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Visitors To Versailles (1682-1789) Review

At it’s heyday, the Palace of Versailles was one of the most beautiful and well-known palaces in all of Europe.

Visitors To Versailles (1682-1789) is a featured exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 184 mots de plus


The French Strike Again (Literally)

Well, today was a Versailles bummer. Just as I was about to praise the French for their excellent customer service…last night was wonderful in the Latin Quarter. 472 mots de plus


There's a surprise waiting for you in the Versailles gardens

So, have you ever been in an immersion retreat, only you and your teacher or your coach?

Did you ever have 100% of their attention for yourself, for 7 days in a row? 103 mots de plus

Parisian French

The outer Paris for business and pleasure!

As you might know Paris is a small city, and only about 2,2M(2014 INSEE)  folks; the reason it looks so big is that normally they include all the metropolitan area that grows to more than 7M (2014 INSEE) folks. 2 175 mots de plus


palace of versailles

on our second day in Paris, we chose to visit Palace of Versailles!

As i was making booking online, i realised that on certain days it’s more expensive because the price includes the fountain performance, which is 7euros more. 770 mots de plus