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Training Ride 8 - The one where I repeat myself

After what can only be described as an eventful weekend at work I found myself at a loose end on a Monday afternoon so I thought I’d see if Neil was free so we could get a ride in. 360 mots de plus


Etape 1 : Grand Jour - Départ

Jeudi 16 mars 2017 : le soleil est là pour m’accompagner.

Départ en famille de Mont-Sainte-Geneviève

pour une petite étape afin de rejoindre Bruxelles

où je vais dormir chez des amis. 42 mots de plus

Etape 1

Bloomfield Bike Depot Opens March 24!

Join us on tomorrow on Friday, March 24 at 3:30 p.m. at the Glenwood Avenue Garage, 23 Lackawanna Avenue as Bloomfield opens up its first Bike Depot. 10 mots de plus


The Unnatural Path

Capitalism requires people to live on an unnatural schedule. Middle management wants you to get to work as quickly as possible. At job interviews they often ask, “Do you have a car?” In their mind the only efficient way to get to work outside of New York city is to have a car. 564 mots de plus


Montréal : Vélo sous zéro

Il y a dix ans à Montréal, les cyclistes d’hiver étaient des mutants parachutés d’une exoplanète de glace. Ils se saluaient d’un geste codé, sans trop lâcher le guidon. 643 mots de plus


Training Ride 7 - The one where we all do Bluebell Hill

I have a confession to make. a post or two ago I mistakenly said Bluebell Hill was 500 feet of climbing. I was wrong, it’s 600. 401 mots de plus


Cycle Tracks

We are accepting submissions to Cycle Track. Cycle Track is a « tract » that will showcase philosophies, policies, politics and fiction that uses alternative transit (bicycles, walking, trains, busses…) as the « vehicle » in which to convey the story or idea. 116 mots de plus