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Corbella: Harvey Weinstein story has many of us saying #MeToo

Renowned Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has produced a lot more than movies for the big screen. Revelations of his sexual harassment and misconduct directed towards A-list actresses has regular women — all around the planet — talking about the sexually charged garbage we’ve all had to deal with over the years just to walk down the street, ride the bus, keep a job or go to school. 1 364 mots de plus


when everything started...

its been a long week. come to think of it, its been like this for almost two months now. that feeling when everything is falling apart and nothing makes sense and it seems that, no matter what you do, everything is going to be fucked up anyway. 426 mots de plus


'George's Forest Dream'

‘George’s Forest Dream’-2017, 40″x40″

My Dog « George » thinks he owns this forest!

He carefully sniffs and dispenses his « social media communications » on all his carefully selected spots. 71 mots de plus


Happy Fry-Day

I sometimes think it would be appropriate to dub Brad as the king of french fries. Seriously. He has tried different methods and has it all figured out. 234 mots de plus


China's Leftover Women

SK-II recently released a commercial named, « Marriage Market Takeover » on April 6, 2016, which brings light to the issue of China’s « Leftover Women ». 550 mots de plus

Social Justice

The Smokehouse Sandwich Company: The Most Delicious Sandwiches in Vancouver?

My friend and I went to the Smokehouse Sandwich Company on West Georgia street for lunch and I was pleasantly surprised by the overall ambiance, quality of food, and décor. 495 mots de plus