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Favorite 10 Albums of 2013

This got backlogged for some reason so I’m posting it now anyway: This is probably one of my favorite years for music as far as the last few go. 482 mots de plus


Electric Honey - Where No-one Knows My Face

Though it did take me a few seconds to cotton on to the fact that the noise invading my right ear was a semi-muted clipping of the opening vocal line, I found myself becoming entrenched in this track from  169 mots de plus


From The Big Screen To The Round Tube, 10 Hollywood Stars That Have Starred In Music Videos

« Wait a minute, is that who I think it is? » Have you ever asked yourself this question when watching a music video? Unless the band acts in the video themselves, music videos usually require actors to help bring the video to life. 1 071 mots de plus


Playlist: A February Mood

by Adelaide Sandvold ’18

« Going Out » — Dinner

A trippy reincarnation of 80’s techno glam-pop, this song confidently coasts along with whispers, echoes, and beautiful melodies. 442 mots de plus

Music Recommendations

Fangs for the Weekend

Fangs, you see?  You know, fangs?  Vampires.  Oh, never mind.

This will have been the first of their records that burrowed itself into my brain.  Not literally, obviously.   170 mots de plus

Pop Music

Song of the Week: '40 Watt'

What better way to kick things off than to turn you on to some new music? The song itself isn’t particularly new per se (it was actually released in June of last year) but the band just put out a lyric video yesterday, so it’s the perfect opportunity to check it out. 136 mots de plus


Let Your Ears Guide You

When I was younger, my mom always said, “Give yourself a hug and stay away from the river!” Translation: wear your seatbelt (when driving) and stay away from the oft rushing water of the Mississippi River (or you will drown). 672 mots de plus

Short Story