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I Spent Five Nights in Paris, and Walked 22 Miles. Here's What I Saw.

The number in the title isn’t an exaggeration – in fact, it’s a conservative estimate. I really did walk 22 miles (at least) while visiting Paris for… 1 035 mots de plus

France: Versailles: Splendor and Majesty #travel #Versailles #France #photography

After a small delay, getting on the road train in Paris, we arrived in Versailles without further incident.

The grandiose Chateau does not disappoint. It captures the imagination. 58 mots de plus


Some news from France CLXXXVIII

So the week moves on and so do I. Nice day today on the first day of Spring!!! the sun came out and temps in the 10C or 50F no rain, just a bit sprinkle on way home but stop. 2 108 mots de plus


Rosalie Duthé: courtesan, opera dancer and the first 'dumb blonde'

Courtesan, dancer and – reputedly – the first ‘dumb blonde’, Catherine-Rosalie Duthé was a true eighteenth-century celebrity.

She was born on the 23rd November 1748, in Versailles to Jean-François Gérard, an ‘officier’ or gentleman servant to the king at the royal palace, and his wife, Louise-Rosalie Caumont. 1 341 mots de plus

Georgian Era People And Personalities

My travels in the Morbihan, LXI

I am coming back home, this is a bit of a wrap up on the many small towns we have here, all special. In the department 56 of the… 700 mots de plus