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Vegan Hiking - What I ate during a 50km Peak District hike

Me and a friend, Anna, planned a 50km route earlier this year in the Peak District, with the aim of making an easy-to-follow map with photos for our work’s charity challenge to raise money for Alder Hey Children’s hospital. 1 348 mots de plus


RECIPE: Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Most people I know have a sweet tooth. For me (and a few others), when temptation comes knocking, it wears a slightly different outfit. A savoury one. 133 mots de plus


Annoying Things Which Meat-Eaters Say

Yeah, I know that vegans are preachy and annoying sometimes. But until you’ve experienced the absolute shit that people who eat meat say to you when they find out you  658 mots de plus


Bowls are goals!

My current discovery are buddha bowls. Nothing too fancy but delicious and very nourishing!

When I am busy and can’t stand the thought of standing in the kitchen for hours or when I simply lack ideas for nice , I  always prepare some nice bowls or plates with a combination of carbs, veggies and vegan proteins e.g. 181 mots de plus


Pear and Cinnamon Granola

I made this granola totally by accident but it surprisingly worked out super well. I was really craving granola on my nice cream. I had just done a pretty hard and energetic yoga class so I couldn’t face walking to the shops (even though it isn’t far). 216 mots de plus


RECIPE: Cookies and (nice) Cream

Here is firm favourite for adults and kids alike; a healthful and nutritious alternative which will be eaten up equally as quickly as it is prepared. 73 mots de plus


Almond Butter and Coconut Oil Fudge: healthy treats on a budget!

I love a having a healthy treat in the house, to curb naughty cravings. This decedent, chocolatey, coconut oil fudge really hits the spot – while still being nutritious, low in carbs, sugar and dairy free! 84 mots de plus