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Due to rookie mistakes done on past blogs, this new one was created! It will feature less pics per post, BUT will have a link to a google photo album, like this: 67 mots de plus


BC Place

If Canada Place transformed Vancouver’s look the most out of all the legacy landmarks left behind by Expo 86, then BC Place is a close second. 75 mots de plus


Vancouver teen attacked by group of strangers

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Vancouver teen says a group of other teens attacked him to steal his cell phone and a bag of groceries. 323 mots de plus


note to self: stop being so hard on yourself...

it’s been a while since i wrote here. one because i have been really busy (my life is in a big transition period right now, more to follow on that one) and two because my second to last post was so well received that i’ve been a bit intimidated with how to follow up that entries high standards…but as the title to this post says… 1 879 mots de plus


Off the Beaten Path - Donut Rock and Eagle Bluff Loop - Sept. 28, 2016

After a hectic month of moving into a new house and dealing with the chaos that inevitably ensues during such a time of transition, getting out hiking has been a challenge. 994 mots de plus

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