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day 4/40: #40shoutouts40days

Not everyone knows that ten years ago I put university on the back burner and enrolled in culinary school. Explaining that to a crowd of academics in St Andrews is good fun. 471 mots de plus


Dumb -Beach Church

Dumb are one of those bands I hear and go « woah, where did that come from? »  But you don’t really care where it came from, you’re just glad it’s here. 317 mots de plus


Deryk's "LOVE" exhibition

The show, which celebrates LOVE (and the Beatles) runs till the end of February (the month of love).

The opening was fantastic and we had a lot of fun channeling the 60s.   28 mots de plus

Getting answers about short films

What if… Just what if you could have the answer to any question that has ever crossed your mind? Would you ask?

I recently wrote about the Crazy 8s Film Festival, taking place here in Vancouver. 173 mots de plus


Interview with Hayley

This week brings to you Hayley from Highway Twenty Nine

Why do you have a bucket list?

A Bucket list for me is a way for me to keep a record of all the things I want to do in my life. 587 mots de plus

L O V E .

I wanted to welcome you into my home and share with you some of my favorite Valentine’s Day finds for this year!

Let’s start off by saying how much I am LOVING Indigo’s home decor section this year.  153 mots de plus


Taste of Heaven: Snowy Village Dessert Cafe

This newly opened dessert cafe on Alexandra Road in Richmond is my new favourite dessert spot. And when I say favourite, I mean I’ve already visited five times since they first opened two weeks ago… (#shameless).

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