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New Year, New Me

What better time is there than a New Year to make empty promises to yourself in the form of resolutions? Which in my case, are always the same three things: spend less money, exercise more and improve my diet. 914 mots de plus

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Organic Blueberry Chocolate Cake

Recently I’ve been craving a lot of chocolate and I’ve stopped it for a while but I went back to it. Not a great start to the blog post haha. 316 mots de plus


vegan vs cruelty-free

when it comes to cosmetic and other household products, the terms cruelty free and vegan are commonly used interchangeably – however, these terms mean two different things. 348 mots de plus

Adventskalender: Tag 12+13

Nicht mehr lange und wir haben tatsächlich Weihnachten 😁

Alle Geschenke hab ich noch nicht. Bin irgendwie spät dieses Jahr.

Gut, das mit der Adventskalender den Countdown zeigt. 21 mots de plus


So fucking bored of hypocrites

I know I used to be one – perhaps I still am in some respects. But it's everywhere. Tears over a single animal hurt by a person – 'we should do it to them!' but as soon as you mention the hundreds they hurt with their lifestyle they snarl, recoil, laugh – anything to deflect. 95 mots de plus


A Well-Planted 2018

I have now kept several New Year’s resolutions. In 2015 I read fifty-two books, one per week. I spent 2016 as a vegetarian and in 2017 I didn’t jump off a bridge. 495 mots de plus


Semolina Bread.

Recently, in a haze of exhaustion, I brought home a bag of semolina instead of a bag of polenta (putting away my groceries, I stood in the kitchen staring at the packet like ‘this is semolina. 104 mots de plus