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Neo Yokio: Haters Don't Deserve This Toblerone

Okay, the fact that I already got you to this point and you’re reading this article already says something: you have an open mind. When I first heard about what went into the… 827 mots de plus


Rostam embarks on worldly-pop adventure with debut solo effort "Half-Light"

Photo By Alex John Beck

Rostam Batmanglij, now mononymously known as Rostam, has officially set foot in solo territory, with his debut album “Half-Light”.

Despite his fresh unveiling as a solo act, Rostam is no stranger to the business, engaging in a plethora of bands and collaborations. 756 mots de plus


being a fangirl

I read this article and wanted to write something about being a fan.

I’m ten years old, sitting in the back of my parents Honda, listening to their CDs. 1 376 mots de plus

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City (2013)

This album is regularly hailed as a showpiece of Indie Rock, but for me, it took a couple of listens to truly appreciate it. The songs are upbeat and catchy, they always seem to remind me of waking up early in the morning to the start of a bright, beautiful day. 73 mots de plus


‘Neo Yokio’ and the Price of Bad Satire

Odd does not begin to describe Neo Yokio. What this exorcism/high fashion/pseudo-Marxist parody (?) anime lacks in quality, it makes up for in sheer number of ideas half-baked into six twenty-two minute episodes. 1 052 mots de plus


Rostam "Half Light" Review

Notes to self:

Step 1: Forget the fact that Rostam has created 4 of your favourite albums of all time.

Step 2: Forget every single collaborative effort he’s made as a producer that has led to some of your favourite music in recent memory. 804 mots de plus

Best New Indie

15 Minutes Underground - Indie Rock Collaborations

Indie rockers love to experiment and one way to do that is to collaborate with another artist.  This short playlist gives you some great examples when you bring unexpected people together. 102 mots de plus

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