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Roasted sweet potato and kale salad

Firstly, I need to apologise for my abysmal posting habits throughout February and March. I got caught up in life, and I know it’s not an excuse, but here’s hoping I’m back on the posting train with new content (: 495 mots de plus


Best Protein Powders // All Natural & Plant Based

Best Protein Powders // All Natural & Plant Based

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basic bitch brownies

it’s 930pm. i don’t have any flour. and i’ve got the munchies… what’s a girl to do?

thankfully, arman from @the big man’s world, was waiting in the wings, ready to help. 206 mots de plus


Hipster Joes

As Meatless March continues I have come to realize that although it’s not particularly difficult for me to go vegetarian (other than when going out to eat…Montana is not full of options, especially if you also don’t feel like eating a pound of cheese), it is incredibly easy for me to end up eating all sweet potato all the time instead. 667 mots de plus


Noodles with Tofu

It´s difficult to describe this recipe, since it turned out like nothing I´ve tried before. It has a unique flavor, it´s sweet, spicy, but with a distinct soy sauce flavor. 503 mots de plus


Tempeh Fake'n Bacon

Tempeh Fake'n Bacon

  • Portions: 3-4
  • Durée: 30 min
  • Difficulté: Easy
  • Imprimer

Fermented foods. I knew next to nothing about fermented foods, until recently when I started having major gastrointestinal issues and fermented foods are said to be the way to go. 557 mots de plus


Tofu Ricotta

I love when my friends agree to eat vegan when I cook! I wanted a hearty meal to feed a grown meat eating man and myself, I think he was pleasantly surprised… :] 76 mots de plus