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Concert Reflections - Music Monday

Today I stumbled across some photos that were taken three years ago at the Keith Urban concert in Vancouver BC, Canada.

It brought back fond memories as I recalled how happy I looked in the photos, all decked out in my cowgirl outfit complete with a Keith Urban pink concert T Shirt. 213 mots de plus


Neighbours speak against revised Highland Park redevelopment at lengthy public hearing

Community members blasted a revised pitch to transform the former Highland Park Golf Course into a large residential development late into the evening at city hall on Monday. 575 mots de plus

Local News

when your mom tells you to wake the fuck up and take care of it. ugh..

so.. i’ve been a single mom (not by choice, widow) an entrepreneur (hardest thing ever, but i did it) a home owner, volunteer… everything for a very long time. 351 mots de plus


Vancouver Week 1 - v2.0.faded

It’s true. There really is no better time to start writing a travel journal than at 6am on a Monday when you’ve just been checked out (read ‘kicked out’) of an establishment intended for hot steamy fun. 1 678 mots de plus


Beach Oysters

I don’t know if Marcel Proust was a cook, but he certainly understood the link between food and memory; how a bite of something can take you back in time. 267 mots de plus