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3 Months In

This weekend I’ll have been in Guyana for 3 months… That makes it the longest I’ve been outside the country in one consecutive trip – and it’ll be several months before I go home for a visit. 1 019 mots de plus


paris • travel diary (day 3 of 7)

Our third day in Paris was our only day trip out of the city – we went to Versailles! The morning started with a stop in a random grocery store for supplies for the picnic lunch we planned to have at Versailles. 805 mots de plus


V is for Versailles #atozchallenge

For the last two years I’ve joined in the #atozchallenge, namely to post every weekday in April using each letter of the alphabet in turn. In 2015 it was places I’d been to, in 2016 it was London themed. 1 812 mots de plus


Versailles: Treasures from the Palace

Recently on display in the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra, this exhibit showcased some of the many treasures from the Palace of Versailles. It was a collection that ranged from old plumbing equipment to intricately carved, gold clocks. 271 mots de plus

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Versailles Season2 Characters

Versailles S2  Characters / Family Tree ( @S2 )

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Creating a Shift of Perception: Rydh/Sörenson on Olafur Eliasson

An artist’s worst critic is himself. Plain and simple. When the muse is gone, he or she is reminded of doubts and imperfections located where the eye can’t see, ultimately troubling the process of one’s work. 839 mots de plus

Anna Sörenson

Versailles – Die Kulisse des Sonnenkönigs

Während Versailles unter Ludwig XIII als kleines Jagdschloss außerhalb von Paris noch wenig Beachtung fand, wurde es unter Ludwig XIV zu einem der grandiosesten Bauwerke der französischen Geschichte. 328 mots de plus