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She packed her bags like anyone relocating. That way grandma got to flap around a great deal and pop had a chance to grumble lots in the background. 239 mots de plus

1 min snippet of Vancouver, BC

This was supposed to go on my Instagram, however my music is causing copyrights problem. So I shall post on here while I gather my longer, detailed post about my trip! 60 mots de plus


The Elusive "Balance"

I’ve been feeling really stressed lately and any sort of « balance » seems far out of reach. I used to joke that I don’t have « work/life balance », I have « work/work balance »! 1 152 mots de plus


Michele Cake Shop

I’m not the biggest fan of Asian/Chinese-style cakes. I often find them to be just too dry and bland. However, it seems that a lot of Asian bakeries have been stepping up their game in the cake department. 416 mots de plus


You Were My First Bar Bathroom Experience

I’ve had sex or close to in a couple of bar bathrooms but the one that kicked it off for me was an irish guy named Tom. 218 mots de plus


Author's Note from my Dad's Journal of Memories

Author’s Note

Because I am not a very good typist or too good at English grammar I have chosen to heavily illustrate this book. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. 327 mots de plus