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All the Glistening Beef

Glistening and beef are not two words that you would necessarily associate with each other. Beef can be tender, juicy, medium-rare and melt in your mouth, while glistening can be used to describe the sun bouncing off the ocean, a disco ball rotating on its axis or an athlete’s brow after an intensive work-out. 870 mots de plus

Subtle but sure progress

Though I’ve been posting negative/tough things here, I finally got progress and now feeling well :)

Actually, it happened a few days ago, I was so devastated and thought about to leave the school and go back to my country. 476 mots de plus

March Madness Audio Sale!

To celebrate our website launch, we bring out the March Madness Audio Sale!!

DV DRT XV-1s (0.3mv, 12.6g) MSRP CAD$6800

Ruby ZL (0.34mv, 10.2g); RubyZH (0.7mv, 10.2g) MSRP CAD$4200… 34 mots de plus

JBL Synthesis

Generation Squeeze's Code Red Policy Statement

Generation Squeeze (GS) is an advocacy group that has been around for a couple of years, but which has come to the fore more prominently as the Vancouver municipal election approaches. 1 189 mots de plus

-- Municipal Politics

March 2018: Month 58 in Alberta

After an abysmal February, March has brought some light and hope for 2018. The new oilfield services company I am contracting myself to isn’t the busiest. 1 011 mots de plus


Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air in Vancouver, and we are looking forward to welcoming more of you to our table!

While we wait for the warm weather to finally get here (with some exciting changes coming to our garden – stay tuned!), we continue to host our supper club dinners in our beautifully decorated art-filled dining room. 132 mots de plus

North Vancouver