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10 Things to Know About Baio's New Album "The Names"

If you like Vampire Weekend, you should listen to their bassist Chris Baio’s new solo album, The Names. If you don’t like Vampire Weekend, you should still listen to The Names. 760 mots de plus



I can’t believe I haven’t post a song from Vampire Weekend.

The first time I listen a song from them I listened to it again and again for days. 145 mots de plus


Gold Star for the Internet: Ezra Koenig's "Time Crisis" on Beats 1

Listening to Ezra Koenig‘s radio show on Beats 1 is one of my favorite weekend rituals. On Sunday afternoons, I make sure I’m somewhere in my house that has a good Internet connection, that my phone is charged or plugged in and that I’ve gotten something to eat for lunch (the very least, a Diet Coke).   782 mots de plus


Baio - The Names

Baio – The Names


Solo albums are usually pretty suspect.  For every Ozzy Osbourne there’s a whole host of guys like Slash, Paul Banks, Scott Weiland, and Mick Jagger – people who have no business separating themselves from their bands.   332 mots de plus

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Vampire Weekend… 44 mots de plus


Steaming Satellites - Honey

If you’ve ever found Vampire Weekend even the slightest bit tolerable I’d whole-heartedly recommend checking out these sounds from Austria’s Steaming Satellites as it contains all of the charming guitar licks with just a bit more beat behind the equally-distinctive vocals. 183 mots de plus


ALBUM REVIEW: Baio / The Names

We knew it would be good when Vampire Weekend bassist, Chirs Baio, announced his solo album, The Names, but we weren’t sure if it would stand up to the fame that he created with Vampire Weekend. 819 mots de plus