plus

Sounds Like Summer

SYNESTHESIA: "Modern Vampires of The City"

syn-es-the-sia (/ˌsinəsˈTHēZHə/) noun.
 – the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.

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The Gorgeous Chans - single ‘Marina & I / By the Highway’

The Gorgeous Chans
single Marina & I / By the Highway
released 6 July 2015
Available to buy here

Gorgeous Chans live up to their adjective and almost their noun on new single… 142 mots de plus


Sunday Special: Three Word Album Reviews

That’s right, we’re back with more three word album reviews. We are excited to bring back this feature because you, as the readers, were so supportive of this piece last time. 693 mots de plus

D. Master Flash

Westward Expansion, day 1

It wasn’t hard really to leave Pinehurst. Sure, we were saying goodbye to Tim and to dear friends–the emotional part was difficult, but actually pulling out of the driveway of 11 Cypress Lane–the physical part– was quite uneventful.   264 mots de plus


It's not all work work work though

There are some small pleasures of doing my job.  In this case, it was the trip back from Ibiza.

We were anchor up at around 18:00 and underway and had opted for single crew watches.   398 mots de plus

Goose Freckles