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Vegan Month: Day 13, This is getting very tiring...

So, I wanted to spoil myself at lunch, which meant it was straight to the Indian restaurant to grab a mixed veg curry, some rice and naan bread. 810 mots de plus


On being a Bad Vegan

Confession. I used to be a vegan and then I fell off the wagon, big style, following a bite of very delicious pastrami sandwich.

Part of it was to do with recovering from my eating disorder (for more on this see my interview with Harriet Williamson… 976 mots de plus

Bad Vegan

Vegan breakfast - Peanut Caramel Rolls

Homebaked fluffy rolls stuffed with roasted peanuts glazed with caramel cream – delicious sweet treat for cruelty-free food lovers

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Sautéed pumpkin, mushroom and swiss chard

– Vegan

Swiss chard is one of these vegetables which is too often under-ratted. Chard has highly nutritious leaves. It is rich in vitamins A and C, magnesium and iron. 278 mots de plus

Seasonal Food & Recipes

Vegan dinner - Red Bean Farmers Sandwich

Burger pattie made of red beans topped with sprouts and slices of fresh red onions flavored with a homemade spicy chili sauce – delicious spicy comfy food for fast-food lovers… 7 mots de plus


Vegan lunch - Falafel Balls Pasta

Spaghetti pasta flavored with a spicy tomato sauce with homemade falafel balls – delicious flavorful cruelty-free pasta meal for Italian food lovers

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