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Happy Holidays!

I went to Akimatsuri, an anime autumn festival. My friend couldn’t make it so I went by myself, and I had a fun time. I don’t really mind going to places alone. 71 mots de plus


Sushi Nanaimo

M, who enjoys Japanese food, dropped by the other day with something called Crazy Boy Rolls (C$6.25) from Sushi Nanaimo on Nanaimo Street and East Hastings in East Vancouver (350 Nanaimo Street, Vancouver, BC). 40 mots de plus

British Columbia

With the sun still minutes above the fall horizon, I park the Scion inside Fort Vancouver National Park, switch from a cramped pair of work shoes to those for walking (I always carry a pair just in case) grab the Nikon and head out.  1 403 mots de plus


Gomae (Japanese Spinach Salad)

There’s spinach and then there’s Gomae! This is a Japanese style spinach salad dressed with sesame seeds. You start by toasting the sesame seeds in a pan until some seeds start to pop. 314 mots de plus


LOUISE BURNS - " Young Mopes "

Louise Burns is a artist is from Cranbrook, BC. When she was just 15, she was signed to Madonna’s Maverick label as bass player of all-girl rock group… 160 mots de plus


Mink Chocolates - This is awkward...

I hate to complain at restaurants/shops.  I don’t want to come across as some spoiled, entitled a-hole who has to have everything their way. I don’t like to bully staff members and make their already tiring work even more difficult. 674 mots de plus


Loose Pieces

I’m not into buying Legos. They remind me too much of something my therapist told me—how my life couldn’t stand on a shakey foundation. There’s so much more to building a home than sticking a dog and some kids in the basement and telling yourself you’ve achieved some goals. 84 mots de plus