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Some news from France CLXXII

On a cloudy cool humid Fall day looking at the wonderful trees already with the leaves fallen I write this update on my belle France.  Temps are about 17C or 62F rain calling for tonight but none now in my neck of  Brittany.  1 128 mots de plus


Little me, in Paris!

Bonjour!! This weekend, my friends and I took a holiday in the city of love… and by love I mean bread, cheese, wine, crepes and croissants. 1 209 mots de plus

Giere To Step Down As Versailles Athletic Director

I will be stepping down as Athletic Director @ Versailles following the 17-18 school year. Will go back to teaching & spend time with family…

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Some news from France CLXXII

This is another day in the saga, and due to Ophelia storm off the Irish coast we are having a different day here in Brittany. It was announced sunny and warm but it turn out grey humid cool and temps in the 15C or about 60F.  2 531 mots de plus


In Louvre with the City of Love: Paris

Paris, the city of love, the city of incredible French cuisine (macaroons, crepes, escargot, foie gras, need I go on?), the magical Eiffel Tower – Paris could not be any more romantic. 1 794 mots de plus


"Battle at Versailles" is a Must-See Documentary for Fashion Lovers

Photo Credit: Still image from movie at

Battle at Versailles is a worthwhile watch for anyone interested in the history of fashion. Directed by Fritz Mitchell for the… 578 mots de plus

King Louis XIV's Masterpiece The Palace of Versailles

Roam around the largest backyard that you will ever see in the Palace of Versailles. Stroll through the Palace and experience the luxurious Hall of Mirrors. 33 mots de plus